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  1. Kevin Looks like yours is a 1918, Serial numbers for 1918 E models ran from 343783 to 480995. Yours having serial number 362509 would have been built in late 1917 as Buick started building their 1918 models in August 1917.
  2. Hugh, I think Otto is talking about the earlier S/G that had a hinged door that swings out for greasing the distributor gear. Otto, I would remove the distributor and repack with new grease.
  3. As per the Delco Service Manual, under bearings and lubrication the generator and motor clutches can be packed once a year with ( I,m not game to say ) the V word.
  4. Marianne, What a great family photo with everybody posing for the shot. That is a 1919 or 1920 ( the two years were identical ) five seater Buick on a 118" wheelbase chassis. The seven seater was on a longer wheelbase chassis and had the two small folding down, jump seats. Rod
  5. Marianne, Here are a couple of pictures I have of your car, and a sport roadster located in Brisbane. Rod
  6. Marianne, Glad to hear you are the new owner of that 24 -55 and that it remained in Aust and did not head overseas as many do.. It was owned by a long time member of the Victorian Buick car club. There are a few sport tourers around. A 1924 in Tasmania. I have a 25 and am now located on the mid north coast of N.S.W. There is another 25 on the Sunshine Cooast of QLD. and a 26 and 27 in Sydney. There is one in WA, but it is on the 120" wheelbase. where as ours are on the longer 128" wheelbase. There are small differences between the years. 1924 and 1925 are very similar. If you do need to remove the clutch, a few members on this forum have written a step by step procedure on removal and reassembly. It is a good idea to purchase a Workshop manual, which gives detailed instructions on working on the car. Rod
  7. Norm, I don,t think I had the Delco Manual for the four cylinder s/g. All my literature is down on the farm in N,S,W and I won,t be getting down there for another month.
  8. WSP, Great job, Car looks fantastic. Looks like red is your favourite colour.
  9. Terry, I think I got this gear from you. Probably as Hugh said, an aftermarket gear. It sounds like Buick used a steel timing gear in 1916 and then changed to the fibre gear later.
  10. CodeBlue, Very nice Doctors Coupe you have there. I think its more likely to be a 6 cylinder than an 8. Can,t help you out with a distributor cap, but there are a couple of members on the Forum with 1922 Buicks who may be able to give advice. The 21 and 22 distributor was different to earlier and later ones, having the short clips. Here,s some info in the 22 which may help.
  11. Terry, I thought they did come from the factory with the fibre gears. My understanding was the fibre gear ran quieter than a metal gear.