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  1. I consider myself one of the fortunately ones, but not without issues. I had rolling blackouts since early Sunday morning. But, it didn't take long for me to figure out they were scheduled. Approximately one hour off, then one hour on. When the electricity was off, the house would get down to 60 degrees, and in the hour I had power, it would warm up to 64. Not bad considering the alternatives. This went on for 4 days, but we could schedule our hour of electricity to get food prepared, etc. Yesterday I noticed a busted pipe in the garage area. It was a copper supply line to the hot water
  2. I completely agree with Jake. The name Wildcat is meant to be wild and sporty. Nothing puts out that fire more than a bench seat, column shifter, and 4-doors. I think they should have stuck with the sport coupes, convertibles, bucket seats, and console shifters for all Wildcats. Try to imagine a 4-door Riviera, GS or GN........
  3. That 1932 Buick is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Whenever I had the chance to see it, I could never take my eyes off of it. A truly remarkable Buick.
  4. I cannot give you any advice on the leak, but I just wanted to say what a beautiful 1960 Buick you have! I wish I could see it in person.
  5. Amazing film and interesting to watch. I noticed how everyone was so well dressed. No matter what they were doing, there seemed to be a pride in their appearance. That's something I'd like to see come back.
  6. Those are big trailers. Impressive. I had a set of 'front fender' mirrors when I pulled a trailer with my 1966 Skylark.
  7. I first posted this in 2017: I found a Bugle article (June 2002) written by James Brothers, BCA #27388. It is about how to identify Buick Wheels (1964 through 1987 RWD). I hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws for posting this, but there is a summary paragraph that I will recreate here word for word. On 5 inch bolt pattern wheels: "An X stamped next to the center cap hole is a 3rd design (1966-1967 15x6). Measure across the outer edges of the rim. if 8 inches, the wheel is a 6th design (1982-1987 15x7). Place the wheel, outer face down, on a flat surface. if th
  8. I have a hard enough time putting it back together with all of the resources I can find. I cannot imagine doing it with no manual.
  9. NC-Car-Guy, I always like the ones that say: "It ran when I parked it." Makes me wonder why they parked it. "All it needs is a starter." Then why not spend the $50 for a starter, then you can ask $2,000 more for it. "Car is complete, just missing ........"
  10. The Somersets were only made from 1985-1987 and it seems like all had v-6 engines. I don't believe I have ever seen one. From a quick search on wikipedia: For the 1985 model year, the two-door Skylark coupe was replaced by the Somerset Regal, built on the Oldsmobile-developed N-body platform. The "Somerset" name had previously been used as a trim package on the Regal. This generation of compact Buicks featured a more upscale and aerodynamic design than its predecessor, incorporating the long-hood/short-deck look popular at the time. The Pontiac-produced Iron Duke engine conti
  11. Old Cars recently announced their 2019 Golden Quill Award recipients. The Buick Bugle was honored to have been selected again. Thanks to everyone who works on making the Buick Bugle a great magazine, including the members who submit material. Congratulations to editor Pete Phillips. View the full list of winners at https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/news/old-cars-golden-quill-2019-awards.
  12. My 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon turned over 250,000 miles today. I bought it with 103,000 miles on it in 2008. It has been to the BCA Nationals in Flint, MI (2008), Colorado Springs, CO (2009), Aimes, (2010), Concord, NC (2012), and Midwest City, OK (2019) where it won an Archival award. The 305 ci (5.0 Liter) engine and transmission have had no major repairs, and the interior is still very presentable.
  13. 1939, because of the funny looking grille. I still can't get past it. 1950, for the buck-tooth grille. Although, I have since accepted them for what they are and appreciate their uniqueness.
  14. Every 1991-1993 Roadmaster Station Wagon I have seen has the same issue. I just peeled mine off. Not the best solution but it looks better than the peeling. Nice car, by the way. I like the color, it is not that common.
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