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65 Riviera - found in trunk

Riviera Russ 65

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Like to start by saying what a great forum this is.  I have been following it for a number of years now as I have been searching for a 64 or 65 Riv.  I stumbled upon a 65 that was a one family car from when it was special ordered in December of 64.  Finding a 64 or 65 in  Western Canada is very difficult and the fact that it was in a garage about 10 blocks from where I live is like winning the lottery.  Like to thank Bob Burnoop, Tom T, and Gord Wolfgang for their help on things I am presently working on.  My question is about this piece that was in the trunk as to where it may go on the car?  

Thanks,  Russ



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1 hour ago, Riviera Russ 65 said:

Western Canada is very difficult and the fact that it was in a garage about 10 blocks from where I live is like winning the lottery.

Good day.


Congratulations, welcome to the forum, and the wild and woolly world of first gen Riv ownership.. Outta curiosity, if you don't mind, where about in Western Canada do you live. I'm based in Edmonton, (with a '64) and there is at least one other Edmontonian on the forum (w/ a '63).


BTW, any pics of your "barn-find" you could share?

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You can see the plate in this picture (which I pulled from the web.). This is a 64 with standard interior but the plate is part of all levels for 63, 64, and 65.  I imagine there are hole in the console or the plastic extension.


The panel fits just as it sits in your last picture. The single screw in the flange goes into the floor board. The two screws go into the side of the console.

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5 hours ago, Riviera Russ 65 said:

I am in Sherwood Park.

Russ, good day.


Cool, we'll need to hook up a local "3-4-5" Riv' meet this summer somewhere. Hopefully the weekend meets at the A&W on 149 st & 111 ave return this year. The one I attended last summer had a lot cars turn out.


I just replied to John (local owner of '63) on a few other topics and mentioned that back in the eighties, there was a friend of some friends in/around Ardrossan that had a red '65. I remember being jealous of his tinted glass and I recall he liked my Wedgewood blue. I'll have to ask a few friends if they remember the guy's name. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the same car, but who knows...


Take, we'll keep in touch...




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Hi Russ, and welcome to the Forum!


Good to see a fellow Canadian among us.  I'm in Vancouver, BC, just a tad from from where you are, unfortunately!


Nice '65 you have there.  Your car has quite a few options, including Guide-Matic, cruise control, power vents, wood wheel, and tinted glass.  I've never seen a beige cloth deluxe interior before.  


If you've been to Vancouver, you might recognize the famous building across the street from where my car is parked:




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Thanks everyone for the pictures and help as well as the warm welcome.  As a few have noted it is a fairly well optioned car.  The original owner was in the Oil and Gas business and living in Southern Alberta, I think around the Lethbridge area, when he special ordered it from a U.S. dealer across the border.  The dealership brought the car to the border where he picked it up.  Not something that would happen now.  I actually think he deleted the A/C on the car, which is a shame.  The car followed him with his work from Alberta to Manitoba to Texas and back up to Canada.  The car ended up with his daughter and son in-law in Sherwood Park, Alberta were it was in their garage for the last 15 or so years and never really moved.  It was last registered in B.C. where the widow was living.  So, now I am trying to get all the safety things fixed up to get and out of province inspection done for Alberta.   The history with these old cars can be very interesting.




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