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  1. This picture shows several items that qualify. The Kennedy tool chest belonged to a friend of the family who was a machinist for Republic Aviation for forty some odd years. He gave me the chest, fully stocked, when he retired. They don't seem to make precision tools like those anymore. The Craftsman drill press belonged to a client who owned an R & D business specializing in electronic measuring instruments. He retired and sold the business in the mid-1980s which happened to coincide with my constriction of a new shop. He gave me the press, an eight foot heavy metal work bench and a numb
  2. Usually able to find a friend with a partial load or an empty return going somewhere near the pick-up point and the destination. Trailer exteriors not always the flashiest and sometimes the remainder of produce cargoes on the floor, but never a problem with a successful transport. By the way. many years ago, when the Orient Point - New London ferry was still using a converted LST, it was quite common for automobiles traveling to Long Island to be loaded into empty trailers returning from produce deliveries in New England. Actually it was a good system as it saved space on the boat and saved th
  3. Passing of the Mercedes-Benz torch (as symbolized by the lighting of a cigarette) from the 300 SL Coupe to the 300 SL Roadster.
  4. Absolutely correct in asking for documentation and exactly for the reason you gave - to support the value of the car if you decide to purchase it and further if in the future when you might sell it. If the seller has misplaced the receipts, that is his problem and he has no call to be upset with you for asking. Anyone current with the purchase and sale of antique vehicles should be aware of the importance of documentation and how it adds value to the vehicle.
  5. Save your effort and advice. Lebowski isn't even the principle in this story. It's just a rehash of something that appeared in an Edsel owners' magazine.
  6. Has the new driveway gotten the first oil drips on it yet?
  7. Having too much free time, I searched "105 E. 24th Street, Charlotte" and found "Machine Shop of Charlotte" located there. Perhaps a successor to Jones Cylinder Grinding?
  8. Hinsdale 1/2" socket set that belonged to my maternal grandfather together with a more recent Snap On valve adjusting tool.
  9. Picture taken in 1972 of me examining my latest purchase which had been the Mercedes-Benz Standwagen at the 1956 New York International Automobile Show. Second picture is of the car at the show. Third picture is of the car at present.
  10. I didn't wreck it as my grandmother was driving when she allided with a utility pole, but the passenger's side windshield damage was all mine. I was about three years old at the time.
  11. Some of my favorites and used on occasion when more modern just doesn't work.
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