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  1. Bob , Are you sure the brake shoes are in full and correct adjustment? My dad had the same problem.He had brakes on the 32 pickup but low pedal.... He bled and bled them. The pedal was hard the first time down but low. I put the truck on the lift and spent about 6 hours centering and adjustinging the shoes per the owners manual and PRESTO!They were fixed. He was being fooled that there was air because low pedal ,but in fact the shoes needed to get closer to the drums. Just a though...also if working alone you can fill the master cyl ,crack the bleeders and it will self bleed as long as your ne
  2. I am rebuilding a 1913 Michigan 40 roadster and a 1910 Mitchell touring.I am also very interested in Franklins .I buy parts or whole cars in any condition . Any parts or pieces are wanted. Please call Mike 585 738 1541 or email mawest729@gmail.com Thank you
  3. It sounds like you are sucking air someplace where you dont have a tight seal..
  4. The tag gets nailed to the body sill on the drivers side close to the front edge near the base of the dorr post.If the sills havent been replaced you should be able to see where it was nailed down. If you need a picture I can email it directly to you. Mike
  5. Bob, The steel section I was refering to (31-34) is the center section of the rear axle housing . Im sure you already now that owning several 1932 Franklins. I wasnt aware of a change in the material these housings were made of. My 32 convertible needed that piece to be remade as it was in poor condition . I had one made out of aluminum, and installed a modern seal. If I have a steel one Ill send it other wise it will be pot metal. Mike
  6. Bob , Its sounds like someone has switched it out on the rear you are working on. Is the center diff section steel?1929 and 30 were aluminum and starting with 31 through 34 were steel. I have these if you need one,Ill send it . Mike 5857381541
  7. The price is $750.00. If you had a used one that needed work you couldnt retore it for my price. The wood in the bed is even perfect . Mike
  8. Hi Kent , PM mesaage sent with prices for above parts . Thank you Mike
  9. Sir, I havent got any recent messages . Im sending you a PM with prices for crankhole cover and lights. Mike
  10. Kent, I have a good supply of those springs new old stock. Let me know . Mike
  11. Steve , The wire wheel hub/drums also have the the threaded area where the screw on puller can be screwed on. I had a drum I could not get off. And Ive taken off most likely over 100 of them on various makes over the years. I backed the nut off about three turns and drove the car about 3 miles and it broke free. Be carefull using any puller to leave the nut on to preserve the end of the axles threads. Mike
  12. Ill try get a pic and post it I am near Rochester NY . Mike
  13. Box found at a defunct dealership Its been in the attic 75 years Email for pics and price Mike West 30 miles south of Rochester NY 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com The box is perfect conditio right down to the chains on the tailgate with the rubber hose on them to protect the paint. Still has original shiney black paint . Not a better one anywhere, I have literature on this box . Free delivery to fall shows in PA .
  14. I have a NOS slide in pickup box for the Chevrolet coupe. Its located in Livonia NY .If interested contact Mike West . It was in dry attic storage 75 years at a local Chevrolet dealership. I have pics . 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  15. I have a new old stock slide in p/u box for sale for a what I think is 1937-38 Chevrolet. Mike West 585 738 1541
  16. Please send the pics and price to mwest729@aol.com please include inventory list Thanks Mike
  17. Hi Bob, If you need a complete box,you might check with Bob Cornman.He took apart a 137. I have a "parts box" that I used 2nd gear out of itif I remember correctly. The case ,and remaining gears are in the garage. If there is a piece you are looking for email me a picture and you are welcome to it . Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  18. Im going to foundry next week and will take with me a 1932 163 tailight stand and the hood front script . I have a few contacts that want them and will have 6 of each cast in yellow brass. If interested in either item drop me a note . Thank you Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  19. Martin , send me a private email . mawest729@gmail.com I have crankhole covers(originals) 1930 fender lights and no 1930 tail light. I might have a 30 arm. Mike
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