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  1. Geo Albright in Florida has on Ebay some rare Franklin rear windshield hinges for auction. Check them out.
  2. Geo, These fit 1929 Franklin Model 137 sport touring and I "believe" 1930 Franklin Model 145 Pursuit. Mike West
  3. I found the car today in Cobleskill NY .The owner confirmed he has owned the car over 40 years and is now a AACA Grand National 1st place car. It is still in the same body configuration as sold in the 1970s. I guess that says something about the body work my uncle did.
  4. Phil, Ill scan it today and do that . Mike
  5. Im curious if a 1915 Metz, a red roadster, still exists. The car was made from a touring car that the body had been cutoff behind the front seat. My uncle "Chip Vallone" of Livonia NY made a tapered tail that finished off the back of the car. It was sold sight unseen at Hershey around 1970 or 71. The man that bought its name was Gordon Teeter from Penn. I think the price was $1000.00. It was a nice looking car with a new red paint job and seat coverings . It had no top and Ward Riverside tires. I ran across a photo of it today. Mike
  6. Ive had them welded them up and ground to the original shape with great results. When you reinstall the assembly you may be able to install it 90 or 180 degrees from its original position. If you don't want to tackle this job call N. Y. Manufacturing and they can help you. It is located in Rochester NY ,a small shop and they will get it done at a fair price .I would guess$ 150-$ 250 Call 585 254 9353 Mike
  7. mikewest

    Merry Christmas

    Not this one...I wouldn't drive a Franklin in the snow and salt.
  8. One reason fewer Franklins come available as they are bargain priced Full CCCA classics and after driving one collectors are keeping them. I had a good original 1930 Packard standard 8 sedan and drove it a few hundred miles .The sidedraft Franklin is far superior in comfort, ease of steering, braking, and road speed. A good running 1930-33 Franklin 6 run the wheels off the latter on the open road. Of coarse this is my opinion.
  9. They salt the state highway but the back roads aren't, just plowed. The car is VERY oily on the bottom, didnt hurt it any. I think the Bijor oiler really did its job!
  10. John ,Why not peppermint schnapps??Mike
  11. I went for a drive today with Santa and enjoyed the snow. The old car held the road well. I tried to put the curtains on, but they have shrunk and will not fit. Oh well... Merry Christmas to all!! Mike
  12. Layden , No idea on the pump but Im curious if you got my message asking about if you had a OUTPUT shaft for the Hele-Shaw clutch you have. If so I was wondering if you could photograph it and measure it up. Does if free float or is it retained some way? I always appreciate your efforts . Mike West PS Do you still need the hardware off that wheel we talked about?
  13. Im selling a spare 1932 Auburn gas cap I hd for my car. Its from a 32 Auburn sedan and its original to the car, not a replacement cap/ Price $100.00 Email Mike for pics and measurements . mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541
  14. Andrew, If the "pin hole" is in the cylinder wall, have a sleeve installed and when you run the engine for the make ure you install a product called IRON TIGHT.This is used in big engines that run WET SLEEVES. It will seal up any small weep that may occur between the sleeve and the cylinder. Don't give up! This is not a huge problem. Mike
  15. Winter is here and I am in my shop till spring back to work on my Mitchell projects . I am looking for whatever you may have left over from you past restoration or spare parts no longer needed. Please contact Mike at 585 738 1541 or email me at mawest729@gmail I am looking for model T and model S Parts as some parts are interchangeable. Thank you Mike Also looking for 1913 Michigan 40 parts .
  16. I am still looking for 1913 Michigan 40 parts and pieces . Please contact me with anything you have surplus to your needs . Thank you Mike 585 738 1541
  17. Call Bob Mahoney and ask him .585 382 3164 in upstate NY
  18. Car must be a good car not a rusted out, ran to death hog. I will buy a car needing repair but no parts car projects or junk. The better the car ,the more interested I will be. Mike 585 738 1541 Thank you
  19. This Mercedes ran a few years ago well but the body is rusty and banged up. The car came from Germany and when it was new converted with a brand new motor as the original wouldn't pass the emissions testing her in NEW YORK. I also have the original motor that is like new ,stored inside in the crate that the second motor came in.Both motors are gas. Im selling any or all .Call Norm at 607 738 4296 NY Price asking $1000.00 for all .or best offer .
  20. Mike, You are doing a good job. You might consider removing the heads and grinding the valves. The valve seats will be bronze ,so may need a seat cutter as a stone will plug up instantly. I believe you will see those 100 horses wake right up then.
  21. Tom, I have one Ill sell Ill dig it out Mike West
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