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  1. I still have room for a load going west from Rochester NY to Ar. It could be a whole car or large parts/pallets. 5857381541 Mike
  2. Ron I have a pale full of the old style screw on pullers Ill look for the one you have requested.Other wise just go to a machine shop They will make you one ,quit easy Mike
  3. any in 11 7/8 or 12 inch mwest729@aol.com
  4. My truck is still going throught those areas Have you found a ride yet for the box? Mike mwest729@aol.com Thank you.
  5. Here are a few shots of my roadster. The car is nearing completion and is available for purchase. This is the earliest known Jordan . Mike 585738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  6. There are 4 26 inch rims on ebay right now.No money on them....$36.00 last I saw Mike
  7. I could move it on a open trailer if it was shrink wrapped. Im going from rochester NY to Scottsdale AZ . mwest729@aol.com
  8. The guages themselves(not the surround) look like 35-36 Auburn from here...
  9. Geo Im planning a trip from central AZ to NY with a 34 ft open trailer and truck Call if you have any moving needs EAST or WEST mwest729@aol.com 5857381541 Thanks Mike
  10. Phil Im planning a trip West from Rochester NY and could move your trailer on my open trailer Please call me if still interested. Mike mwest729@aol.com 5857381541
  11. Jack Give me a call, I may be able to hep ouy with the moving of the 76C body. Mike mwest729@aol.com 585 738 1541
  12. I have a car to pickup in AZ .I will be traveling from Rochester NY to AZ and will have room for most anything both ways. my trailer is 34 ft and has a closed deck. Email me for details and what you have to move. We can pickup and drop all points between. mwest729@aol.com Thank You Mike
  13. Hi Steve ,I sent you a email .I need the make and model of the trans for your 1932. Mike
  14. I would purchace for a keepsake if you decide to sell. mwest729@aol.com
  15. Still interested mwest729@aol.com
  16. There is a set on Ebay now at NO RESERVE
  17. Livonia, NY - 30 miles SOUTH of Rochester NY
  18. Jack, Thank you for the kind words.When you decide what you want for the wheels ,I may be interested. I guess it always puzzles me when anyone is selling something, that they dont know what they want for it. When I sell a car or part I do my research FIRST and then place a ad. Its really quite simply. Again Im interested when you get it all figured out . Thank You Mike
  19. So Jack what is the price on the wheels? Are you running a auction? Thank you Mike
  21. 1929 - Complete engine,jugs,fuel pump,generators,starters,air dome ,engine tin,oiler,transmission,axles,owners manual , bumper bars and center clamps,hand crank more........... 1930-engines,jugs,heads,transmission,axles,lighters,spare tire hardware,lights,bumpers ,doors,snap rings,chrome goodies,wheel studs,hubcaps,engine slash pans,trunk rack,original gas cap-(RARE ITEM),door handles,tall distributors,shocks,manifolds,hood,crank hole covers,smoke vanities,dome lights,coils ,springs,owners manuals,hand crank,running board brackets,drive shafts bell housings -3 speeds and Detroit 4 speeds,front fender brackets,window cranks,lighters,dash,winter front thermostat and brackets, and more ask...... 1932 Bumpers and bumper backer bars,running boards -new and one original set,startix,some springs,insert bearings NOS,transmission,free wheeling unit,fenders-front and rears.hood,steering column,lights,hand crank,tall distributors,fan and tin,hood hold downs, valve oilers,and more ask..... MISC. 1919 crankcase with crank and cam,1912 prop shaft with carrier bearing,Franklin script plugs,grease gun,jacks,some tools,misc early Air Cooled News and later ones,jugs,flywheels,clutches,front end and brake parts,hubcaps, GAS TANK ,FENDER and SHEET METAL RESTORATION. Email your needs to mwest729@aol.com
  22. .Excellant rust free frame from Texas.It has had 30 years inside storage and is very straight and rust free. I used it for buck to restore my phaeton body on. It is no longer needed .It has the kick shackle on left front. Asking $1000.00 Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  23. SOLD>>>>>>>> Going on a 12 cly........... Thank you Mike