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  1. Are you certain that your car is a CA with a 117" long wheelbase and not a CB which has a 121" long wheelbase? Not to insult you on your knowledge of your car....just don't know if you have had it a long time and are certain.
  2. keiser31

    3.8 turbo gasket

    Try EGGE Machine in Santa Fe Springs, California. They have a LOT of early stuff. They have a website.
  3. Do I get some kind of commission when it sells? LOL
  4. I believe that the floor pans are the same for the rear seat foot area in the 4-door sedans and the wagons. I am not certain if the two door hardtop one is the same.
  5. There is a guy right now on the AACA General Discussion forum named "39 luxury liner" that may be able to help you out.
  6. laddy...There is a guy on the Dodge and Dodge Brothers page named Treorp55" who needs some help on his car. Maybe you could help. He is removing the door glass and dashboard knobs and is having trouble.
  7. Then I would say to try to push the tab in and see if the knob slides off as you press the tab in.
  8. There is either an allen head set screw under each knob or they will just slide right off by pulling. You may have to remove the window channel (or felt) to get the windows out.
  9. 1971 blue from Chrysler is NOT the turquoise that was used on the earlier engines. There was turquoise for the big blocks (361, 383, 413 and 440) and red for the small blocks (273 & 318). 426 wedge and 426 HEMI were orange.
  10. keiser31

    Carb ID

    Well.....o.k. then! Sorry to venture a guess.
  11. keiser31

    Carb ID

    EDB probably means "Edlebrock". They make intake manifolds and other speed equipment for engines.
  12. The usual story...if someone really needs the instruments...$120.00. If wanted just to fill a hole...$40.00. My rule of thumb is (and that can vary depending on if you restore Chryslers or Model Ts) $20.00 per instrument if workable. The glass is flat so that does not matter. The bezel is as important as the instruments, so $20.00 for that, too. The good part about the unit is that all instruments look to be the original hole fillers and not replacements. Finding matching instruments is half of the battle. Just a guess from my own wheelings and dealings.
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    Sometimes new plug wires are bad. Rotate a couple and see if the miss moves from cylinder to cylinder.
  14. Big blocks turquoise...small blocks were red.
  15. Can't narrow it down by my book except that it looks like a 1946-48 Dodge Series WFA 1 1/2 ton stake truck.
  16. I like the one with the golf cart, but without the cart would be better. Less busy is better. If you want to show that it's a golf course, a flag and hole would be less obtrusive. The drawing with the building just seems to be taking attention from the actual car and people theme.
  17. Here is a nicely finished example.
  18. 1952 Buick is what they are said to be on
  19. keiser31


    Is there an electronic "brain" or chip....look into that.
  20. Most spring places have the correct specifications for your springs if they have been around for a while. If not, find a place that does. Some service manuals also have these specs and a diagram.
  21. windjamer: This situation has happened to me several times in my long history with cars. A friend of mine starts his car. It's not warmed up enough and he "gets on it" and the car dies. It would not start. It would crank over and over and still would not start. After checking EVERYTHING else, we finally thought...what the heck...let's look at the points again. There were the points...all on one side of the contact. The point surface on the moving side of the points had transferred to the side that does not move rendering the car helpless. Maybe this only happens to Chrysler products from the 60s, but it DOES happen.
  22. What is it doing? Is it turning over, getting enough fuel and spark? If it has been sitting the points may have "switched sides" on the contacts when you tried to start it.
  23. jps...that is the kind of help this forum is ALL about.
  24. Dave Profyrfyter: Where in California are you located? If you are in northern California, I may be close enough to help you out. I live in southern Oregon about 45 miles north of California off of Interstate 5. John