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  1. The wheels/assemblies are *** SOLD *** Steering column assembly is still available.
  2. Thanks, Rob, I'll check into that. Much appreciated!
  3. I'm in Wisconsin, but my reach is obviously worldwide via the net. Maybe there are bound to be 128/129 frames out there, but so far any owners have remained underground. And I've run a comprehensive online & local search for the last several months (AACA, Dodge Brother Clubs, a gazillion assorted Facebook groups, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, local clubs, etc., etc); there are no 128/129 frames to be had. Also, I checked in detail the measurements of earlier frames; not even close, off considerably in all three dimensions. The search continues...
  4. Yep, I've been looking for quite some time - 128/129's seem to be scarce indeed. Thanks!
  5. Model 129 Fast-Four 3-window coupe I was thinking front rail sections from other models might work as well? Thanks!
  6. I have a 1942 Ford 6-cylinder flathead engine that my brother would like to sell. But we have no idea of its value. (Admin – please delete if not allowed). In the mid 80's (yep, 35 years go) my brother owned a '47 Ford pickup that he planned on restoring. He removed this engine from the truck, and had it rebuilt. I have receipts dated 1985. He ended up selling the truck itself, without ever having installed or ran the engine, but held onto the engine all these years. He will soon be moving into a different house, and decided that the time has come to let go of the engine. He worked with the experienced Ford engine builder who assembled the engine, and told me that the engine was liberally lubricated when it was put back together. I stopped by my brother's place this week, and we were able to turn it over with a socket and straight arm; it was not "stuck" whatsoever. Info from the block: Ferro 2GA6015 From the web: "The G casting: This is the original inline six cylinder and was used before WW2. It is cast by Ferro foundry and will have a stylized raised Ferro mark located on the oil pan rail next to the oil breather pipe. The casting mark will have a G as part of its code, for instance, 2GA 6015." "That is a 1942 engine...90 hp, 226 cubic inch, bore 3.3", stroke 4.4". The 2GA engine was produced and used in 1942 models only." Located in Bloomer, WI (54724) My brother wants it gone; $500 OBO - Will consider all offers. Thanks!
  7. I have a 1928 Dodge Brothers coupe frame that I'm beginning to work on. The front 30" of my frame had been torn up and poorly repaired to the point I don't think that I can bring it back from the dead, and may need to replace the front portion of the frame rails. So... I'm looking for a donor (or replacement) frame, or front rail sections from one. The rails are kinda husky - about 5" tall in the area where the new and old sections will meet. I have no problem buying a complete frame if that's what it takes to get the front 30" or so. I'd obviously prefer a '28 Dodge Brothers frame, but am open to ANY YEAR OF DB, OR ANY OTHER MAKE that I can get to work. Here's a picture of what I'm looking for. The leaf spring brackets are not needed - I can install & use my old ones. Thanks!
  8. No, problem at all. Very interesting discussion...
  9. Thanks, I'll check into that.
  10. Thanks, I'll give that a shot.