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  1. Here's the link in case you haven't seen the article: https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2021/05/06/why-i-need-to-own-a-1965-riviera-before-i-get-too-old-to-enjoy-it Looks some some of you may have posted comments at the end of the article.
  2. Check out this article posted on Hemmings website this month: Why I need to own a 1965 Riviera before I get too old to enjoy it
  3. Nice '71 Ed. Or is she a '72? Will you restore it, or enjoy it as-is?
  4. Hi Peter, Gorgeous Riviera you have there! Care to share the story behind your car? Did you restore it? What colour is the interior? Options? Provenance?
  5. Sorry Drummerboxy - my last post was meant for Doug, who also lives in Vancouver.
  6. Hi Drummerboy, Yes, I've often seen the white' '71 parked on 16th Ave across from Mt. Pleasant Park. It looks like it gets driven regularly, as it has current insurance tags, but I've not met the owner. I've yet to take in the Sleepy Hollow event - usually we're back in Germany during August. But this year we may be here, so will bookmark the dates in case the event goes ahead this year!
  7. Curious to know how many of you live north of the 49th parallel? I see we have several Australian members, so wonder how many Canadian Riviera owners frequent this forum? I'm in Vancouver BC, own a '65, and rarely, very rarely see another 1st or 2nd Gen Riviera in my area. Share a little about yourself and your car, where you live, in this great country to the north of Flint, Michigan, birthplace of our Riviera automobiles!
  8. Haven't received mine yet. I'm in Canada, so probably need to wait a little longer...
  9. Hi Mark, Does your Wildwood kit include 4-wheel disc brakes? Or will you retain the drums in the back? Does the kit require a new master cylinder/booster? Backing up a little, how come you went with disc brakes? Did you find the drums inadequate? These cars had probably the most effective drum brake setup of their era, but yes, discs would be superior.
  10. Very interesting report Jason - thanks for reporting out on the auction! Would have loved to attend the auction and be part of the mini-ROA get together afterwards. Cheers,
  11. Hi Russ, and welcome to the Forum! Good to see a fellow Canadian among us. I'm in Vancouver, BC, just a tad from from where you are, unfortunately! Nice '65 you have there. Your car has quite a few options, including Guide-Matic, cruise control, power vents, wood wheel, and tinted glass. I've never seen a beige cloth deluxe interior before. If you've been to Vancouver, you might recognize the famous building across the street from where my car is parked:
  12. Thanks John. I was hoping they would interchange for a 14" diameter 3" high filter. Alas, yours are smaller.
  13. Yup - SMS is your go to place for OEM upholstery material. At the time, they were the only supplier that had the correct light green headlining material for my car. Clarks Corvair Parts also has vinyl for seats, but I think they only have patterns for the 1st Gen cars.
  14. Thanks Bulldog! Looks like I'll be able to remove the kick panel by removing the glove box liner and go from there. Cheers!
  15. Yes, but at least the ST300 had a variable pitch ("switch pitch) torque converter. That was like having an extra gear! This same feature was put into the ST400 used in the larger cars from '65 to '67. The Skylark automatic with switch-pitch had the advantage of extra torque multiplication from standing start against other the two-speed automatic equipped Chevrolet or Pontiac cars which had to rely on the 1.76 or 1.82 first gear ratio. My '65 RIv Gran Sport was my daily driver from 1983 to 1990. I averaged about 12 mpg in the city. The best mileage I ever got was about 16
  16. Having only owned a '65 Gran Sport, I am very biased, and consider the 1965 to be the most desirable year Riviera. The '65 was the most developed of the 1st Gen Rivieras, engineering and styling-wise. The '65 Riviera Gran Sport was Buick's answer to the emerging muscle car craze, along with the Skylark Gran Sport also released that year. The Riviera didn't fit the muscle car mold of big engine stuffed in a mid-sized car (e.g. GTO), the Skylark GS did. The Riv was geared to the personal luxury set that wanted exceptional performance from an (almost) full sized car. T
  17. How does one remove the vinyl upholstered kick panel below the glove box on a '65? I can't see an obvious (okay, easy) way to get this piece out. If you look closely at the photo, the vinyl on the left side of my kick panel is wrinkled. Has been like that since forever. In rummaging around my parts stash I found a perfect kick panel in dark green vinyl that doesn't have the wrinkles. So, I'd like to swap it in, but first need to know how to get the old piece out. Thanks for any tips or suggestions.
  18. Hi John, Can you provide the dimensions of these APFP-72 air filters? Are they 14" diameter by 3" high? Thanks, Alex
  19. Hi Daryle, Did the package tray from Clarks come painted to match your interior? Or did you have to paint it yourself? Your interior looks great, by the way! Thanks,
  20. Regardless of whether it's a standard model being passed off as a GS, it looks like a nicely optioned '67. Just don't pay extra if it isn't a real Gran Sport. I absolutely love the Aqua interior with wood console! However, it doesn't quite 'go' with the shade of blue chosen for the exterior. I see it has the Buick rubber mats, but they're black. I imagine the original mats would have been aqua, no? But we shouldn't expect the original floor mats to last 54 years!
  21. Yes, it rains a lot here in Vancouver. But mostly in the winter. Summers are dry and days are long, so makes up for our dull winters!
  22. Here's my '65 Gran Sport. Bought in 1983 in Seattle, where it was sold new, and imported to Vancouver, BC, where it's been since. I bought this car when I was 24. Seeing and driving it today still excites me as much as it did that first day I saw her 38 years ago this month.
  23. Thanks Winston for your feedback. I'll tackle the sanding and polishing as you describe and hope for the best. Cheers,
  24. Winston is right about the seat foam - keep the original foams if at all possible. About 20 years ago I recovered the front seats of my green custom interior '65. I got supposedly original vinyl from SMS, and the upholsterer copied the pattern from the original covers. He did an awesome job. The back seat is still pristine. He replaced the foam in the front seats and this made me sit considerably higher than on the old seat. I didn't like it of course, but what could I do? Fortunately the foam has compressed over the years so the seating position is now lower. It used to bug
  25. Hi Winston, Good to hear you were able to restore your wood wheel center ornament, and for telling me how you did it. But, how do I tell if the cracks are only on the surface? It seems like they're inside the ornament plastic, not superficial. I'll take a closer look at the ornament tonight to see where the cracks are. Cheers,
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