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  1. Al, Just jump in a airplane and go take a look. Its more fun and you always get better results. Mike
  2. Like I said it works great....Ive put in Franklins, Auburns and a few Fords.
  3. My wife was after me to get a coach for traveling . Several years ago I bought this rig thinking I would get it back into running condition, but it hasn't happened. There is no motor or transmission, and the inside has been gutted out. Its all steel and aluminum construction. The body is structurally sound. Finish off the inside to suit yourself.. This could be used as a TINY HOUSE! $1500.00 Located in Livonia NY Mike 585 738 1541
  4. I use STP oil treatment. Its slippery and STICKY and doesn't get out. And its cheap...
  5. Im drawing a blank here... Who sells the brass trim that caps the wood dashboards. I can see the ad in my head , but cant remember who sells it.. Its like 3/4 inch wide and has a slight roll from edge to edge. Thank you, Mike
  6. Call oe see Roberts Motor parts 978363 5407 www.robertsmotorparts.com Ive used them before and they are normal. I don't know who makes them.
  7. I may have the pot metal piece that bolts on to the filter canister. Ill look tomorrow. Mike
  8. Richelieu, I agree with you totally on the shipping costs being the buyers burden. That's why I ALWAYS factor every expense that I may incur when buying a car that I don't need . When dealing in high priced merchandise , say a 50K car a $1000.00 shipping bill is only 2%. This amount can usually be absorbed into the costs of the car , but when offering $4000.00 for the purchase , that equates to 25% of the cost of the car. Im sure everyone on this site can add and subtract, but this is how I don't get over invested in a old car. Again I want to say this car is neat , odd and would be fun to play with but why own it wrong?? It may be a 7-8k car but if I buy it I want it ready to go in MY driveway for 7-8- not in Texas. The more I look at the pics it looks like a lot of work with no reward in site if fixed. Also the owner asked for a offer and I obliged him! Mike PS - I REALLY enjoy looking at your great collection of unrestored cars! Id like to visit sometime and see them!
  9. Must be some of you guys have a magic carpet to transport cars for free and a favorite uncle with a parts /tire store . This is a neat little coupe but the reality is there is a very small demand for these non describe oddball makes. The owner asked for a cash offer - no asking the wife or see if I can get a Ebay loan.... smile... Its not where you start on these old cars its where you are going to end up. In my opinion if this car was a AACA winner it wouldn't pull $20,000. Its neat and rare but so are DODO birds.
  10. David, $4000 purchase + $1000. delivery+$2000.00 (tires , tubes, repairs /upgrades to make a runnable car ) = $7000.00 Im not one of the guys in this hobby that brags I have "Twice invested what its worth" Its a odd duck , and there isn't that many homes for it". This is a hobby for me, not a business. Ill stick at $4000 where it sits.
  11. Ill make a wager how that is going to work out for him....
  12. Laufus- so if you are taking offers would $4000.00 buy the car?
  13. I bought a 1929 Franklin 137 that was shipped to Uruguay South America to the dealer Fresnado and Crow. The car was right hand drive before I restored it back to left hand drive. and this is where the pattern came from that George Staley copied . It would be a chore but I think a left hand station could be cut and welded to make a right hand piece. Call Doug Hull at 201 230 3300 and I am sure he can make you one up from a stock casting.
  14. Bubba - Drag it out to the road ... a scrapper will take it or put it out by the road with a sign DO NOT TOUCH and someone will take it. smile.
  15. Steve do have all the lights, Stromberg carburetor, hubcaps, handles? What is big items missing? How much? Cash and carry.
  16. Chris, Can you post a picture of it? Mike West
  17. Mr Ballard, I should explain that I don't want a Packard is because I am happy with the cars I own now. Ive owned 3 Packard's and been around a few more besides. I am always careful when making a statement that its "My opinion" . Maybe closed Speedsters are worth almost a million , but it took this farm boy by surprise.
  18. I don't want a Packard of any description. I appreciate their quality and style , but Im not interested in owning one. I was making a statement that 700-800 for a closed Packard Speedster closed sedan (in my opinion) is unreasonable. If the seller can get it though, more power to him! My dad was in the old car business from about 1957 to mid 1970s and had a saying "There's a ass for every seat"
  19. I look at it as its "Still a 4 door sedan" Yes its rare .... but If I was going to spend that much cake , the top would go down. Ive owned 2 very rare and low production custom cars that were sedans and I still enjoy the stock roadster (same year and make) 10 fold. I think its overpriced ....Just my opinion.