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  1. Over the past month I have had occasion to receive a number of small packages from locations all over the US. All have been delivered on the estimated date except for two that each arrived one day early. I have had zero problems with USPS and would not hesitate to use it in the future. The tracking system seems to be amazingly accurate and reminds one of the joys of being a child eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival and watching his progress via NORAD updates. t
  2. If you a fortunate enough to have an aluminum or alloy bodied car stone damage can be a real concern.
  3. Isn't that a photograph of the Brown-Harter used car lot. I have a distinct memory of visiting the dealership in 1955 with my parents when they bought a Ruskin Blue Series 62 Sedan. The dealership at that time was located in a newly constructed building on the east side of Franklin Avenue (perhaps the two story wall at the right of the photograph).
  4. Several weeks ago there was a somewhat opposite thread on another website about a car that had been owned by a disgraced financineer who had amassed his money by bilking others and stood convicted of numerous crimes. Several persons wrote to express their contempt for the man and his practices and even went so far to say that they would not even want to own the car because of the owner's history. To visit an owner's celebrity upon a car to increase its value seems as silly as damning a car because of a prior owner's evil deeds.
  5. Post your inquiry on https://forums.190slgroup.com/ You may be lucky and get some information.
  6. April, 1956, on the floor of the New York International Automobile Show and how it appears today:
  7. 1955 300 SL that I've had since 1964. A close second was the 1963 E-Type Coupe that got away.
  8. If you blindly keep on changing components you'll never get to the root of your problem. The compression as tested will certainly allow it to start and run. Air supply is probably good, so that leaves spark and fuel. With a non-running engine, spark is easiest to check, so first verify that you have a good spark occurring at the proper time relative to engine rotation. When this is done, some fuel added through the carburetor should provide a short run time to allow diagnosis of the fuel delivery system. Only one system at a time or you'll always be chasing your own tail.
  9. "Frunk," as used to describe the luggage compartment on a rear engine Porsche. "Frame-off" and "Matching Numbers" are right up there as well.
  10. The willing suspension of disbelief for the moment.
  11. In 1974, Automobile Quarterly was looking for a 300 SL for John Fitch to drive so as to reacquaint himself with the type in preparation for an article he was writing. One of my cars was chosen (perhaps because it was red), so on a fine Autumn day I drove to Lime Rock Park for a spirited driving/photo session. The track was closed and there were only 3 or 4 of us present for most of the day. John drove for his "reacquaintance," I drove for a number of the photographs, and I was fortunate enough to ride with him for several laps that showed he had forgotten nothing about handling the 300 SL at speed. The car itself had been the Mercedes-Benz Standwagen at the 1956 New York International Automobile Show and provided the connection for me to a most memorable day that I would never have experienced otherwise.
  12. Speaking of things made in the GDR, here's one most have never seen:
  13. If its stuff that you're interested in, that person is a collector. If you have no interest, he's a hoarder.
  14. Most enjoyable picture thread. Too bad we took several years off, but perhaps it can be restarted with some new posts. Here's a Hinsdale 1/2" socket set that came to me via my maternal grandfather who was a mounted NYPD sergeant in the early 1900s.
  15. Whatever job he is supposed to be doing would never get done if it were up to me to do it.
  16. Many more regrets about items I've failed to purchase than about things I've sold. Even so, I'd like to have my '63 E-Type back in my garage.
  17. Remove and sell all the lifts. You'll still have room for 25 cars which should be enough for most of us.
  18. Change fluids sometime between "fairly recently" and "a while back."
  19. I'm as interested in the backgrounds as I am in the cars themselves. It would be nice if the posters would include location information, if known, so that we could all check the accuracy of our guesses. Keep up the good work.
  20. Get out the dead horse, it’s time to start beating him her again.
  21. Mercedes-Benz 1972 280 SE 4.5 (green bag) and 1985 380 SL (red bag).
  22. Some pictures taken at the 1956 New York International Automobile Show held at the then new New York Coliseum showing my 1956 300 SL which was especially prepared by Mercedes-Benz to serve as a Standwagen for the Show. The person I bought the car from in 1971 purchased it from M-B at the Show. Also attached is a picture of the car as it appears presently.
  23. 1969 Porsche 912 and BMW 507 tool kits:
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