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  1. PS, Jon Henry may be able to give you guidance on colors, also. John
  2. Regarding West's comments as to color, with side mount options you could order and available color scheme available for that year in 1932 and I believe also for 1932. I am not sure about 1931, but seems likely. I will need to see if I can verify that. Hope you have it finished in time for the National Meet in Ohio, 2020. John
  3. What about America on Wheels in Allentown? If they cannot keep it there full time can it be stored elsewhere like NB part of the time, or NB themselves, if that part set up as a non-profit, or private? Barney, PM me if I can help with communication. I doubt Keith Flickinger uses this forum often. John
  4. Contrary to what KongaMan has said, I find few cars offered for "pennies on n the dollar", I find many are trying to get more than market value for a variety of reasons (rather because granddad fold the what is s worth to him or watching too many TV auctions. May be just the area where I reside. Otherwise, I would have a bunch more cars, I fear. John
  5. KongaMan and others who may be like minded, I agree there may be some that look at a meet a "competition and a chance to show off", but I would submit that many look at the intention of judging is to compare one's vehicle to as coming from the factory as built, which is not a competition amongst owners. There may be some that may be considered as "showing off", put I think they are declining in numbers. Perhaps we should consider simply mention the car owner's name and have each stand up to be recognized and ask them to come to a certain area to pick up their awards and allow others to take photos. This would be done after the final remarks allowing others to stay and have discussions. That allows the banquet to me completed and allow those that want to chat to do so. After all, the car gets the award, not the owner no matter how much was spent on a restoration. One of my cars has a gold senior and AACA Senior and another Silver and the third a Driven Award, and AACA HPOF. I do not think it important to walk to receive the award. But, I want the awards distributed at the meet, so the club does not need to carry them to a meet and than have to take back and mail them to an owner. John
  6. I have been a bit behind with another medical issue. But, if many may recall, the Covered Bridge Tour in Allentown was a "free form" driving tour, totally on your own, so I would suggest that you just provide maps and point out attractions, and drive on their ow, any day they want. I would hate to see trying to keep 30+ cars together on a group drive. Just my opinion. John
  7. We have a New Members section in General on the Buick forum. John
  8. Mr. Earl, Based on Elpad's recent post on the Opel page, ZI am suggesting we create a new topic for most interesting car trip write-up. What do you think? I certainly would like to know more about the trip to Mexico. I am reminded, while I was away in the Air Force an couple of friends also decided to drive to Mexico in a 1940 Ford (this in 1957). Hit a deer, and had to mount to radiator up-side-down until the could get a better fix in a bigger city. Glad I was not along on that trip. John
  9. Wish I had some colorful greetings, like the above, to share, but I will just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. John Scheib
  10. Good approach, Kevin. This might sound hard to believe but I was developing a "sort of spring surge" to use the forum to recruit members and perhaps even new chapters. So, again thanks. And I hope you do not mind, I will "piggyback" on this thread to ask if anyone in the Northeast Region is interested in forming a new chapter, please let me know at j.scheib@comcast.net All you need is 10 members who reside nearby and share interest in Buicks, and are willing to serve in leadership positions to get things started. I will help you with the rest. For that matter, I will help anyone in the country that is interested. Just follow the guidelines in the By-Laws and SOP (see Roster). John Scheib
  11. Just call it Reatta Resources, Edition No. 2. Than also show he latest date of updates. Just my suggestion. While you are building, the original can still be used. John
  12. I think she said she was wearing a 30+ year old dress, at one point. Great show for as old folk. John
  13. Anybody not see the Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special tonight. (West Coast, please note, spoiler alert). Jay Leno gave her an anniversary present made the same your she started the show, a "67 Riviera carb. John
  14. 40 Limited, I hope you will consider joining the BCA and Free Spirit Chapter (centered around Allentown (but have a Regional Show next fall. I am the Northeast Region Coordinator and also the Area Coordinator for Pre-War Division. Don't want to overwhelm you with so much, but feel free to send my a Personal Message (PM). I think there are some instructions (try search menu) for loading pictures, but it is, I think fairly easy. John Scheib
  15. Inflation vs. Efficiency, the latter usually wins. Except for he banquet, and the hotels do ring up some profits there, but you can often press for less costly options. John
  16. Lamar, Thanks so much for the photos. I almost forgot about the Great Race experience. rest in Peace, Bob. John Scheib
  17. Just three, no four to start (but not to slight others) John De Fiore, for always willing to listen and share conversation Larry Di Barry for our work with the PWD and other conversation Mark Shaw for is work with the PWD Lamer Brown, for ALL he does, and I especially now, with the loss of Bob, for getting the Landau to a National Meet John
  18. I agree with Thriller about the expense. Most 30-40 people I know spend that much ($50.) for coffee every two weeks. John
  19. I'll keep this short, but responded to Bob's last (and actually it is a response to a lot of post on this thread0, just how is going to generate this newsletter, and create some of these other ideas? Any volunteers? I rest my case, for now. John
  20. Morgan, I do not think you will find a major supplier. I suggest if you are searching, just post what you are looking for on here. Someone, if they have the part, should respond. There are a number of "parts collectors" that may be able to help you. John
  21. See Profile - that would be red '90 conv. John
  22. 27donb, I did not look to cold for an Ice Cream stop just down the road, at the Scoop. Did you stop there also? Stopped there myself on the way back from Clifton Park, but had the more modern Buick, my Reatta. John Scheib
  23. I have read this, and have consider and had no comments now or than. More important to be considered, is a proper accounting and financial statement reporting, at least on a quarterly basis. This can be separately or printed in the Bugle. John
  24. Far as we know, that was a Corvair body, special frame and gear, Buick engine, so it qualifies as a Buick. John
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