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  1. WRMEYERS35 , I can help with the wheel. Mike 585 738 1541
  2. Kent, our car should be full with 7 quarts . (depending on what filter you have ) I have operation/shop manuals and good supply of parts for this series . Mike 585 738 1541
  3. I am selling a 1947 Ford woody project. It was a original car and one family owned from new to 1988. The car is complete EXCEPT for the 3rd rear seat. Since its been in the hands of early V8 Ford man. He started the restoration but got stalled out. The entire running gear has been done .(Chassis, motor , transmission ,and rear rebuilt) All painted correctly. The wood body is still intact ,doors swinging, tailgate in place. The sheet metal on this car is EXCELLANT with original paint from factory still in place. Wood repairs are needed in the roof under the fabric area and the rear pillars. The
  4. Hi Mike , I am anxious to see the Franklin speed car and the progress you have made this winter! Ill bet it looks like a million bucks by now. Mike [ATTACH=CONFIG]230164[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]230165[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]229985[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]229986[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212841[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212839[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]211300[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]211299[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]198749[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]198750[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]196117[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]196120[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]196121[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]196122[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]196051[/ATTACH][
  5. Rob , When I restored the 29 137 DC I painted the bumper brackets , bumper backer bars , the same as the chassis color. As well the hood sills should be painted the same as the fender color. You are correct in thinking that they should be "colored" to match what they are in direct contact with. If they were painted different, they would clash. I believe all the chassis was originally black and then if a "colored" chassis was requested ,it was painted over the black. Of coarse this is my observation on what I found working on an original car .I painted all the springs ,driveline, and axles "col
  6. I acquired some very early parts from a friend that has had them since the 1960s. There is a early hood and short brass steering column/spider and wheel that came from the same location. The hood is marked "Peerless" . It is all brass construction, has a hinged panel on the top to access the motor and 2 panels on the sides. It appears that it was painted with the exception of 2 strips the full length where the sides meet the top. It appears this area was polished (similar to a 1905 Franklin cross engine car). The front is open where the radiator coils came out from under. This item would look
  7. Call Doug Hull , He has 3 or 4 nice entry level cars for sale. 201 230 3300 He has good cars and realistic prices.
  8. It looks like your dad was doing a great job on building the 32 like he wanted it. It will make a great car, but still needs $20,000 spent on it. IE: chrome, paint, assembly. You should finish up the car and join the Franklin club. Carry on dads dream. Good luck! Mike
  9. I emailed the owner and asked how many you get? (for $25,000.00)
  10. I know of a 1929 Sterns-Knight rumble seat sport coupe/landau irons, golf door , decent original interior, not been out of the garage since the 1960s. Car has wire wheels and ORIGINAL PAINT. Even the top fabric looks original. I think the wheelbase is like 140 inches. Car is in western NY . Mike
  11. Dick, Pass along my name to the owner ,I may have a used steering box. Mike
  12. John, I left you a voice message. I have the generator and some other bits. Mike
  13. mikewest

    The Hamblin

    I would contact the historical society of the city where his dealership was. I would also start by scanning the picture in the ACN so you know what you are looking for.
  14. mikewest

    The Hamblin

    Dick, I don't know what issue it is, but one of the old ACNS has a great full front shot of HAMLINS dealership. I assume that is what you are looking for. Go to the clubs website and search for HAMLIN in the subject file for ACNs. Mike West
  15. Rob , You are correct. Thanks Mike
  16. Thank you for that information! I have other Franklin related "Road Pictures" with flags noting road hazards for an insurance co. Mike
  17. Here is another interesting glass plate photo. The information on the pic says "#54 Franklin1909 driven by SC Cleveland of Greenville NC near Pawsah VA. " also says "Auto tour NY> Atlanta , Good Roads Tour" Id hate to see the Bad Roads...
  18. Interesting photo . Is it a 1905? The caption with the print says driver "MAY BE MR FRANKLIN" wrong..........
  19. Ive decided that I don't need these parts and all for sale reasonable. I had collected these parts to build another speedster and it just isn't going to happen. 2 Brass radiators - both need repairs, one would be ok for a speedster. $100.00 and $150.00 2 frames -both early style ,one might have the ears cut off. $100.00 each Aluminum hogshead with pedals RIGHT HAND DRIVE ,Rt hand drive casting for steering column. $300.00 for both steering column tube with brass quadrant only-$50.00 early style front end restored with new pins and bushings $150.00 30x3 suare wood fellow wheels ,original paint
  20. Is it hard rubber? If it is,it looks like a axle/spring bumper.
  21. Thank you gentlemen, I am always happy see Franklins back on the road and not trapped in a museum . Franklins are in my opinion the best driving, most nimble, best stopping and most affordable "Classic Cars" that can be had. They are meant to be driven.... Thank you! Mike
  22. Bought a car, now looking for several pieces, Anyone parting out Fairlanes 1966-67???? Mike
  23. This entire group of parts has been sold to John Rendomonti in Penn. Contact John for anything seen in these pictures if you need it. Tanks John! Mike
  24. Fred The car is a killer!! IT looks great! What a wonderful car. I will call you with rim info tomorrow Mike West
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