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Wire wheels for 1925 master


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Picked up wire wheels and axlse,s for a 1925 master Buick, but not all of the wheels are the same. Some with low central hubs and others with raised hubs. Also the brake mechanism,s are different on the two axlse,s. See photo,s. These are both different to the brakes on my 1925 master. I have wooden wheels on my car, thinking of changing over to the wire wheels.

Any advice.








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Guest Roger_Roy
The last photo show the axle to the left as a 1926-1928 and the right one axle is 1924-1925.(Not really sure it could even be 1927-1928 and 1924-1926)

Leif in Sweden.

I think you got it '24 on the right

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The engine is Master as you know. I have the same wheel with raised hub on my 1928 Master (21"), they are known as ASH wire wheels (per parts list) but the nuts are engraved Buffalo Wire Wheels #A5, with interchangeable (riveted) car manufacturer insert. For sure you would need also rear hubs for wire wheels for your conversion. They should fit (at least on 1928 Master) on the same drive shafts. Brake drums can be modified from those for wood wheels. Do you have 4 wheels or just those 2 on pictures?


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I have no proof of it, but it seems very likely so. My 1928 part lists for Master says "ASH wire wheels" as an option, (also Tuarc disc wheels!) but the nuts says "Buffalo Wire Wheel #A5". And my wire wheels are correct ones, I had 5 of them on the car. All the nuts are the same all round, inner ones right hand thread, outer ones left hand thread.


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Thanks Everybody,

I have the locking nuts with Ash wheels Detroit on them. Some are bronze and others are aluminium . Also have four good 21" wheels and a number of 22"wheels in not so good condition, pitting on inside of rim. The rear axle I have has different brake,s to the one,s on the car.




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To me the rear axle and the front axle right at the picture are matching. If you say they do not match to those on your car, do you mean dimensionally? Parts for Standard Buick should be same in design / working principle but always noticeable smaller than Master. If you say they are different geometrically or functionally then they are different year.

To me you have enough material to TRY swap hubs with drums only to your existing axles or even swap the whole axles. Provided it dimensionally and geometrically fits, for sure I can talk only about 28 Master and all these seems older than that. Rear hub always move with drive shaft, I do not know anybody who succeded to split them...

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The picture above is a no.5 ASH outer cap I think.  I bought this  from "hubcap collektor" in AU 10-15 years ago, but it was was not right dimention for my 1924 4 cyl. Buick.

The picture here now are the ones I have on my 1924 4 cyl.Buick with 22" wheels. I think that are no.4 ASH caps, I don`t think they are the same as Buffalo wheel-caps.

Buick-24 Wire Wheel Komposition.jpg

fram-baksida ekerhjul 23.jpg

hubcaps tool Ash W Wheel.jpg

Buick 1924 4 cyl..JPG

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