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  1. Hi Scott, I would be interested in buying the motor. You can reach me at 585 738 1541. or email me at mawest729@gmail.com Thank you. Mike
  2. Too small , I needed one for my Franklin
  3. What is the price of the headlight lenses and the outside diameter measure?
  4. I need one more of these with the round ears as shown here. Mike 585 738 1541
  5. Layden has never been bashful about posting a price, he must of got up and forgot to fill it in.
  6. mikewest


    I lowered the reserve, It has been met and the car will sell. Im hoping it gets a proper restoration and the Franklin club gets a new member!
  7. mikewest


    Ive LOWERED the RESERVE to $16,500 . Im not going any lower. Ive posted some more pictures tonight , take a look. The car starts and runs good , yard drives and is very complete. It can sit here in my heated building for a few months if the buyer needs time to make room. Im selling because since my accident last Sept ,I will not be able to fix the car. Im hoping a someone who wants a very smart looking and fast classic car will get it.
  8. Im selling my 1930 Franklin 147 Dietrich bodied "Speedster Airman" See Ebay auction # 173164843770 or just search 1930 Franklin on Ebay. Free storage for several months to buyer. Car starts and yard drives - Runs great! I have the bumpers, hubcaps and other parts not shown in the pictures. Has its original Dietrich tag on body sill! Mike Info call 585 738 1541 Thank you. 1930 speedster drawing.tif
  9. If there isn't a actual motor, what difference does it make? There are tens of thousands mystery's about old cars and motors from 100 years ago. Lets see a picture of the motor.
  10. Pete you listed this in the wrong forum... The guy needing these switches is John Keiser in PARTS WANTED> Check it out buddy.
  11. There is a good lesson to be learned here .... when you give something away its no long yours. These cars served their purpose to the owner who restored them. He enjoyed collecting and showing them off, and seeing his collection in a grand museum. Now that the folks are gone , its time to get them back in the hands of the collectors who can drive and show them. I Don't agree with the way the city is disposing of them but , but put it all aside there is a silver lining to this story. There are way to many wonderful cars locked up. Set them free!
  12. That's nothing like any Franklin Ive seen.
  13. mikewest

    new old guy here

    Papa, There is a super 1932 Airman on Ebay now RESTORED that if you got this Franklin for free you couldn't fix for what he will sell his car for. I saw some detailed pictures of the woodwork and I don't think it was replaced properly. Ive also been told this car isn't complete. Proper paint , interior and chrome will cost you a minimum of $35,000.
  14. I thought Id share this picture and invoice for some casting I just had done for my Mitchell chassis . I had two front spring /frame horn irons reproduced and 4 flanges for the the waterpump / magneto drives. Ive dealt with the King family for over a decade and the quality and experience is always great. This order was about 2.5 weeks turnaround ! I personally recommend this family operation! I mail to them US Priority and the do the same back.
  15. Those were new tires installed in the 1950s I was told. The construction company used it for a pipe wagon when working on job.
  16. I agree with every thing you said. I was thrilled at my sale on Ebay. Ive been told the trailer is now restored hooked behind a early Pierce Truck. I stayed at the Sandman hotel a few years ago in Langley I believe. I was in town a week on old car business and enjoyed my stay. It rained everyday.....
  17. Greg, I bought at a local construction equipment auction a very similar single highway trailer . It had hard rubber tires and the bed was shot, 16 ft long . It sold on Ebay quickly for a bit over 5k. If that's a indicator , the price is spot on. My trailer was made by Fruehauf. The trailer went to the Highway 66 Truck museum.
  18. It looks to me the Right Guy is doing the job. I wasn't trying to minimize the work, In my mind it looked like you had what you needed in front of you to make the car great like it was when new. Im looking forward to seeing the progress!
  19. What a great project!It looks pretty straight forward to me. I didn't think I was talking with the owner... smile. I hope to see it in person some day. Thanks for reaching out! Mike
  20. Dosent anyone need one of these covers? Its still for sale. Will box up and send anywhere. Mike 585 738 1541
  21. Call Tom Stewart 585 293 3203 or cell 585 738 1988
  22. Very interesting story, Its a great car , I love to see it in person.
  23. What is known about the car out front??? What a STATEMENT THAT CAR MAKES!!
  24. Terry, Ive got the wheels and axles, matching rear fenders and taillights. One more thing to the list.