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  1. Actually the body in the ad is much more angular than the unidentified car.
  2. The photos I took are two different Cartercars and I posted both to show the similarities of the radiator shell/hand crank areas.
  3. I heard a vicious rumor that it was a Delorean on steroids.
  4. I always tap inward around the edge of the lock ring as I GENTLY inflate the tire so that it locks into the groove of the rim. It's always best to lay a big fat 2x6 across the top while inflating so that the lock ring is held away from your bean.
  5. keiser31

    Royale on eBay

    The car in the factory photo could be a prototype built previous to the trunk addition since the ad shows it with. I know that some Chrysler product factory photos do not show the exact production models.
  6. Steering is on opposite side from the car in the ad, also.
  7. I would like to get some photos of the wheels if I could, please. John at Thanks in advance. John
  8. Totally different body from the dash board back and you will notice the crank is missing on the advertisement.
  9. That is why I only sell stainless caps....they can be buffed.
  10. Yes....Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler & DeSoto. That is what the initials are for.
  11. Try the outside of the frame rail on the driver's side over the rear axle. Use a wire brush to clean first. It may be just in front of the rear axle instead of right over it.
  12. keiser31


    Stefano....It's a 1929 Dodge Brothers DA phaeton. See my post at the Dodge Brothers site. John
  13. You can try a place called SOFSEAL. I think they have a website.
  14. There is also a serial number stamped on the outside of the car frame usually located over the rear axle on the driver's side. It is usually very hard to read without cleaning with a wire brush. By the way...that is a VERY nice car you have found.
  15. Looks like a 1929 Dodge Brothers DA touring car. It is a very rare car. The engine number is on the driver's side of the engine just below the cylinder head near the front of the block and should start with the letters DA followed by a number. Here is the information from my book. John
  16. Not MOPAR unless it has either the pentastar emblem or the DPCD mark on it.
  17. Looks like an accessory back up light to me.
  18. I believe the bumpers were added accessories. The disc wheels are original.
  19. Sure looks like about a 1923 Star car roadster. The hub cap looks as if it has a star design on it.
  20. They each really have a nice delicate balance to them. The one with the chrome shell looks great with the painted wheels and the one with the painted shell has the nice chrome wheels. It's rather difficult to decide.....o.k....I'll take them both!
  21. I am confused. Why would you need a hub puller for a wire wheel? Don't wire wheels on '29 Chryslers have a lug nut system? Wood wheels are totally different and if they are anything like my 1931 Dodge wheels, they require a hub puller.
  22., too. Anybody know what would be correct?