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  1. Yes...the Cord is the one...especially with the turned steel and "Time Machine" looking switches in the lower middle of the dash.
  2. Go to the Dodge Brothers Club or W.P.C. Club (Walter P. Chrysler) sites and you should be able to find wheels for that car.
  3. I did that very same thing. Twice. Once in my 1936 Dodge Brothers dual side mount touring sedan and once in my 1957 MGA roadster. I guess I should have put some ballast in my trunks because my experiences ended a WHOLE lot differently than the MOPAR show trip.
  4. A book I have shows that the Dixie Flyer was made from 1916 to 1924 or so. Why are there no photos of any for all of those years made? I have never even heard of them until this forum and believe me....I have seen a LOT of older cars in a lot of places and books. Just an observation.
  5. Verrry similar to my 1931 Dodge Brothers pump.
  6. No, the frames will not interchange and yes, SOME of the front end parts will.
  7. Anyone know what year this Dodge Brothers is?
  8. Check out to find out how much some guys are charging for caps. He's a little high on prices, but you can get some idea.
  9. Man, I am gonna wait until you talk yourself down to $200.00 and then I will buy it. Just kidding. Put that car on ebay and get some REAL money out of it. You should be able to get a lot more than that for it. Especially with the V8.
  10. Congrats on getting your car running. I feel your happiness. When I got my '31 running for the first time (I was 15 at the time), my mom came running out of the house because there was so much smoke, she thought the garage was on fire! made me smile, too. I got my driver's license a week later and drove it to high school. That was 40 years ago almost to the day. It was my very first car and I still have it.
  11. Oh yeah...I also found one at the same vendor's space for my 1929 Franklin 135 sedan also for $35.00...also N.O.S. That car, unfortunately, went to Texas and then to California.
  12. Did you mean THIS year?? I remember buying my 1931 Dodge radiator shell when I was 16 years old (I am now 56) for thirty-five dollars at Hershey. It is N.O.S. I still have it in my bedroom and am wanting to finally install it on my car next year. Why languishing for so long, you may ask? That's a whole other story.
  13. You should try EGGE Machine in Norwalk, California. They have a website, I believe.
  14. Just a little story about a guy and his car...a friend of mine in southern California had this dream. He saw a car when he was a boy that really drew his attention. It was a 1931 Chrysler CD8 roadster with all of the bells and whistles. My friend dogged the car and owner religiously. He wanted that car! Well, one day when my friend was all grown up (he chased this car for most of his life), the car's owner passed away. The widow finally gave in to my friend's wishes and sold him the car. My friend did a full body off restoration. It was immaculate right down to every nut and bolt. I am certain the car won every award that the AACA could conjure up and the car is even featured on many calendars. Now, you would think that after all of the stalking and keeping track of the car would make him want to actually DRIVE the car. The car was finished in the mid 1970s, I believe and it now has 4 miles on it. 4 MILES!!! Those miles were chalked up by driving the car on and off a trailer. O.K....he did not want to scratch it and have to re-restore it, but isn't part of the dream to experience the car and not just say "thank you" and accept a trophy? My friend is very old now and will probably never experience the joy he looked forward to most of his life....driving and enjoying that fine ride.
  15. Looks like a Houk or Buffalo wire wheel with the spline system inside for knock-off style hubs.
  16. My car is no Model A (stock 1931 Dodge coupe), but I was driving it every day as my driver for a few years before the clutch went away. As soon as I get the new clutch in I will be driving it every day again. The old cars don't do me much good just to look at. I just want to use them as they were meant to be used. If you can't enjoy the feel and the fun and the fright of driving an old car all of the time, why have it? On the other hand, if you just like to show what you or your money are capable of and are afraid of scratches or attention, enjoy your "trailer queen" and only display it at shows. I know all you Packard and Auburn guys are gasping, "drive it every day...are you kidding??" I understand. You have spent a lot of time and money on the car. You do not want to have to fix scratches or chips and maybe not win the 1st place trophy. that case I say "Get a Model A" and be brave."
  17. Usually, timing being off or an obstructed waterway (bad thermostat) will heat your engine up. You could always put the thermostat in a pot of water, boil it and see if it opens up. That test has worked for me in the past. John
  18. The engine should be silver with the accessories painted black, I believe.
  19. I just think that if you want to sell a car, you should give a good enough description to let the buyer know if it may or may not be in their price range. Simple as that.
  20. I believe that Philco had radios in some late 1920's cars.
  21. Yes...I realize that some folks do not have the wherewithall or ability or technology to post a photo. That would mean that a detailed (or at least ballpark) description is necessary for a serious buyer to proceed. Condition is the main concern for me. Is it a beautiful car that is beyond my reach monetarily or a hacked up body on a frame or a car that I want to finish? Location does certainly matter in this age of fuel costs. The main thing is description, description, description.
  22. Why, oh why do people NOT put a photo of the car they are trying to sell in their ads? If there is NO detailed description in the ad, a photo does the job. That will at least let a guy know if he has the opportunity to look at and buy a car within the money range he has to work with. It will also let a guy know if that is indeed the car he wants. Sure you can say "1931 Dodge coupe". That says nothing about whether I should actually take the time to email the guy with the car for photos and then wait for his reply when he feels like getting back to me. It will also show if the car is really a 1931 Dodge coupe. If I have $6,000.00 to spend on a project car, why would I want to look at a restored car priced at $30,000.00?? Sorry...I know some folks have their reasons for not including a description or photo, but if the phone does not ring, it is us....the ones who are left to wonder. John
  23. I just removed the transmission and clutch from my 1931 Dodge 6 which is similar to your car. Email me at and I will write out the process for you. It is not really as tough as it would seem. John
  24. you need the beehive type that I have? I have an extra.
  25. Here is a Dodge Airflow tanker truck that a friend of mine made using cast iron. He made the full length versions using the Texaco and Richfield logos. The one pictured here has been dissected to use in the "Safari set" toys. You can see the front half in the lower right side of the photo.