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  1. Ronny Vandermeid has one in Livonia NY . PH # can be found in directory. MIKE WEST
  2. EARLY ENGINE 4 cly Cast in pairs ,magneto and battery timer ignition, see WHAT IS IT in this forumfor pics. mwest729@aol.com
  3. I also have the flywheel cone clutch for the motor.
  4. My phone 3 is 585 738 1541 or email mwest729@aol.com
  5. The engine is for sale. Im asking $5000.00 for it. I have the intake manifold ,carburator,magneto and other smalls. Mike West
  6. Ive mailed out my original parts for patterns to my friend Bob Nauman in PA . He has a shop that can handle the job. Thank you for all the responce to my post! Mike
  7. Can anyone suggest a foundry in the east that will cast parts in Iron? mwest729@aol.com
  8. jOE tHANK YOU FOR THE OFFER BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT iM LOOKING FOR Im looking for a timer only Mike
  9. I need a 6 cly timer for a early engine.All considered,mwest729@aol.com Thank you Mike 585 738 1541
  10. I have original books forsale . $100 includes postage Book like new mwest729@aol.com
  11. I have a open 36ft trailer going to central IOWA from Rochester NY I can deliver and /or pick up on the way and back home to Rochester and all points out of my way a few hundred miles. Call or email if you need hauling . Thank you Mike mwest729@aol.com 585 738 1541
  12. Model S owners , I am having 4 new rear hubcaps made for the model S Mitchells. They are being turned and engraved by a local shop on his CNC lathe. The program has been written so if anyone else needs these caps contact Mike West and I can get you a quote on them . mwest729@aol.com
  13. JELP Are these parts for sale?? Mike 585 738 1541
  14. For auction rust free 51 Super convertible on EBAY Low reserve has been met... Search 1951 Buick Super convertible and see the auction.
  15. Wanted a 6 cyl timer for a early car with both battery and magneto ignition. Make not a concern. Email mwest729@aol.com or call 585 738 1541 Thank you
  16. Jerry Contact the Franklin club . They have a supplier for certain models with 14 inch drums.
  17. I need a 6cyl timer for a 1910 project ,anyone having one please contact Mike 585 738 1541 Thank you
  18. Bob ,I think "one could read anything they wanted into that statement".But I also think you are right on about the frame improvement. Mike
  19. Gentlemen, Thank you for your efforts ! I appreciate your time and responce. Thank you, Michael West
  20. Can you tell me what this rear was originally fitted too?? year and make?? Mike
  21. Does anyone reading this have any information on the operation/adjustment on a Hele-Shaw clutch unit made in the early teens ,used in a FWD truck?Id appreciate anything you have to offer. Thank you Mike
  22. Bubba Where is the car located? Mike
  23. Ill take th e tire and get at Hershey Please email me where to send the $20.00 to and your Hershey space. Thank you Michael West NY 585 738 1541
  24. Bill Ill take the generator ,please send a picture to mwest729@aol.com Thank you Mike