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  1. Big mistake. Do not trust anyone. When the project is completed and things do not work out it will be your problem and the builder will be nowhere to be found. If necessary, delay the start of the project until the details are set to your satisfaction. This entire thread would be much easier to work with if pictures or a sketch would be provided.
  2. Do not accept a parade position behind the horses or the elephants.
  3. .One picture on p.73 of a 1930 Six CK Convertible and that's it. No text worth mentioning on either the 1928-29 DeSoto K car or the 1930 DeSoto CK.
  4. During the 1950s Mercedes-Benz used a series of 5-digit numeric codes to describe specific factory options that were to be added to a basic vehicle. Usually, but not always, these five numbers were preceded by the letters "SA" on the vehicle's Lieferschein (delivery note / build sheet). I am attempting to compile a full list of these codes as used during the 1950s and so far have accounted for approximately 200 examples. Other codes used during the 1960s and up to and including the present day are relatively easy to find, but, unfortunately, are not what I'm seeking.If anyone has a complete list of the 1950s codes from M-B or has access to a Lieferschein with legible SA codes, I would appreciate receipt of same as an addition to the ever growing data base. Feel free to post a response here or directly to ejb@elilaw.netThank you, E.J. Boyd
  5. Let's not forget the short period in the life of Bibendum when he went from white to black so as to better represent the change in tire color. Thankfully more mature heads prevailed and he was returned to the white image of which we are all so fond.
  6. Sunday afternoon drive in the Rockaways shortly after V-J day, , Grandmother took umbrage at a utility pole, I was front seat passenger responsible for windshield damage.
  7. Sounds like a bunch of sailboaters who believe that because the wind is free everything else should be free as well.
  8. Just received mine this AM via USPS. Very impressive is the care with which the books were packed to prevent damage. Highest marks to all those at the AACA Library who participated. Thank you.
  9. Great work on bringing your old friend back to life. Pardon my very personal observation, but I liked the white wheels better than the black.
  10. During reassembly could the handles have been switched from side to side.
  11. Zip Strip has worked for me for 40+ years. It's tops for me.
  12. 1955 (blue), 1956 (black), and 1961 (red) Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.
  13. One might consider the use of Tef Gel on stainless fittings to limit corrosion of dissimilar metals and galling of the fittings themselves.
  14. If you're asking this question on the internet, you probably do not have enough experience to do it safely.
  15. Aiding and abetting politicians seems like a silly reason to keep a car.