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  1. Our good friend and old car buddy Jack Morris of the southern Oregon group known as the "State Of Jefferson Antique Car Club" has passed away Tuesday the 7th of October, 2008. He was a very car-smart guy and was one of the club's past presidents. He will truly be missed by all of us who knew him. Here he is in his early days.
  2. We ALL have footprints on our butts from kicking ourselves for not buying "the car" we have always wanted when it was offered to us. I say if you AND your wife can endure the hardship of limiting your budget and buying the car, do it. If there will be a divorce over it, let it go. If you get the car you can always sell stuff on ebay to alleviate the cost of getting and keeping it. That's what I do. Just another old car guy's opinion. John
  3. Chrysler Club guys would argue that one. Just because some of the cars are going down in value doesn't mean they all are. The average collector car has gone down in value in the last year, however low production cars will usually remain in the highly collectible category. People are still buying antique cars and gold because stocks and other papers are becoming less valuable. Lets face it...the rule of thumb is that the rarer the item, the more it is worth.
  4. Is the car a CM6 with 19" wheels? I have some extras from a DH6 Dodge with 19" wheels that should be the same. John at
  5. Steve...Sorry about that. John
  6. My book from 2004 says the 1981 Imperial would be worth about $6,000.00 in number 1 condition. The 1982 would be worth about the same. Both would be worth slightly more now, especially with the complete "Sinatra" option.
  7. Steve...please email me the photos that you mentioned. John at Thanks.
  8. If you really love the car and are planning on keeping it and can afford to restore it, I say "DO IT"! If you are fixing up to resell, I say "STOP NOW"! You will probably never recoup the money if reselling, but if you love the car enough to labor that much on it and want to keep it, it will always be worth it to you.
  9. There were 148 "Sinatra" packaged Imperials made in 1981 out of a total Imperial production run of 7,225. There were 279 "Sinatra" packaged Imperials made in 1982 out of a total Imperial production run of 2,329. The "Sinatra" option cost was $1,078 in 1982 and was dropped in 1983. It is a very rare car indeed and low production USUALLY means more worth, especially for some reason when it comes to Chrysler products.
  10. There were 279 "Sinatra" package ($1,078.00 option) Imperials made in 1982 out of a total production run of 2,329 Imperials.
  11. There were 148 "Sinatra" package Imperials made in 1981 out of a total production run of 7,225 Imperials.
  12. I believe Don Sommers started reproducing parts such as that in the early seventies.
  13. On my 1931 DB DH6, the brass rod rotates to make the rheostat work. John
  14. Go for brass freeze plugs and if the edges are clean around the opening, no sealer should be needed. Most parts houses have that size plug available.
  15. Try They have tons of photos of most caps from the 50s up.
  16. Try finding the book called "The Plymouth and DeSoto Story" by Don Butler. It is a Crestline book. The Library of Congress Catalog Number is: 77-93182. The ISBN Number is: 0-912612-14-2. It has information on weights, production numbers, wheelbases, prices, trim, etc. It may be expensive, but it covers both makes starting from 1929 extensively. You can get a copy of the original "build sheet" for your car to see exactly how it left the factory by going to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum website. They can supply tons of information.
  17. A friend of mine picked up a 1914 touring car with 6,000 original miles. He originally was going to restore it, but friends talked him into not touching it except to maintain it and to drive it. It is a museum piece, but a driving example of an early car that should be enjoyed. It still has all of the original paint,pinstriping and leather seats (all very nice with patina). What a GREAT example of what was done at the factory. The license plate on it is 1919!!
  18. Try getting into that rumble seat with the top down!!
  19. Anyone out there know for certain what air pressure a NON SKID 34x4 1/2 tire should carry with a touring car attached??
  20. I am working on a 1913 Cartercar with 34x4 1/2 NON SKID tires and need to know how much air pressure to put in them and what direction they should read from. Anybody know??
  21. When you google pontoon or ponton it will show a Cord with pontoon style fenders.
  22. I believe that the word "pontoon" refers to fender style. In the mid/late thirties, cars went from more open "wing" style fenders to the bulbous and more rounded full fender. The "pontoon" word came from seaplane landing gear with wheels and pontoons (water floats) so as to be able to land on sea or land.
  23. 1935 Plymouth should fit, I believe (and of course Dodge or DeSoto if you want to go that route).
  24. I have seen these handles on restored 1930 Chryslers and DeSotos.