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  1. Anyone out there know for certain what air pressure a NON SKID 34x4 1/2 tire should carry with a touring car attached??
  2. I am working on a 1913 Cartercar with 34x4 1/2 NON SKID tires and need to know how much air pressure to put in them and what direction they should read from. Anybody know??
  3. When you google pontoon or ponton it will show a Cord with pontoon style fenders.
  4. I believe that the word "pontoon" refers to fender style. In the mid/late thirties, cars went from more open "wing" style fenders to the bulbous and more rounded full fender. The "pontoon" word came from seaplane landing gear with wheels and pontoons (water floats) so as to be able to land on sea or land.
  5. 1935 Plymouth should fit, I believe (and of course Dodge or DeSoto if you want to go that route).
  6. I have seen these handles on restored 1930 Chryslers and DeSotos.
  7. My book shows no difference between model wheelbases. They are all 114 inches by what it says.
  8. There is no registry for people who cruise in "original condition", "as found" or "unrestored condition" cars or trucks. The Horseless Carriage Club of America and the WPC Club (Walter Percy Chrysler) are two of the best clubs I know for "bringing what you got". A lot of us out there cannot afford a rotisserie restoration and must work on them as we cruise or simply keep them up well enough to drive. Clubs as small as the "State of Jefferson Antique Auto Club" here in southern Oregon welcomes all condition cars. Heck, you don't even have to OWN an old car to be in our club. Some unmolested or unrestored cars are better to not restore. A lot of the original condition cars are where we get our important information from as far as what they did at the factory and how they did it. As on the Antiques Roadshow...sometimes the patina is better left on the object to retain it's originality and worth.
  9. What parts are you looking for? I have a few extra '31 DH6 parts and I know a few other '31 Dodge guys with stuff. John 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupe (wire wheels) 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupe (wood wheels)
  10. alex_houston: Actually, Dodge started in 1914. They were "Dodge Brothers" from 1914 to 1938. Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers in 1928.
  11. There was NO fine print on the form where I tried to enter online. It said "Sorry we are not accepting entries at this time.", so I backed out using the "back" arrow. I went to my email and there was a message from P.M.Magazine thanking me for my subscription. My wife (and probably the neighbors) soon heard my dismay, to put it mildly.
  12. What car do you need a radiator for?
  13. Yep....those subscription rascals! I went online to apply for the $25,000.00 Popular Mechanics' "garage makeover". Next thing I know I got their magazine subscription in my lap! Oh, the hassle to just cancel. I called and emailed and finally, after many attempts, I was able to cancel. Beware entering any contest that has a magazine or publication involved.
  14. The Model T woody is called a "depot hack" or "huckster", I believe.
  15. The car I saw was in San Diego a few years ago and it didn't have welled fenders either. The rack had extension brackets of some sort on it that held it out past the rear mounted spare tire. The rack looked typically Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth or DeSoto of the early thirties with the folding abilities....just longer mounting brackets. The owner said it was original to the car and that he was the second owner of the car.
  16. I have seen a trunk rack on a DL, but no trunk. I believe you could get a trunk rack as a "dealer option" in '32. I don't think that Dodge offered an actual trunk to put on it.
  17. In my 40+ years of research, I have found that the carry over 1931s into 1932 started with the ram and from then on, Dodge stayed with the ram. The "shooting star" (as I refer to it as) cap was basically an early 1931 through 1/2 to 3/4 of the year and then went to the ram. That is why the cap I need is so rare. Plus the fact that it was right in the middle of the depression. If you have any extra parts for '31 DB DH6s, let me know and we can possibly trade or deal in some way. I am looking for a coupe lower window molding, drag link and various other parts. I realize that the following photo is of a mock-up model for preview of the '31 DH6s, but it still holds true as far as my research has taken me. John
  18. Sorry about that. Let's see if I figured it out with THIS copy.
  19. $6,500.00 is waaaaaaay too much. More like $2,500.00 with all of the missing, broken and non-original stuff.
  20. What you have there is an aftermarket hood ornament that someone has attached a mirror to (mirror looks like Mustang or Barracuda). There are supposed to be a pair of colored plexiglass or chrome wings attached to her back. They come up for auction on ebay regularly and I have sold three of them myself.
  21. O.K......I just got the word. Grandma is in a 1938 Chevrolet, not '37. What do I know? I am a Chrysler guy!
  22. Just thought you Model T guys would like to see a vintage "center door oval windowed T in the snow" photo.
  23. Thought you Chevy guys might like this pic of my grandma Keiser in the 1937 Chevrolet 2 door sedan.
  24. This is more like recovery than anti-theft, but make sure that you photograph and document EVERYTHING about your antique car. All blemishes and dings and distinguishing features should be noted and pictured. That way, you and others can spot parts or sections as they show up at swap meets or hopefully, BEFORE. I have found two cars for people because the owners kept track of certain things on their cars that was different or special. I found my own 1970 Plymouth GTX that was stolen in San Diego because I recognized the air cleaner housing. There were certain marks that the filter left on the housing that led me to the car. It was partially stripped, but I got it back and re-restored it. Oh was tow-barred away at midnight one night by a Mercury Bobcat Runabout! The blinking alarm light did not deter them. I even heard the scumbags drop the tow bar in the street and said to my girl "sounds like someone is getting their car towed". Man, was I ever right!