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  1. Tery Those are super as well! That last one is Mercedes I think WOW ... I want to tow my rig with the Franklin service car. Im working on the chrome rails for the top of the box as we speak.
  2. I was trying to explain to my son in law what I wanted to build for a trailer to haul my race car. I explained when I was a kid in my dads old car group there was a man Newt Sweet that had a teens Metz roadster and he hauled it everywhere on a simple trailer with no bed , just 2 channels . It was just like this one with oversized wheels and tires and no springs. It worked great, was light and looked very cool and period. Today I found this shot and thought Id share it! I love the 37 Ford custom as well! I think these type trailers were quite common before trailers were mas produced like today.
  3. I don't know what it is, but it sure looks like a good one.
  4. Selling a nice original vacuum whistle that mounts on the motor . These make a great sound as the motor is running! A little elbow grease and spit polish this piece will look great! $ 165.00 Includes shipping in the USA! Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  5. Selling a early brass nickel plated motorcycle siren. I tested in with 6 volts and it works! This is a scarce item! $250.00 includes shipping in USA Mike Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  6. I had a 1917 Jordan Roadster and this was the style badge it used . This one is straight and will need the enamel repaired. Its a scarce badge. $35.00 includes shipping in USA Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  7. Here is a super nice Splitdorf coil box that I bought for my car but have changed my mind on ignition. This box has never seen any weather , has nice original finish and key. Look over the pics and ask questions if you have any. NEW PRICE $300.00 plus shipping Livonia NY . Mike West 585 738 1541.
  8. This Oakes lock was for a Franklin . See the FR key code on the back. No key for this one. $75.00 includes shipping in USA Mike 585 738 1541
  9. Selling this complete Stromberg Carburetor , air cleaner and correct fuel line for a 1929 Franklin. This unit is for parts as the carburetor body is a pot metal casting and will fall apart when its taken apart. Lots of great parts , correct air cleaner and fuel line. Should be worth $100.00 incudes shipping in USA Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  10. Selling these hubcaps- the matching set are 1930 145 and 147 with wood wheels. A great set of 4 that will polish up nicely $150.00 1931 Hubcap- looks NOS has one crack in the threaded area but should not effect using it. $35.00 Mike 585 738 1541 Lots of Franklin parts for sale. From sidedraft motors complete to cigar lighters.
  11. You took the words right out of my mouth. Its not a speedster . Its a formula 1 car
  12. Hi Kevin, I found a nice 5 bow top saddle. But only 1 . If you want it I could send it for you to CATTAIL Foundry in Pa and get more made. They pour iron and brass . Ihave parts there very regular , great work and a GOOD price. Ill send a picture and measurements if interested. Mike West PS I want $50.00 US plus shipping for it.
  13. My car is a T-Head 6 cyl , Im wonder if I could make a new cam that breaks the points and change the caps? How much are you asking? Thank you, Mike
  14. Hi Ed, Thank you for responding to my quest! If its a Delco unit Ill need a 6 Cyl piece. If its a brand X like the Philips I showed ,I could swap out the distributors to a 6 cyl. I want to use it on a early 6 cyl T head I have in a 1910 Mitchell. Thank you! PS I always enjoy reading your responses and your advise to "Drive it like you stole it" Mike West
  15. Al, If I wanted to find a Delco 6 cyl unit what model year cars had them ? What is the going rate on them if they can be found? I think they would be great! Mike
  16. These units were sold to replace the original magnetos. I would like to buy one like or similar shown here in the picture. This one is a Phillips but Delco also made them. I don't care whether its 4 or 6 cyl. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com Thank you!
  17. Im looking for a Delco or Plillips dual distributor base like shown here. These were made to replace the original magneto. I don't care whether its 4 or 6 cylinder. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com Thanks~ Mike
  18. Hi Joe , Thank you, Ill check these sites out. Happy New Year
  19. I recently bought a original truck (1977 Chev C10 Scottsdale ) . The interior is a red dash, door panels and fabric paneled seat with vinyl ends and center. The fabric is split from age and I would like to restore the seat as it was when new. I haven't been able to find a vendor that sells the material or a replacement cover. The dash also has cracks in it. I want to set this truck up as original as I can as it was never driven in the winter/salt here in NY. Can anyone recommend a supplier? Thank you Mike West 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  20. Save me the trouble of making a pair of these frame to spring dumb irons as show on this Mercer. If they similar , I may be able to work with them. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Mike West 585 738 1541