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  1. I did not run the track. I did run the car up to 47 mph on the salt.. The salt and track are in great condition. Record breaking runs all week. All the information is at the SCTA web page. Mike
  2. I had a great time at Bonneville with my Franklin. The most asked question is WHAT IS IT.
  3. Does the value of my coupe go up because of this low serial number? Thank Mike no pictures
  4. I am in real need of a flexplate for my 54 Bel Air, Mike @ 303-548-7622 Colorado
  5. How can one renew an couple of week old add and move it to the top of the list. Thanks Mike
  6. I have a really nice pair of gravel shields. Not new or mint. No dents some minor sand pits .purchased in 2000. Repops asking $125.00+$25.00 shipping Mike @ 303 - 548-7622 Montrose CO
  7. I have a pair of newly chromed head lights . Chromed back in the 80s never used . No lenses. Asking $ 125 .00 for the pair + $20.00 Shipping Mike @ 303-548-7622 MONTROSE CO
  8. Nice pair of side covers. Have never been used. Purchased in the 80s..Asking $ 60.00 +20.00 Shipping. Mike @ 303-548-7622 Montrose CO
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