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  1. what series CD? First, Second or Third? Axles, wheels and engine bores are different, as are some gauges
  2. I am interested, where are you? PM me and we can work out the details. Rob
  3. I would run a 160 if available, Rob
  4. Agree it is a very rare car, doesn't mean it is very valuable. Personally I would have used some great music from the Big Band era to "set the mood" Nice car, looks well done, best of luck selling.
  5. If functioning the front seat back rest move forward and back. You may have to remove and free up the screw mechanism. Nice car, do you still have the tire covers that were in an older photo I have of this car? They were the "vinyl" covers not metal. I am working on a Royal 5 pass coupe. PM me and we can chat. Rob
  6. We do a Nickle era tour in October 23-24, Burkittsville MD. Ford's 1914-27 other cars, 1914-28. PM me and i will be glad to get you details as soon as they are out. Rob
  7. Spring mounts and u-joint flange look Chrysler 4, potentially 26-28. Rob
  8. I am interested, please pm me with details, where are you located? Rob
  9. Leo, Typically those are called a ferrule, it appears you line is broken and yes a new ferrule of the proper size should work, noting as the others said, the orifice it fits into is not galled. Rob
  10. Ted, Yes I was with Wally. Were these originally stamped steel or cast? Yes he needs 3 and knows a couple of others looking for the same. We might as well coordinate our efforts. I very much enjoyed your series and restoration. Good work and a beautiful result. Rob
  11. Chris, I am looking at /for crank hole covers for a 31 Olds. We have an epoxy pattern to copy. Have you made these from steel? Do you have any extras left? Thanks, Rob PS we showed the 31 Olds Coupe at Getysburg, wish I had been able to visit with you.
  12. How about a 42 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander Town Sedan? Rob
  13. The modern reproduction hoses are accepted by all judging I have been in. Hydraulic hoses can be made, finding the correct ends with washers will be difficult.
  14. Check with the Steam Car guys, they use a product called fiberfrax. Looks like asbestos but none of the worries and works welll.
  15. Fluid drive is the coupling at the flywheel, a torque convertor that the clutch and pressure plate attach to. The semi-automatic transmission(M6) and manual transmission both used fluid drive. I had a 41 NY with a manual 3 speed and overdrive and it had fluid drive.
  16. Probably a group 2 battery, not a group 1 such as a Model A.
  17. I wonder if the L bracket went to hold down the top of the battery?
  18. That was a very fun and well organized tour. Many many thanks to Norma and Fred Davis. Great Job. Thank you Peter for allowing us to view your shop and the hospitality. Rob
  19. This reinforces my belief that one should never buy to pull. Buy to stop. Rob
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