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  1. Need help with a question probably answered long ago. I claim my 1977 New Yorker is the longest production car ever made at 231.1 inches. The seller of a 1973 Imperial on e-bay claims this model (69-73)is longer at 235 inches. My Mopar statistics say the 73 length is 229.6". A colleague says it's the huge bumper guards (not featured on the 72 or earlier Imperials) that gives him the extra inches, but that these are add-ons and should not count and that the 1975-1978 Chrysler/Imperials were, in fact, longer. What are the facts? Another friend says its moot anyway because some of the Cadillac Fleetwoods of the era were longer still. But I've paced these off at shows and they still come up short. Any answers?