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  1. Has anyone seen the SFBay area craigslist ad for a 1933 Chrysler? It looks like a nice vehicle. I like the color and styling of the car. Is this a car that a 6' 4" guy will be comfortable driving? Is the price reasonable? Are there questions that I should ask? Obviously the seller made a faux pas when describing the engine as a V8! Any comments welcome. Thanks Tom Wallace Dayton, OH
  2. tomwallace

    Stanweld Split rim for a 1921 Premier

    Much thanks for the info! Now I know what to search for. Tom
  3. Hi Everyone! I am searching for a spare rim for my 1921 Premier. The tire size is 33 x 5. I think these split rims are Stanweld rims. I thought on this tire size the rim should be 23 inch rims but the rim measures 24 inches, or perhaps I am measuring wrong. Any leads appreciated. Thanks Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH
  4. I am taking my 1911 Cadillac to our local concours in a couple weeks. The gray linoleum is spotted and stained but it seems the more I clean the more noticeable the spots are. I have tried a few different products but without good results. Does anyone have a good method of removing the stains. Thanks Tom Wallace Dayton, OH
  5. tomwallace

    Correct spark plug for a 1921 Premier Touring Car??

    I got a set of Champion W18's yesterday. They look like they will work well. Thanks all. Tom Wallace
  6. tomwallace

    Correct spark plug for a 1921 Premier Touring Car??

    No. This car came from Moorecroft, Wyoming. I have all the history of the car since it was purchased as a used car in 1927. Thanks Tom Wallace Dayton, OH
  7. I bought a 1921 Premier Touring Car a quite few months ago and I am just now getting time to get the car running. I have been rewiring the car because the original wire was corroded and void of insulation. We just replaced the spark plug wires with the correct period wire. The car had a mix of 2 types of spark plugs. I got info from some source that the replacement plug would be an Autolite 3076. So I got a set and started to take out the old plugs. The old plugs had a lot of soot and looked burnt. So they definitely need replaced. But the old plugs have a much longer throw than the new Autolites! I am afraid that the new plugs would not deliver the spark to the correct position in the cylinders. See a photo of the plugs below. Any wisdom or suggestions would be appreciated, Tom Wallace Dayton, OH
  8. tomwallace

    1914 Premier Z2 Touring

    Ken, I sent you a pm today concerning our great Premier automobiles. Thanks Tom Wallace Dayton, OH
  9. tomwallace

    Franklin Cars For Sale

    Could you elaborate on which year/models that you wish to sell? thanks Tom Wallace, Dayton, Oh
  10. tomwallace

    what car is this?

    Could the first car pictured above with the V-shaped radiator be an early 20's Premier Touring car? Looks a lot like the 1921 Premier Touring Car that my friend and I just purchased out of Wyoming. The V-shaped radiator and the high beam/low beam headights look like the ones on my car. The small "spotlights" attached to the windshield posts are just like mine. A photo of my new "baby" below. I have to find an original radiator cap. I probably need to have the v-shaped radiator evaluated; ? leaks. I heard that these radiators can be really expensive to repair/recore. Any advice? Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH
  11. tomwallace

    1930 Lincoln Sport Phaeton tool kit

    Our plan is to get the car ready for our local concours, Dayton Carillon Concours, here in Dayton next year, September 2017. Right now I am looking to preserve the upholstery, paint and top. We hope to work on the engine next spring and to get it in a running state. tom
  12. tomwallace

    1930 Lincoln Sport Phaeton tool kit

    Thanks for your help!! Tom
  13. I am trying to preserve a 1930 Lincoln Sport Phaeton that was owned by the same family since 1938. A lot of upholstery and paint issues to tackle. I was trying to put together a tool kit but I am having trouble documenting what came in a tool kit. I have seen tool kits included with 1930 Lincoln cars sold on Ebay. None are the same. An Ebay seller emailed me documentation of what he said was the tool kit list from 1929 and 1930. I don’t know where he got the info. Perhaps from an owner’s manual? or parts list? A local fellow said that all of the tools came stamped with an “L” to show they were specifically made for Lincoln. I’m not quite sure about that. I attached all the documentation of what I have. Perhaps you have seen this before. Any advice is appreciated. Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH
  14. tomwallace

    Parts wanted for a 1922 franklin

    I can help with parts. PM sent to you. Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH
  15. A 1913 Buick Model 24 Roadster is for sale on the HCCA website. Looks like a cool car. Apparently has been stored for 20 years. The ad says it is a complete car and ran when parked. Looks like some paint damage on the back area. Are the front oil lamps correct for the car? They look different than in photos of other '13 Buick roadsters that I found on the web. Would this be a comfortable ride for a tall 6' 4'' guy like me? Does anyone have any info on this car? Is the price of $24.5K reasonable? Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH