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1927/28 Dodge Brothers series 128/129 Tourer

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On 11/15/2020 at 8:03 AM, RichBad said:

Hi Rodney, that’s really interesting.  Unfortunately I know nothing about the history of the car - I purchased from a guy in Werribee but I don’t think he’d had it long and didn’t have any paperwork except the permit registration.  I’d love to find out some more history of the car.


It had sort of been restored in the past and clearly they did a lot but it looked like it was done on a tight budget.  The woodwork was all over the place and whilst the chassis and running gear had been painted most moving parts were stuck and just painted over.  The trim was the nicest bit of it (I’m hoping I can reuse that).


Does your friend remember any details?


It is the trim that really stood out in your photo as it looked identical to what this car had. He had it trimmed professionally by an “old school” motor trimmer working from his home in the country. When we picked it up it was early evening and we ran out of fuel coming home. I sat with the car in the dark and would put the park lights on if a car approached.

Photos are my nieces wedding and a family outing in Victor Harbor. 40 Pontiac was mine. If I remember he did not need to do any mechanical work as the Fast Four ran fine. I did drive it once or twice, had Armstrong steering and rear wheel mechanical brakes.


May possibly be the same 1927 / 1928 Dodge, First photo 1st August 1987 second was possibly same year a few months later.



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Thanks Rodney, sure looks similar and that ones lovely.  I think mine could be a different one though because it wasn’t half as nice as the one in your pics:)

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