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  1. Tom, I have one Ill sell Ill dig it out Mike West
  2. I may be interested in these wheels .How much are you asking for them? Im not too far away. Mike 585 738 1541
  3. Selling my 1915 T chassis. Mostly complete with correct frame, cast running board brackets, closed spool on drive shaft tube,30 x3 ft and 30x3.5 rears square fellow wheels in excellent condition, brass radiator, aluminum hood, lettered pedals ,nice lamps(electric headlights and oil tail and side),correct cast muffler, coilbox , low head, correct steering column, wishbone over axle, front fenders splash aprons and running boards NO REAR FENDERS, new wood dash with correct original hood former, aluminum transmission cover, floorboards. Motor in car is a 1917 but also have the 1915 block, crank
  4. Selling an original wood bodied station wagon with sliding front doors. The body is in good condition. This car hasn't been on the road since 1982 .I have the registration papers in hand. This is NOT a repo body but made in 1925 with the factory badges on corner braces. Asking $7000.00 Mike 585 738 1541 Car is located 30 miles south of Rochester NY
  5. Im selling for my friend a 1927 Chev 4cyl motor that he acquired from the BENDIX CORP manufacture's of Bendix brand starter drives since Christ was a corporal. He wants $200.00 for it and he was told 30 years ago it was from the factory that made the drives and was ajig for testing /design of the units. I saw the motor,and looks ok to me .Call Norm at 607 738 4296 Motor is located in Elmira NY .Thank you
  6. Dick I have 2 -1932 Franklins in hte garage and a 1930 all look the same like yours. Mike
  7. The long wheel base car is more scarce that the 5 pass model . If the buyer is looking for a great car to fix and enjoy , this would make a good one. 1929 parts are plentiful and they are a great driver. I would say this is a $5000.00 car tops in this condition. Doug Hull has some 29s for sale for a bit more in better condition. Just my opinion without seeing the car.
  8. Eric , I said nothing about how many are left... I asked how many dollars he wants for it period. $1000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 .He must know what dollar about he will not accept . If he adds $$$$ to that number ,that is how much he is asking. Thank you Mike
  9. Check with the street rod people .Its common practice to cut the center section and replace with a 9 inch Ford differential. Find a rear that the axle tubes are the same or close to your tubes. Ive seen a Ford F150 rear center section in a Hudson retaining the original brakes and wheels.
  10. How much is your friend asking for the car? Mike
  11. I had a call that the hood may be 1903 PREMIER.It looks correct to me. Mike
  12. Look at the 1904 Auburn in Beverly Rays big book, almost a dead ringer.
  13. I bought a collection of Franklin Parts today and in the group was this very early all brass hood. It must of had side panels at one time. Id be interested if its from a known maker or is it most likely a one-off. Steam maybe.. Thanks Mike
  14. Clean original car with restored motor and running gear. Body and tin rust free with 50 year old paint ,Decent chrome from 20 feet away .Ratty interior rear spare car . Livonia NY Pics will be posted this weekend .$15,000.00 Will consider all trades ...tractors ,trucks guns ,money other old cars ect. Mike 585 738 1541
  15. Steve , I am sending some with Norm Ferris to the Trek and he will post on the board. I can also email them to anyone interested . The car is buried in my building behind others and am getting out to wash Sunday Will take better pics then. Have fun in Caz! Mike
  16. For Sale -Good original solid car ,clean fenders and body ,no rust ,,none.Car came from Mass. owned in the 1960s by Frank Cooke.Chassis was restored ,as well motor and trans. Interior is rough .Has most of its goodies.Runs like a Waltham watch. Mike West 585 738 1541 $15000 Cash or anything of value considered as trade . mawest729@gmail.com
  17. Looking for a non starter motor 1916-18 ,transmission and hogshead in the north east. I am in western NY . Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  18. I have a 1913 14?? rear from a Overland For sale .Crown gear looks good .Can get to Hershey free shipping $ 400.00 Mike 585 738 1541
  19. I am interested in buying any MITCHELL parts you may have. Mike 585 738 1541
  20. Bumpers ,1929-1932 fenders-fronts and rears, running boards ,window frames, chassis ,parts, lights , jugs ,bumper clamps, tall distributors, trunk , rack , running board brackets, springs, lighters, all kinds of smalls ,splash aprons , shocks, manifolds, oil pans, robe rails, crank hole covers,4 excellent rust free 17 inch 12 cyl drop center wheels, several transmissions ,bell housings, side draft manifold heaters and floor registers ,thermostats for shutters ,winter fronts , 1930 valve oil jars, locking ignition switches with coils, some gauges, wheel and master cyls, dash boards , lug bo
  21. Layden ,You are correct! I knew it was selective ,and I typed progressive....The box has been sold and yes its going to Syracuse for a Franklin. Mike
  22. Early transmission in good condition for mid size car. Case has 4 ears case to bolt to cross arms in frame. 3 speed .I removed the cover and washed out, gears look great! Spins smooth and shifts very positive. Imput and output are centered in case. $300.00 Free delivery to fall shows in PA! Mike West 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  23. The Peerless is gone but Ive found a few spares for it. One set of rear adjustable shocks in good condition.$100.00 plus shipping. I also have a transmission case and gears . The gear shift had a large free wheeling button on the top of the knob ,but it has been sold. Mie 585 738 1541
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