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  1. Some pictures taken at the 1956 New York International Automobile Show held at the then new New York Coliseum showing my 1956 300 SL which was especially prepared by Mercedes-Benz to serve as a Standwagen for the Show. The person I bought the car from in 1971 purchased it from M-B at the Show. Also attached is a picture of the car as it appears presently.
  2. 1969 Porsche 912 and BMW 507 tool kits:
  3. As this is an automotive site, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the clutch head screw
  4. Why be negative. Production companies can easily provide appropriate coverage for anything that is used in their work.
  5. Simply to allay some fears about New York DMV. I have a 1956 Mercedes that had been registered to its original owner using its engine number. I continued with this registration for some 40 years until I thought it wise, and to forestall any future problems, to change the registration to the chassis number. One or two forms, a quick trip to a regional inspection office, payment of a nominal fee, and a new transferrable registration was issued under the chassis number.
  6. Pictures taken in 1953 on Ocean Road, near the starting point of the Bridgehampton Road Race. Car is the W 194 Mercedes-Benz (00004/52) which had placed second in the Mille Miglia under the stewardship of Kling and Klenk. Having been repainted from its green racing livery, it was brought to Bridgehampton by Max Hoffman as a demonstration item for promotional purposes.
  7. GM is simply acknowledging that capitalization has gone the way of punctuation now that everyone is typing with their thumbs.
  8. Road test taken in my mother's 1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner, Seafoam Green, purchased from Knipfing Ford, Westbury, New York. She had just gotten it to replace a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Converible purchased at Atlas Buick in Brooklyn, and it lasted until 1959 when it was replaced by a Corvette, 4-speed, 270hp, Positraction from Frame Chevrolet, Mineola, New York. To the best of my knowledge, all three cars are long gone along with the dealerships. My mother liked sporty vehicles as her next one was a 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL purchased from Sigrist Motor Company of Montclair, New Jersey. I belie
  9. Why don't you ruin its originality by touching up the rust spots on the white border?
  10. Ebony duo on their weekly patrol for vermin.
  11. 1) Are/were the cars titled in the deceased's name alone, or are/were there co-owners on titles who now have ownership through survival? 2) Did the deceased have a Will? If so, who is the named Executor? Has the Will been probated? 3) If there is no Will, who is in line to be Administrator of the Estate? Has an Administrator been appointed? Unless and until these questions are answered it is very difficult to provide meaningful advice. All else is speculation. From what has been revealed so far, it appears you have no legal position with regard to disposition of these estate
  12. This picture shows several items that qualify. The Kennedy tool chest belonged to a friend of the family who was a machinist for Republic Aviation for forty some odd years. He gave me the chest, fully stocked, when he retired. They don't seem to make precision tools like those anymore. The Craftsman drill press belonged to a client who owned an R & D business specializing in electronic measuring instruments. He retired and sold the business in the mid-1980s which happened to coincide with my constriction of a new shop. He gave me the press, an eight foot heavy metal work bench and a numb
  13. Usually able to find a friend with a partial load or an empty return going somewhere near the pick-up point and the destination. Trailer exteriors not always the flashiest and sometimes the remainder of produce cargoes on the floor, but never a problem with a successful transport. By the way. many years ago, when the Orient Point - New London ferry was still using a converted LST, it was quite common for automobiles traveling to Long Island to be loaded into empty trailers returning from produce deliveries in New England. Actually it was a good system as it saved space on the boat and saved th
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