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  1. Sounds like a bunch of sailboaters who believe that because the wind is free everything else should be free as well.
  2. Just received mine this AM via USPS. Very impressive is the care with which the books were packed to prevent damage. Highest marks to all those at the AACA Library who participated. Thank you.
  3. Great work on bringing your old friend back to life. Pardon my very personal observation, but I liked the white wheels better than the black.
  4. During reassembly could the handles have been switched from side to side.
  5. Zip Strip has worked for me for 40+ years. It's tops for me.
  6. 1955 (blue), 1956 (black), and 1961 (red) Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.
  7. One might consider the use of Tef Gel on stainless fittings to limit corrosion of dissimilar metals and galling of the fittings themselves.
  8. If you're asking this question on the internet, you probably do not have enough experience to do it safely.
  9. Aiding and abetting politicians seems like a silly reason to keep a car.
  10. Obviously fuel "pressure" in a gravity feed system will be negligible - depending only upon the vertical distance between the fuel tank and the carburetor. Unless you can source a pressure regulator that can be dialed down to almost zero, your best bet may be to resurrect the gravity system. The common regulators in use today can be set at 2-3 psi for carburetors, but even that may be too much for a carburetor designed for gravity feed.
  11. Antique and classic car ownership is not a spectator sport. If the asking price is several times more that the cost of air fare, get off the couch and visit the product prior to purchase.
  12. I'm having difficulty following Nick's train of thought. I suspect his attorney is having difficulty as well. A failure in communication between client and counsel is next to impossible to resolve.
  13. Nick needs a new lawyer.