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  1. Ron, There,s a 27 standard for sale on Gumtree at the moment. He might have some parts for sale.
  2. Ron, Have you contacted John Forster who puts out the Aust Pre- war Buick newsletter. prewarbuicks@gmail.com
  3. Mark I think the 1923 drum lights look better on the 22 than the earlier style lights.
  4. Roger If your car is running well with the existing carburetor, I would not worry about changing over to a Marvel carburetor.
  5. The third down on the right hand side looks the same.
  6. For H & K, 10-26 body and No 3 M-E Spec float bowl with 1 7/16 manifold opening. E3S is stamped on the under side of the float bowl.
  7. Roger This is the carburetor you are after. It has J2H/B on it and H2/1 float bowl
  8. rjp. That is a beautiful 1920 K45 McLaughlin/Buick you have. I have a 1920 K44 Buick, which is the roadster. Mechanicaly the same as yours. There were no changes between 1919 and 1920. From the photo,s you posted, the carburetor on your car has been changed, as the original was a Marvel with a vacume tank. I can not see a vacume tank so am assuming the previous owner connected an electric fuel pump. In Australia the Buick running gear was imported by different companys and the bodies were built in Aust. My understanding is that the same was the case in Canada. So there
  9. If there are covers on the valves and push rods, it must be a 1919.
  10. Congratulations on your purchase. Its a 1912 model 28, with a 201 cu inch motor, with a 108 inch wheel base
  11. Terry, What an amazing find, and in the door panel for more than 100 years.
  12. David. I agree with Hugh. You don,t need the heat connected. I have bloked off the heat at the manifold and the exhaust on my cars. On my 1920, I give it half choke to start, as soon as it fires close the choke off. I never thought of NZ having a warm climate, 37C / 98F here in Aust, the other day and only the first day of summer.
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