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  1. vintchry

    DB display at AACA museum

    Kudos to Doug and Steve and all those that contributed display items. The DBC has set a new standard for displays and everyone that wants to future display their club or is a DB enthusiast should be sure to see this display before it ends. Rob
  2. Hi, I am displaying a 1935 Dodge DU with a TJ RIchards Pheaton body and would like to know what price this car would have sold for originally in Australia. I have found nothing on online and thought it would be interesting. American cars sold for $645 for the 2dr to $995 for the limosene or 7pass. Any of our Austrailan friends able to help on this? Thanks Rob
  3. vintchry

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    Timing according to the Owners Manual is done off of number 6 Cylinder. Remove your valve covers, bring it up to top dead center on either number one or 6, check your valve tappets, when number 6 is in place correctly the valve lifters will be loose, you now have it timed. You can do it on number 1 but check with the firing order and bring up number 6 to confirm your settings. Obviously set your timing marks according to information Sasha presented. Then make sure on your distributor that the spark when retarded is on pointing on the number 6 lug of the distributor cap. I seldom have success getting hte plug out of the head if it has not been removed for a number of years. Rob
  4. vintchry

    1942 Chrysler C34 Red Engine Paint

    According to a well informed gentleman who was deeply involved at Chrysler in the engineering dept., Chrysler did not have an engineering code for any engine color. What was in the vat was painted on the engine. Basically if your engine was red, a good color would not be a Chevy red or orange but a nice rich red. If as Kaiser points out your engine is supposed to be black with a silver head than the Hirsch colors are fine.
  5. I would be interested in the taillamp you have when you find a correct one. I have none of those left now. That lamp on you car is 26-27 Imperial. Rob you can pm me
  6. vintchry

    1931 Oldsmobile Coupe

    This appears to be a 31. They make very nice cars, well built and well engineered. Rob
  7. That looks like a windshield wiper vacuum control switch. It should be mounted vertically under the dash in a hole on the left lower side of the instrument panel. Some cars (28 particularly) the mount in the center of the instrument panel cluster, lower between the choke and manifold heater knobs. Rob
  8. vintchry

    34-46 Chrysler 6cyl motor

    I have some 33 CO engines complete. 34 is not the same but this will be closer for you. If interested, Rob 240-344-2922
  9. I believe it is for a 38. Rob
  10. vintchry

    armrest 1954 windsor convertible

    These do slide off. No screws, mine were very tight and tough to get both off and on, if I remember correctly it goes up, not forward or backwards. It has been 4 years since mine were off and on so memory remembers the difficulty but not the direction. Rob
  11. vintchry

    Headlight bulbs

    Typically these are 1000 Mazda light bulbs. This was a standard number for bulbs regardless of manufacturer. Typically 32/32 candlepower. Model A headlamp bulbs are fine but will not have the ribs. I would suggest a 50/32 candlepower, gives you a better high beam. Old bulbs are around but getting harder to find. Rob
  12. Marty, Try Then and Now in Weymouth, MA, 781-335-8860, Rob
  13. When you get the chance, try driving the car without the floor boards in place, with a good hearing passenger. Sometimes you can isolate the noise to a specific area. Rob
  14. vintchry

    1918 gas cap

    Myers Early Dodge Parts, Rob
  15. vintchry

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    The hope is we are getting older, the hobby has always been older with the exception of second or 3rd generations generally. As we age the discretionary money is available. The younger people are either more into the current or newer "antiques" or "tuners". At least some are showing an interest. From the stories out there, the concern is over the lack of interest in owning anything, houses, cars, boats motorcycles etc. The auto industry worried about this almost 10 years ago. Seems to be more of an Urban problem than suburban or rural. Just my thoughts. Rob