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  1. The button is NEITHER . Its for free wheeling. The first detent when going into second or high is the free wheeling mode To get in straight drive the operator needs to push the button down and then push the lever farther . It is/was a poor design in my opinion. My 1932 Peerless Custom 8 had the same transmission as well the 1931 Pierce I have in the shop now.
  2. I have many Oakes spare tire locks , some with keys and some need keys. The lock housing on the left is for a rear spare demountable rim. Mike 585 738 1541
  3. The sad thing is most likely the clutch and gears are setting on a shelf or in a box with someone associated with the museum. The gearbox looks clean ...someone was working on the car and the parts never got put back with the car.
  4. What are the odds of finding a Grant parts car?? Nice!
  5. Ive was told by Dick McKnight from Tully NY that he wants to retire and sell his entire collection.
  6. Joe , You will need to make a mandrel to bolt these pipes to if you aren't going to weld it together while locked down to the jugs.and find an experienced tig welder for this job. Looks great! Mike West
  7. I was told the series 80 caps will work on these dual valve distributors I
  8. When I want to buy something for less than the asking price I always say " It may be what you are asking to someone, but this is what I can afford to give you" You have established what you want to pay with out insulting the sellers intelligence, and you haven't made them upset. I never knock the vehicle... It doesn't help to win your seller over. It has worked for me SCORES of times...
  9. Hi David, I lost track of that supplier that you bought those small round head gymp nails from off ebay. Can you please provide me that info again? Thanks Mike West
  10. Im also selling a 80 series divider window limo on EBAY now. Buy it now $17,500.
  11. Grimy, That's what I wanted to know. Thank you for responding. I didn't think it would make a big difference being that the motors are run at leisure and not belted up to a sawmill... Are you the one that asked me about the P/A 80 parts I have ? I still have them plus more not pictured.
  12. I am setting up a Delco Distributor that fires 2 plugs per cyl. I have a Sun Dist. machine and want to know if the points should be set so they break at the same time or one just after another. I was told once that one set should fire just before or after the other set. And if so how many degrees? Thanks Mike
  13. I was told Bill Harrah never started a motor until the restoration was completed. The motor looks great.
  14. Here is a very complete and correct old restored Four Seasons Roadster for sale. This car runs great and a car that can be enjoyed as is or improved while you work on it. Its located in upstate NY. Im helping my friend sell the car . For more information or to come see it Call Mike at 585 738 1541 Car is fairly priced at $57,500.00 585 738 1541
  15. NEW PRICE- $100.00 plus postage . These are nice parts no rust or dents/ Mike
  16. Do you have a 6 cyl mag that fires 2 plugs at once? Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  17. Im still looking for a convertible or hardtop.
  18. Matt , Are you interested in a older restored double Pilot Ray light. Im going to take this light off a 1931 Pierce. It looks great , restored 25 years ago.... Dusty in these pics, but car has always been garaged. Mike West