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  1. Every 1991-1993 Roadmaster Station Wagon I have seen has the same issue. I just peeled mine off. Not the best solution but it looks better than the peeling. Nice car, by the way. I like the color, it is not that common.
  2. Here is a listing of alternate hotels for the 2020 BCA National Meet.
  3. Well, it appears to have been the Idle Air Control valve after all. I've been driving it for two days and the idle seems to get better each time. I guess the computer had time to make all of the adjustments. Keeping my fingers crossed.... Thanks, again , for your advice.
  4. I replaced the Idle Air Control valve and it started right up and idled smooth and solid for the few seconds I had it on. Convinced that this fixed the problem, I turned it off. I drove it this morning to work. During the first several stops, everything ran well and I was sure I had it resolved. But about the 4th time I had to sit and idle, it started again. Definitively not as bad as before, but still erratic, with the RPMs going up and down. Rats. I will check the MAP next. I have no 'Check Engine' light, but I will check for any codes tonight. Bruce, I have a shop manual specifically for a 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon, and spent an hour looking it over, but just got confused with all the emissions stuff. 1992 would be different because 1991 and 1992 had different engines. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
  5. Nice. That air cleaner makes the 1967 GS so unique.
  6. I was driving my 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon for a while on the Interstate with no issues. I pulled off at my exit and when I got to the light to turn left, it just died suddenly. I was able to start it back up immediately, but the idle is so rough now. It will go down to where I think it is going to die, then rev back up to 2,500 RPM, then back down to where I think it will die again, then back up. And it is 'chugging' all the while. If I give it gas to go, it seems to run fine. It has the throttle-bodied fuel injected 5.0 liter engine. If it had a regular carburetor on it, I would think the float is stuck and it was flooding itself. I don't know where to start looking. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. The 1953 Skylark belongs to Darryl English from College Station, TX.
  8. Probably nothing wrong with the engine internally, but then I don't know why it was parked in the first place. Wash it, then fix and drive.
  9. That 1990 Estate Wagon looks like it is ready to go already. Nice find there.
  10. I have been to a lot of BCA National events and I do not recall seeing any Skylarks from this era.
  11. This will be a much shorter trip for the Texas Road Warriors. I will miss their adventurous posts here. Safe travels, everyone. See you there!
  12. Some members have contacted me concerned about the recent weather events in Oklahoma lately. Yes, there has been a lot of rain and even a few tornados in Oklahoma. However, these weather events have not impacted the Midwest City area. In fact, the leadership committee went up there for a final visit on Wednesday, May 22, and everything was good. So, if you are concerned about the weather somehow damaging the meet, do not. The show will go on as planned.
  13. The May 26 deadline is in a few days. This deadline only applies if you want to go on any of the tours or events. The purpose of the deadline is that we have to take a head count for these events in advance so we can order the proper number of buses, meals, print maps, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to go on these events after the deadline, however there is a chance that you might not be able to, due to the limitations. If you don't want to go on any tours or events, and just want to register a Buick for the show, you can still do that after the deadline, however a late fee may apply.
  14. Based on the current number of registrations, we will expect about 150 Buicks this year. This is a bit lower than previous years, but it is still going to be a nice show. It just means you can spend longer looking at each Buick.