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Two virgins on the loose.


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grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif You're interested ??

Well here you go. Finally the two West Aussie virgin Buicks hit the road today for the first time on the Western Australian Buick Club August club run.

Irene the '54 Roadmaster Riviera ( ex Georgia from Mr. Earl ) and ( 50 Jetback )the Inspector's '34 Australian bodied 40 series roadster

Both cars ran without a hiccup. Well maybe a few because of the petrol they consumed between them. cry.gif

They both attracted a lot of attention and comments.

I think Stuart has already bedded the rings in on his first drive. No stopping him, must be back from his patrol car days.

The '34 is a lovely looking car and will surely be in line for a prize at the Aussie Nationals next month.

And Irene , well her body just looked great basking out in the warm sunshine. cool.gif




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Surely you can't be serious Ken shocked.gif

Read all your postings on here as proof to everyone of your molesting of Irene and your now trying pass her off as a virgin whistle.gif

Shame...Shame ...Shame


Congrats on finally getting her on the road............I trust it was all worth it. How did Jill like the ride?

Stuarts 34 will certainly create some excitement at the Nationals in QLD seeing that is where it originated from and he <span style="font-weight: bold">stole</span> it right out from underneath them grin.gif

I think he still can't believe no one else snapped it up before he did.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Oh visitation and driving rights were part of the sales contract, right Rooster. Boy she is pretty. So the rear end is quiet and she's running OK?

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Diff is running great ( thanks Willie )

With the 3.6 gears she really gets off the line for a 2 ton car. Really have to get rid of those rag tyres soon.

The new WW radials should be here this month. Can't wait.

Still got a few finishing touches to go. Need to take a break for a while, other household jobs mounting up. You know the story.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

yeauh, I know what you mean re "house hold jobs mounting up".Speakin of household jobs, see if Jill would like some of these made with them nice whitewalls you'll be tossing. The old non steel lined tires make for easier cutting. Or if you have enough, bury them about half way up and line your driveway with them. grin.gif

Southern tire planter

tire planters

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CONGRATS to our Austalian associates in their projects!

Mr. Earl, I didn't know that people still cut up tires that way! I remember when that was popular in the less-well-off rural areas as a means of spiffing it up. From an generation that was used to "using what you had" rather than buying something new. Home Depot and Garden Ridge were still about 4 decades into the future.

In that second link, I did like the last comment about "elbow grease"!

Willie, it's great to see that your expertise and help have now been confirmed to have spread "INTERNATIONALL"!



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Lord, Lamar- can't tell you the last time I saw a tire planter, and they used to be all over. Old tractor tires were popular up here. BI-I-I-GGG planters!

This probably has summat to do wi' it.

"Hoity toity communities would choke on their own tongues if they saw one of these in your front yard, so keep in mind these are not the best choice if you live in an upscale area where people don't fart."

Hmm. Some folks set concrete lions at the end of the driveway. These look as good as or better, and have character!

There's a place up the road has all kind of cast concrete lawn ornaments including Civil War soldiers and cannon, and even the "lawn jockeys" holding a lantern that everybody used to have in the days before political correctness.

You have planted a seed. Me little Southern homeplace may have some new decorations before long. I have a nice field between the house and the paved road that them soldiers would look good in. Might scare hell out'n some of the Yankee folk headed to VIR though...

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Why, we have had them there tire planters around these parts for at least half of the last century and all of this one. It was common to see a big ol tractor tire full of flowers on most every farmers lawn, including ours, back before the days of Walmart. We had one of them car tire planters, on a rim, cut like that 35 years ago or more.

Yep, us farmin folks was "recycling" before "recycle" was a word. shocked.gifwink.gifsmile.gif

laugh.gif Dandy Dave!

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Bill Stoneberg</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Glenn,

I think you also need the concrete dragon that looks like it is swimming in your lawn. Paint it bright green and put it in that field. </div></div>

If I do that, then I have to find some pink flamingos to go with it! grin.gif

There is actually a place here that rents pink flamingos for birthdays, anniversaries etc. They will put 50 or more on your front lawn for a day, and will have them in place first thing in the morning.

One of the funniest was when a bunch of kids working McDonald's pooled their cash and flamingoed the meticulously landscaped front lawn at their store for the manager's birthday. The district manager didn't like it and wanted to write the kids up, until someone reminded him he was working for a company who uses a <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">clown</span></span> as its corporate symbol and spokesman. blush.gif

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The price of rent-a-flamingo might have gone up since the last place that built them (and the more limited edition GOLD ones) went out of business last year. Another symbol of affluence of the 1950s has gone away, but at least Swanson TV Dinners are making a comeback and unabashedly claiming they were the first such thing back then . . . when TV dinners and TV trays were upscale things you had to have to be "with it" back then (even if you got the TV tray set from the S&H Green Stamp store).

There were a few tractor tire planters around here, but most were car tires (even whitewalls!). Most had sharp contours rather than the smooooth scallops (as pictured). I guess that now that you can buy all kinds of fancy cutter scissors at Home Depot that allow you to cut more intricate designs. Wonder what a plasma cutter might do???? Maybe cut some '50s-style "B U I C K" block letters in them???? Technology's such a wonderful thing!

With the broad proliferation of small blinking lights for holiday decorations, the outlines of those tire planters might make a great place to light up! Rather than having the eaves of the house blinking, the planters could blink too!

I'm sure the kids at McDonalds had a great giggling time cooking up that birthday surprise! Probably got that McDonalds lots of attention that day too!



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