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  1. You should try the 15-speaker Premium sound system in a Tesla some day. Zero drive train noise, so only tire noise remains. Full internet connectivity for streaming audio via tunein, slacker, spotify, FM radio - both analog and digital, and bluetooth from your phone. Fantastic road car - and I am a bit of a road trip buff. And of course I have to note that in the Model S and X, the volume control "goes to 11" - instead of 10. As for my Reatta, especially since it is a convertible and is usually driven "top less", I mainly ask for clean sound and a lack of problems at reasonab
  2. There have been a number of efforts to re-vitalise AM broadcasting over the past few decades. In the 1980s, some radio frequencies just above the traditional AM broadcasting band were freed up. (E.g., the ancient “calling all cars” police band and also an obsolete LORAN system.). So the AM broadcasting band was expanded a bit to include the so-called “X band” - which refers to frequencies between 1630 and 1710. A number of broadcasting stations were, and are, licensed there. Advantages included less interference from other stations on the same or adjacent frequencies. Also a number of the
  3. True. The Riv had a Bose option - which is bass/treble. So the CRT controller somehow knows how to interrogate the CDM module to discover which flavor it is. Didn't read that the OP has a '89 Reatta. If it were a '90 or '91 head unit version, the middle three sliders don't do anything when a bass/treble CDM module is used.
  4. That is a function of the CRT setup acting as the 'head unit' for the CDM module. It is only programmed to go up to 1620 kHz. From 1990-onwards, the head units are programmed to command the (1990-onwards) CDM modules to tune higher.
  5. Yes - our engines came with a CS-144 alternator. There are a number of shops that offer CS-144 upgrades, if needed. Be interesting to know if the later AD244 would fit. It is trivial to swap in a Bose CDM module - preferably from 1990 or newer. I know an '89 module will work, but AM tuning on the high end will be limited to 1620 kHz. Best would be a Bose CDM from a '94 or '95 Cadillac. Note that the Bose CDM module is bass/treble - not 5-band EQ. So the middle three EQ sliders on your head unit won't work. The low-level outputs on the Bose CDM are the same four pa
  6. Padgett - there seems to be a fairly wide range of compatibility between the CDM modules. I've swapped around ones dated from 1989 to about 1995 (Cadillac versions). The only 'weird' one I've found was a pull from an early '90s Pontiac Bonneville. It's CDM and associated head unit really needed to be paired together to tune correctly. I've got about a dozen various Delco head units from the era. There are three basic flavors of the CDM modules: The 'bass/treble' version, the '5-band EQ' version, and the Bose version. Both the regular bass/treble and the 5-band version have bui
  7. It was a great time. All the cars were in outstanding condition. (My car is the white one at 1:00 in the video.)
  8. CHM has an early Google autonomous 'pod' car on display. (Google HQ is just a few blocks away from the CHM, so I guess it was an easy donation.) Unfortunately I don't think the Reatta really falls into their area of expertise.
  9. Ronnie - the rear speakers in the ‘90 and ‘91 coupes have 6x9s. But I think the earlier cars are 6.5” round.
  10. Perhaps you could find a shop that would "wrap" the moldings to the color you want. If at some point in the future you get tired of it, and want to return it back to original, just peel the wrap. I go back and forth on whether body matched or black is best. My Reatta is white with white moldings. I really like it that way. But with other color schemes I could definitely go either way. On a 17K mile car, I would keep it as original as possible.
  11. Neat discovery of the hidden 'loudness' and DNR functions! Kevin - have you found any 4x10s that stand out from the rest? I replaced one of mine some years ago with a NOS "parts number matching" Delco. But now the other side is getting buzzy. I should have bought two at the time...
  12. 1.) Follow this forum more than I have the past couple of years, 2.) Take the Reatta to a few more local car shows and of course, the Blackhawk Cars and Coffee. (I typically go with forum member kitskaboodle who some times takes his Reatta too.) Also need to sell my Suburban and 944 (sigh...).
  13. I almost hesitate to mention it, but another possibility might be to go ‘backwards’ to an ‘86-87 FWD 3.8 block. I suspect it would be compatible with Grand National parts. Note that the only difference between ‘86 and ‘87 was the addition of roller lifters in the latter.
  14. Rear speakers in the 'vert are full range (whizzer cone) 4x10". Front woofers are 5-1/4". Seperate tweeters.
  15. Another approach to an aux input is to use the stock stereo and make a small cable to use its CD player interface. It requires finding a GM 4-pin speaker plug for the back of the stereo, and filing off the ridge so it will plug into the low level CD audio inputs. Then add a pin to illumination plug and, when desired, switch +12v on it to get the stereo to listen to the aux input. If you are interested, I can post more detail. Beautiful looking 'vert!
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