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  1. After searching all my chrome parts it appears I'm missing the 2 curved shields that partly surround the left and right Dagmars/Bullets at each end of the 55 Buick Grill Either I've lost them when cleaning up or they never came back from the Chrome Plater with the grill......lesson learned......always take photos of what you drop off and pick up. I need a left and a right (if they differ)......Not sure if they are chrome or stainless, maybe someone can clarify that for me. Either way I need a shiny straight set...........so can someone help me with a nice pair at a reason
  2. Pretty sure I took this photo in 2002 at the Australian Buick Nationals in Tasmania.....this would have been in Queenstown and the car belongs to Rick Cincarini. Great Memories of a great trip which saw us travel for around 3 weeks around the Island state of Tasmania.
  3. Bringing this build thread back for anyone who hasn't seen it.....it's a must read.
  4. I'll say it again.....that was a great buy.
  5. Thanks for the great video Mud.....thoroughly enjoyed it.......especially that chirp of the tires on take off......very cool.
  6. Wow!...........Who could ask for more. A great driver that you can enjoy while continuing on the restoration of the 2 door. Drive the hell out of it and by all means clean it up but I would not get too distracted with major repairs right away..........invest the time in the 2 door. You're always going to get you money back on this one plus more. Jealous I am
  7. Thanks Mike..........hope you have luck in finding some. BTW I have 2 perfect and polished short ones that would be surplus to me if you or anyone need them for a single color car
  8. Hmmm........ Like you Mud I hadn't realised the difference and seeing I am going from a solid color to two tone I will have to look into finding some as mine are the shorter ones. Are 56 century special trims the same? Anyone got a couple they want to sell? Guess I better run an ad in the wanted section.
  9. X 2..........the quality of the photos taken 50 - 60 years ago is amazing. Do the Kodachrome slides scan better than ordinary photos?
  10. LIKE!!! I see it also had the one year only 65 Wildcat Centre Caps
  11. Great work......my trunk stoppers are on there way! Could I please have them back in a month
  12. Good to hear Mike...............I got one from Brad recently ...........it's stashed away with the other goodies ready to go on the 55.
  13. This would have to be the most enjoyable part of the restoration process.......I can't wait to be able to do this my 55...........great work Mirko.
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