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  1. Cleaning out garage of 1927 and 1929 motor and misc mechanical parts More to come from it. Motor #s 30-138051 and E115786. 1927 trans an drear center section with gears ,some jugs,27 headlights, and lots of misc. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729#gmail.com
  2. Jim ,Please send me a picture of the door handles your are looking for as well the fender lights .I have found some tat I think may be correct. mawest729@gmail.com
  3. I have been organizing my storage building and have found several 24 inch and one 23 inch wood wheels in very good condition plus some 24 inch rims. Also early DB steering column and gear box.Reasonable prices /will ship or free delivery to PA spring shows. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  4. I just cleaned out a drawer and I have several Franklin owners books. Conditions vary from Excellent unused to rough good for garage use only. Models include Series 13-130, Series 13- 135 /137,Series 14 145/147, Series 15 151/153. Series 16 A/B Brand new running board sets made from original pattern. Complete with correct gussets for strength per originals .Not drilled for strips.$ 300.00 set plus shipping, springs, steering box with wheel, rear fenders . Original Franklin stock certificate, Oct 20th,1921 Signed "John Wilkinson ,Vise President" and ?.A. Barton - Treasurer . Condition and col
  5. Steve, Please call at 12:00 NOON eastern time. Thank you Mike
  6. Jim , I think I have a set of fender lights with the bases. Ill take a pic Sunday with any other 28 parts I might have. I know I have a dandy set of screw on hubcaps and the fuel bowl (glass bowl) unit that clamps to the top of the vacuum tank.
  7. NV STEVE here is a throttle handle in stainless finished and polished. I had several made when I restored my 137. Price is $125.00 Also here is several sidemount locks,some with the OAKES logo,some plain . Also some have been coppered ready for plating.I have the keys and tumblers for these locks. Also notice some unrestored have keys. A few of them are even lettered/numbered HF-xxx . This is H FRANKLIN and the lock #. These are various prices . Call me as they range from $100.00 - $175.00. Now I think... I also have a double drop light switch that came from a 29 135 I knocked apart but cant
  8. Hi Steve, I found the parts you are looking for. Ive sent you a PM with pics and prices. Thank you Mike
  9. Steve, I cant help with the 2 drop light switch but I have the sidemount locks and the throttle lever. Ill get them out and take pics .Mike
  10. If you are looking for parts to finish your call send me your want list. I have parts mostly for 1929 -34 including but no limited to lights, bumpers, fenders, hoods, 147 frame, springs, lighters, handles, gas tanks, transmissions, motors, hub caps, brakes, and more ..... I have drawers full of little special pieces, NOS Pont rod bearings used in Franklins years ago, tall distributors, heater manifolds, Oakes locks with keys, and more. These are good parts from cars that I have knocked in the head over the years because they were beyond restoration from a practical standpoint. Fair prices ,fa
  11. mikewest

    Fine details

    Dick The fuse box cover is black as well the brake fluid can and bracket. The new sticker is sold by the Franklin club. New doorsill plates can be ordered from DOOR SILLS in NJ I think. They are beautiful reproductions ,Just perfect in my opinion.
  12. Im finishing the restoration on my 1932 Franklin. Ive found a vendor for the rubber strip that goes on the top of the running board mats. Im having a sheet metal shop make the new stainless steel channels ,BUT Im lacking 10 of the arrow ends. I want original pieces that I can repair if need be and replate . Please look through your parts drawers. Have parts to trade if you need something or will purchase outright. Thank You Mike 585 738 1541 or email me at mawest729@gmail.com
  13. Still need just one wire wheel as described above for a 12 . Thanks Mike
  14. Im looking for T-Head or Slot-Head 1/4 inch studs to attach some chrome splash apron strips to the apron. Ive found them in the past but cant seem to find them tonight. Anyone used these before and have a supplier? Mike
  15. For Sale , !939 Ford Deluxe fenders ; #1 Left front - excellent rust free straight fender, no rust bead good and unbroken. $250.00 #2 Good left front ,needs welding for cracks and some minor rust repair $ 125.00 # 3 Right front Solid but has many cracks on inside flance, minor rust out in rear about 2inch diameter. $125.00 #4 Left rear Straight ,has been worked and is in primer. Has some bondo in it but no idea what the fender was before it was primed. $ 125.00 Mike West 585 738 1541
  16. I need one 17 inch ,drop center , 48 spoke wire wheel. This wheel has the large rolled outer edge on rim. Thanks Mike 585 738 1541
  17. I need one 17 inch Packard wire wheel, drop center, adjustable spoke,I think 1935 or 1936 with the large rolled out edge is what I am looking for. Must be a good useable that can be media blasted and painted. Mike 585 738 1541
  18. My 1932 Peerless is gone but still have a pair or adjustable rear shocks . These are Made by Delco. They seem to work fine. Price is $150.00 mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541 Mike
  19. Steve, Is there axles and a pinion ? What condition is the crown gear? Mike
  20. There is a young man has approached me for a Franklin project. I don't have anything that would work for him ,so I told him I would post a wanted ad on this site. If you have a unrestored car to sell call me and Ill put you in contact with him. Thank you Mike 5857381541 or email mawest729@gmail.com
  21. I have 2 nice 1929 Franklin wire wheels with snap rings for sale. These wheels are clean and not rusted. Lots of old paint on these wheels,will need media blasting and paint. $300.00 each 585 738 1541 email for digital pictures mawest729@gmail.com
  22. Can anyone recommend a shop to upholster a early 1930s classic car ? Looking for New England ,PA, Ohio areas. Thank you .
  23. There was one in S Lima NY (the next town over from my hometown) when I was a kid. It was a one car garage and as I remember the table was 10-12 ft diameter. There was a about 4 ft lever near the entrance of the garage that I don't know what it did but I would guess it was a brake or a lock of some kind. The property was sold in the 1980s and it was discarded unbeknown to me. Today all that survives is the steel track that the rollers ran on in the concrete. Another item that was on the wall was a electric battery charger from the 1910-20 era . Sadly its all gone.
  24. Bob, It appears that Mike is connecting the exhaust hose to the end of his header that he has made. Its no secret that on a unaltered Franklin the temperature of the exhaust is going to be considerably lower at the end of the tailpipe that coming out the header as he has it. He needs to add a temporary tailpipe of some kind if he wants to use the hose. To prove my point ,one can without concern hold your hand over the end of the exhaust with a tailpipe in place , but would be burned quickly as shown in the pictures. The car looks like its going to be a lot of fun.
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