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  1. I am trying to find out what this car is worth setting as is. This is what has been completed Frame running gear to include engine. all wood including top bows. Partial paint all body work done. all parts re-chromed that where chrome when new. new tires . Wheels are painted . New wire harness no upholstery or top. have cushions. This is a rumble seat car. Please see attached pictures. Everything there to finish it.
  2. I am unable to find a timing mark on this old best. Can some one steer me in the right direction? engine is a 14L Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks. Car is located in Montrose CO
  4. 56 Windsor Wagon. 331 poly engine Runs and drives great. The interior is all most perfect. I rebuilt the master and wheel cylinders. Rebuilt water pump. Gas tanks and fuel lines flushed and cleaned. Carb cleaned. Some rust in front lower fenders and some bubbling at the lower tail gate. shows 47,000 miles ? speedometer not working ?? Radio and gas gauge not working. Some bodywork has been done to rear lower 1/4 panels. Top paint still nice lower paint very faded. Asking $12,500.00 Mike @ 303-548-7622 More pics available Car is located in Montrose CO.
  5. 56 Windsor wagon 331 Polly engine push button trans. Runs and drives good . 100 % original interior which is all most mint. Older bias ply tires. Rebuilt wheel and Master cylinder, rebuilt water pump. Flushed and cleaned gas tank and carb. Radio speedometer and gas gauge not working. Someone removed the stainless side trims and installed some kind of plastic boat trim???? Could all be replaced. Some rust at front lower fenders and some bubbling at lower tail gate. Floors and spare tire well solid. More pics available. Car is located in Montrose Colorado. Asking $12,500.00 Mike @ 303-548-7622
  6. What year and model is this? Thanks
  7. I need a driver condition horn ring for my 56 chrysler Windsor wagon. Thanks Mike 303-548-7622
  8. Here are some pictures. 56 chrysler 331 none Hemi Thanks Mike
  9. Do you have a 1956 Chrysler 331 none hemi Water pump? Thanks Mike
  10. I am missing 2 pieces at the very rear of my 56 Windsor wagon, Here is a picture of where the go. One on each side. Does anyone have a pair they are willing to sell ? Thanks Mike