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  1. NZ Buick, Building a new wood frame is a major undertaking. If Morgan is prepared to part with that frame he has, it could save you years of work. The E49 body is a bit longer than the five seater, but it could be adapted. Otherwise, the best way is to tacweld the body together to get the correct shape and then make lots of ply pattens of all the parts.
  2. It is important not to try and remove all the play in the stearing by overtightening the adjustment nut. Most of the wear in the half nuts occurs in the straight ahead position, If all the play is removed when the wheels are in the straight ahead position, the stearing will lock up on full lock. Many times when I have been removing the stearing boxes on my cars, I have wished they were left hand drive, as the starter/generator has to be removed to take out the stearing box on RHD cars.
  3. Steve Thanks for the photo,s of your car. Looks a very original 25-25. Do you have any history of the car. Wondering if it is a McLaughlan/Buick as it has the wooden dash. Many cars came into Aust from Canada to reduce customs costs as Canada was a commonwealth country. Don,t know if this was the same in NZ. Also understand Aust bodied cars also went your way. Can you start a new Thread/Topic on your car
  4. Mark It amazes me, in how good a condition everything is, the wood, the springs, the upholstery. Thinking back to pictures you posted when first pulling the car out of a shed that looked like it was nearly falling down and how long the car had been sitting in that shed.
  5. Mark I,ve got uphostering to do soon, so will be following your updates and progress.
  6. This is where the bolt that Kevin is talking about, goes.
  7. Jrj2 Firstly, Can you post some pictures of the car, so we know what your working on. A picture of the dash and measure the wheelbase to see if it is the 120" or the 128" wheelbase chassis.
  8. Car looks amazing Terry, We have all enjoyed following the progress of the restoration of your 1916 D45.
  9. Vanderbrink Auctions have put pics of the 1913 chassis, up on their website now. Its a model 25, with the 165 cu inch motor, on a 105 inch wheelbase frame. I,m after a 108 inch wheelbase chassis with the 201 cu inch motor, if anybody hear,s of one for sale.
  10. Steffen, Welcome to the Pre War Buick Forum. You don,t say wether you have a Standard or a Master 1927. But there is a restored 1926-27 Standard water pump for sale with a new teflon seal for sale on Gumtree Australia. Can you post some photo,s of your car. We all like to see photo,s..
  11. There,s a 10x47 for a 1927 Master on gumtree. location Sydney.
  12. Here,s a circuit showing the condenser in the coil. 1920 and 1919 are the same.
  13. Trimacar, The 1913 at Brass Buicks is a Model 30 as it has the 201 cu inch motor. Pic attached. This car was for sale a number of years back for $25,000. There are a number of items that do not appear correct to me. The front fenders look too short ( should come back to the middle of the cowl, but finish at the fire wall. the hand brake and gear lever are short and do not reach to above the top of the doors. But it does appear to be a very nice car.
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