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  1. Mike, hopefully I will get back in the groove before time passes me by.
  2. Hey John, it is nice to be recognized. I still remember our trip to Flint and the roadblock that slowed us, good thing for that new GPS.
  3. Years ago I saw I saw instructions on how to get to the motor, it said to get the Chrysler window tape. That's all I remember. Does anybody have those instructions? Thanks, Stevo
  4. Sorry to say, not this year...AGAIN. One thing after another prevents us from attending. Not bad for a guy that was one of the organizers of the very first Forum Breakfast. We cancelled our reservations a couple of weeks ago. Have a great time.
  5. I believe my earlier post has been modified. I thanked Roberta for all she did for the BCA and the website.
  6. EBugle: to access is membership number and last name . Outsiders can get that info from the listing of chapters. Directors' names and numbers are listed. A last name and membership number can be found just about anywhere on this or the BCA sites.
  7. I agree Dandy; THANK YOU ROBERTA for all the time and effort you have so given to the BCA. You are appreciated.
  8. If I read all of the posts, I would have seen the speedo was already mentioned. Oh well!!!
  9. The "Lady" is not the only thing that stands out, have you all seen Dandy in his Speedos?
  10. Get well, heal and keep kicking old man.
  11. I just opened my latest issue of Hemming's Classic Car and saw a wonderful thing.....The Chartreuse Lady is again gracing the print media. Nice going Dave, Stevo