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  1. Car is the Mercedes-Benz Standwagen from the 1956 New York International Automobile Show. I acquired it in 1970 from the man who purchased it at the Show.
  2. It is strange and admirable that all the choices to date have been those of what people would really like to have and might have missed out on rather than being cars that were affordable when new and have now risen to astronomical prices. Perhaps there is still hope for the hobby that has not been completely overtaken by those who see nothing but $$$.
  3. Then try the 300 SLR where the engine was canted over at a 33 degree angle toward the right side of the vehicle. Unfortunately for this discussion it was a straight 8, but it did lean in the correct direction.
  4. Is the 300 SL eligible for membership in the Slant Six Club?
  5. Here's a Spohn customization of a 300 SL from the mid-1950s:
  6. Silver lining: Perspiration can make for wet t-shirts.
  7. Quite repairable. Considering the strength built into cars of that era, I'd like to see a picture of the vehicle that ran into it. Was it a total loss?
  8. It might have been a good idea to have checked the markings on the bottom of the ash tray and to have determined its value before it was torn apart.
  9. There is so much idle speculation in some of these responses that providing sound counsel is difficult. Prior to our current VIN system many cars were registered/titled with many different combinations of numbers including engine number(very popular), body number, construed combinations (such as offered by the OP) or even the full chassis number. To be considerate of your heirs, or even of yourself if you think you might sell the car during your lifetime, it would behoove you to contact your state's DMV (or equivalent) and inquire about what is necessary to correct an identification number. This will usually require a personal inspection by a DMV inspector or member of the state police, but if your documents are in order a new registration/title sporting the proper numbers will be quickly issued. Since you, not your wife, girlfriend, or children, know more about your car's history than anyone else, I urge you confront this task immediately. If you don't, at the time of sale either the lawyer's fees will be huge to correct the title or the proceeds will be greatly reduced due to the numeric inconsistency.
  10. I'm always suspicious of any post that inquires for "a friend." Trolls and pot stirrers abound.