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  1. Bob, I just spotted a 59 in a car lot today but it was way in the back and I did not have time to stop, i will get back this coming week.
  2. JD, whatever the story line, I am still proud of you! Stevo
  3. Beautiful, and the car is also pretty good looking. Great color.
  4. Jim, great job. I have been following your project and it is remarkable. stevo
  5. Mark, you will make it very easy for a whole bunch of guys to hate you. Where do you find all of this time? Just kidding folks, Mark knows that. stevo
  6. Welcome aboard to all of the new members and Mike, a great looking 57.
  7. My Honey with her new Lacrosse CXS that she got yesterday.
  8. Too bad for the edit, not good to have a white spot in middle of picture. ha,ha
  9. I am still very interested in #143, are there any further pictures? How about it Lamar, I think Terry should have her own calender.
  10. Hector, We all do with our cars "what we want to". It (they) are your cars, your money, enjoy them the way you want. Welcome aboard.
  11. Welcome to all of you lookers and lurkers that have made yourselves known. Thanks and another welcome to all of you!
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