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  1. Didn't you get instructions with the kit? If not, take it to your nearest interior redo shop. They will know.
  2. Ahhh....if we could only see it...
  3. Usually, the vehicle serial number on the frame is located over the rear springs on the driver's side. On the outside of the frame rail just ahead of the axle is where it should be. Not certain, but the export frame MAY have it on the passenger side, same area. It usually takes a good rubbing with a wire brush to expose it.
  4. I believe that on the '39 handles all you have to do is press the escutcheon in as far as you can, to expose the pin that goes through the handle and regulator peg. Then with an ice pick or better yet, a blunt ended nail, push the pin out. With the window, if it is similar to my '31 Dodge, all you have to do is roll the window down, remove the inner door trim, crank the window back up and the glass should be able to be tilted in toward the interior and off of the regulator.
  5. Try Irv Bishko in Ohio. GREAT manuals!
  6. There is one on ebay right now.
  7. Glad I don't live near Hershey and have to wait on a list to get into the regional group! I would think that welcoming new members is what the clubs are all about. Why, oh why would you stifle anyone's dream to get a car restored or to get information for their car or to cruise with others in that club??? It DOES seem snobbish and I don't see ANY reason to limit one's membership unless they have been proven to be a total flake and would hinder the club functions. Here at the group I belong to, S.O.J.A.C.C. (State Of Jefferson Antique Car Club) in southern Oregon, we welcome all who want to join. We are into our cars and not the politics. In fact, you don't even have to live in our town OR own an antique car. We are just glad to have you to share more old cars or old car interest. We in our club define our club as being "dedicated to the preservation of pre-1932 historic automobiles", but we are rather loose on the requirements of membership. We don't require a car or even to keep the year under 1932...we just welcome anyone with similar interests to ours. It has been a reality that younger folks are interested in cars other than our pre-1932 statement. They want to bring in and see muscle cars and other special interest cars. If we all have the same basic interest...CARS, why pick and choose members?
  8. Merchant Xpress...what tail lamp lens do you need?
  9. More fall foliage and a 1930 Dodge DD6.
  10. I imagine the "4S" means four door sedan. Some titles had that designation. Here is a little more information for you.
  11. Looking for an engine and transmission unit for a 1931 Dodge Brothers DG8. The closer to Michigan, the better, but will consider all available engines. Please contact me through this site or at Thanks in advance for any help with this request. John
  12. Looking to purchase an engine and transmission unit for a 1931 Dodge Brothers DG8. The closer to Michigan, the better, but will consider all available engines. Please contact me here or at Thanks in advance for your help with this matter. John
  13. Interesting.....1941 Plymouth front fenders...1936 Dodge rear fenders and taillights.
  14. Anyone out there know what this truck light and stand might be for? I say truck because it looks as if it might mount to the side of a frame under a stake bed, maybe?
  15. Anyone out there know what this fan assembly might be for?
  16. Anyone out there know what these door sills are for? They are 31 3/4" long. There is a right one and a left one.
  17. Amazingly, "Simple Green" works wonders on grease. My wife cleaned up my pistons with it.
  18. I have a rear end from a 1931 Chrysler CM6 available. It may interchange. Where are you located? John at
  19. With a serial number, we can decipher the year.
  20. Interesting that the unidentified car has ten spokes on the front wheels and twelve spokes on the rears.
  21. Actually the body in the ad is much more angular than the unidentified car.
  22. The photos I took are two different Cartercars and I posted both to show the similarities of the radiator shell/hand crank areas.
  23. I heard a vicious rumor that it was a Delorean on steroids.
  24. I always tap inward around the edge of the lock ring as I GENTLY inflate the tire so that it locks into the groove of the rim. It's always best to lay a big fat 2x6 across the top while inflating so that the lock ring is held away from your bean.