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  1. It was a great time. All the cars were in outstanding condition. (My car is the white one at 1:00 in the video.)
  2. CHM has an early Google autonomous 'pod' car on display. (Google HQ is just a few blocks away from the CHM, so I guess it was an easy donation.) Unfortunately I don't think the Reatta really falls into their area of expertise.
  3. wws944

    Speak(er) Up

    Ronnie - the rear speakers in the ‘90 and ‘91 coupes have 6x9s. But I think the earlier cars are 6.5” round.
  4. Perhaps you could find a shop that would "wrap" the moldings to the color you want. If at some point in the future you get tired of it, and want to return it back to original, just peel the wrap. I go back and forth on whether body matched or black is best. My Reatta is white with white moldings. I really like it that way. But with other color schemes I could definitely go either way. On a 17K mile car, I would keep it as original as possible.
  5. wws944

    Speak(er) Up

    Neat discovery of the hidden 'loudness' and DNR functions! Kevin - have you found any 4x10s that stand out from the rest? I replaced one of mine some years ago with a NOS "parts number matching" Delco. But now the other side is getting buzzy. I should have bought two at the time...
  6. 1.) Follow this forum more than I have the past couple of years, 2.) Take the Reatta to a few more local car shows and of course, the Blackhawk Cars and Coffee. (I typically go with forum member kitskaboodle who some times takes his Reatta too.) Also need to sell my Suburban and 944 (sigh...).
  7. I almost hesitate to mention it, but another possibility might be to go ‘backwards’ to an ‘86-87 FWD 3.8 block. I suspect it would be compatible with Grand National parts. Note that the only difference between ‘86 and ‘87 was the addition of roller lifters in the latter.
  8. Found it: http://minimopar.knizefamily.net/oilfilters/index.html
  9. Many years ago, in the early days of the web, a fellow decided he was tired of the BS surrounding oil filters. He bought one of just about every filter he could find that fit his car, cut them open, and took lots of notes and photos. Things like quantity and quality of the filter material, end cap construction, anti-drain back valve, etc. He was not impressed with quite a number of them, Frams in particular. He also reported on how various filters seemed to come from a single manufacturer. And so on. It became a bit of a sensation within car discussion forums. He actually rated AC Delco filters pretty highly. Mobil-1 filters were also excellent, along with Mahle and some others. It is interesting to note that a couple of years after he published his findings, Fram came out with their higher grade filters for those willing to pay an extra couple dollars per filter. I think his site was called 'mini-mopar' or some such. Too lazy to google it right now. Barney: I've owned a couple of cars where the recommendation is the opposite of what you do. That is, they recommended a filter change every other oil change. Nonetheless, I just do both at the same time like most people.
  10. I think the biggest problems with the stock wheels are that the clear coat seems to get dull and even craze a bit over time. Even my car, which only has 16k original, always garaged, miles on it got dinged a couple of points during BCA judging because of this. The other problem is that 15" wheels are a bit passé these days. I also have a set of the chrome 16" wheels that Barney and Kevin mentioned - though not currently on the car. They are very similar to the non-chromed '91 Reatta wheels, but are 6.5" wide instead of 7" wide. They were an option on late '90s-2000 Rivs and Park Aves, and also 2002 Lesabres. They add some nice bling. They also weigh in at a reasonable 19.6 lbs or so, thus probably lighter than many aftermarket wheels. The 7-spoke Caddy wheels also look great, and I really thought long and hard about them. They are fairly easy to find on eBay, craigslist, etc. However I came to the conclusion that I tend to like the look of covered lug bolts on the Reatta. Gives it a little more 'finished' look. Also if you look at the original David McIntosh concept drawings for the Reatta, he almost always drew the wheels with caps. Ronnie/Kevin/Dave - have any of you weighed the Caddy wheels?
  11. Rear speakers in the 'vert are full range (whizzer cone) 4x10". Front woofers are 5-1/4". Seperate tweeters.
  12. Another approach to an aux input is to use the stock stereo and make a small cable to use its CD player interface. It requires finding a GM 4-pin speaker plug for the back of the stereo, and filing off the ridge so it will plug into the low level CD audio inputs. Then add a pin to illumination plug and, when desired, switch +12v on it to get the stereo to listen to the aux input. If you are interested, I can post more detail. Beautiful looking 'vert!
  13. Not just theory but fact. About three years ago, I had a head gasket go bad in our Rendezvous. The tech who diagnosed it used a bore scope to peer into the cylinders. When he saw one piston top that looked "steam cleaned", he knew the gasket was bad.
  14. Suggest installing Firefox and using it instead of Explorer. It is the first piece of software I install on a Windows machine. (The second being cygwin. But I am a linux nerd.)
  15. This post is a blast from the past. Kit and I found an appropriately jumpered ALDL cover for his car at a wrecking yard a long time ago. However IIRC am pretty sure he also replaced his instrument cluster - again with one found on a wrecking yard car - that worked better than the one he had. He has since found and fixed a number of other problems in his Reatta. And now that everything is working, he is looking at selling it soon... (I suggested selling one of his Fieros instead, but he didn't like that idea.)