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My 190 SL


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Found some lost pictures of my '57 190 SL. It was a good 10footer, I put the top on myself and painted the wheels. Did a minor mechanical overhaul. It ran ok, just about as good as expected. I ended up selling at an auction in Philly to a fellow from West Chester PA. that was in the paper business. If he is on here please chime in.  Sold the car around 1989/1990 for 12k!

51486489857_327f54b15c_z.jpg2021-09-17_05-20-58 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr

51487985094_532d4268ef_z.jpg2021-09-17_05-20-48 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr

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I knew some about them back in the day when I owned this one, but this was 30 yrs ago before I had internet. I had no idea about trim tags or the such. I assumed this car was originally grey as the bottom half of the dash was grey (and in original condition). I also had the original hardtop which was grey. I think the guy I bought it from painted it resale red.

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On 9/18/2021 at 2:28 AM, John_S_in_Penna said:

I always admired the styling.  They're beautiful

little cars.  However, I sat in one, and they're not

made for tall people, I could tell.

MY neighbor had one when it was only a few years old. He was 6' 4" tall, when he sat in it ( had to have the top down) he looked a bit out of place /proportion as he stuck up and looked over the windshield !  He bought it 1) because it was cheap 2) He thought it would be a chick magnet. He also was the type who was a "big Spender" and was often at the $2.00 window to place a bet on a 'long shot' ( at winning)  at a horse race at the race track that is our neighbor.

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Beautiful car, and like many I have “one of those stories” too… I remember seeing a gull wing Mercedes sitting in a junky used car dealership in the early 1980’s but it was $2000 and very rusty. My dad was a master body man and felt it was a total waste of money… if only we had access to a time machine!

A few years later there was a Cadillac powered Allard for 20k and I was 5k short!

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As I mentioned in one of the other threads, between my dad and myself we had three 190SLs.  Mine was a '61 which had been repainted in "resale red".  But we knew it was originally white due to the dash color.  So had it repainted back to white.  I sold it, stupidly for too cheap, in 1977 or so to a guy who flipped it about a month later.  Still makes me mad...  I eventually used the proceeds to buy my first new car - a 1978 Buick Regal Sport Coupe (first year of the Buick turbo engines).  Dad's 190SL was a '60 and was also white.  He sold it in about 1988 or 1989 to a collector in Detroit.  The third was a white '59 parts car that was full of rust and scrapped.  The '59 did have a removable hard top and was one of the reasons we bought it.  But it got ruined by some neighborhood kids where we had the car stored.  :(


Very pretty car, but not especially performance oriented.  It was fairly heavy.  And despite the dual carbs, wasn't that powerful.  I did learn a _lot_ about cars from working on it though.

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