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  1. Are these the only two you have? Looks like hey may be aftermarket, for rear four door model and have Buick logo from 1920s early '30s. John
  2. Thank you, Mr. Earl. I think you could probably find a good tune to calm the waters. I lack that knowledge. John
  3. We are ready to go. Weather looks good here. Cloudy and cooler. Hope to see you soon. Bring money or check for the car raffle. John Scheib
  4. I feel absolutely terrible about this. I forgot one element of this show. There will be a raffle for a donated running 1986 Buick Riviera for $25. with all proceeds going to, and make the check payable to Vessichio Family Special Trust Nicholas was in his yard when I tree fell on him, with considerable health issues. The car was obtained by Wallingford Buick and they elected to offer this as a fund raiser for NIck. Because time is late, for those that are coming to the show, make sure you bring a check or cash. For those nearby, that are not attending, I will stick my neck out and make a contribution for a raffle ticket. I just need a PM to hold a ticket for you. If your name is drawn and I have not received your money by next week, the prize will go to me if yours is the winning ticket. As these will all be assigned, pending your payment, we both need to trust each other. If no check is received August 29, the prize, will revert to me, as I will have purchased the ticket, with your name also on the ticket. But the name will not be revealed unless we have the money in your name. The car will need to be removed at the winners expense. If interested, please PM me with your name, address and phone number. I can probably arrange transportation of the vehicle to your choice. If you are not attending but know someone that is, give them your $25. for this worthy cause. John Scheib
  5. Sorry I did not get this out sooner. This Sunday, August 19, is our annual All Buick Only at Wallingford Buick. PM me for more info, if needed. Or give me any questions as a response on this thread. Thank you. Look forward to meeting new Buick friends, and the old ones as well. John Scheib
  6. John, Just saw this now. You probably should have waited to April 1 for the first post. John
  7. Lamar, That's all I could recall. Getting old. John
  8. Dave, Agee, Personally, that was the way I liked I ( was that not a song(, yeah, yeah). Seriously, we need to keep it simple, but attract new interest. And if we were to join-up with newer cars, we do got more breakdown per number of cars, and who wants to stop and wait, only other pre-war car owners. John
  9. John, Tried to quote just the second to last paragraph, but got too much and did not know how to drop the other without messing everything up. But just who is responsible for posting info on the chapter/division info? I thought it was the office. Perhaps we had that Coordinator position filled this would be a non-issue, no? An also one more comment, I can see at least three other divisions that had the same leadership for probably at least 4 years. Do we have evidence of their elections? Same for many chapters, you get elected by being the only person willing to take the job. Elections are not really elections, are they? Yankee has voted the same slate by acclimation. Thanks for your input as the PWD sorts through this. Never to get a call to you as this stuff is now piling up. Perhaps tomorrow.
  10. As another Area/Regional Coordinator, I can state that I had no prior knowledge of this action and agree with Brian Heil, that decision is voided. John Scheib
  11. Brian, I hail your efforts and fully agree, except Jack G. was not elected. He was "appointed" by the BOD vote for his own motion from the floor. I am not sure of the formal procedure, but must be some procedure to ask the current board for a reversal of that hasty decision vote as quickly as possible. I am reading up on that as quickly as I can. John
  12. Thanks Kevin, I knew there were some changes, but forgot. I guess limos would fit into S class also. John
  13. John, One slight correction. The primary route of communication is the e-mailing list, not the forum. to me, that is secondary. Our mailing list coordinator is Jim Forshey who is away on an extended post retirement vacation at this time. I will be checking with him about how many communications he has sent out each year, hopefully he has those records. John
  14. Dave, Regarding the recent action by the BOD, do you mean the move to strip membership of a member of the BOD? Or are you refering to the move on the PWD to much most of the folks on the PWD Forum and now this one was in order. There are two separate problems going (or at least two). Here we are concerned only with the handling of the existing PWD, verses creating a new more formal Division. Just trying to clear the air. John.
  15. Mr. Earl, I looked quite carefully on the second message which answered the original question and I did not see what I would consider mudslinging. I only wish now that I had printed the thread before you removed it. This was far less mudslinging from what I read. Are you sating he question and response was formulated by the same person, knowing you have access to IP addresses. I think I will take my argument direct to the BOD John☹️.
  16. Kevin, or anyone, Perhaps you could elaborate. I see no reference to an Class S in the 2017 Judging revisions or the 2005 Judging Manual. Where have I been? John
  17. Patrick and Larry, This is the 50 series (smallest) as all 60,80 and 90 series had water tubes up from the manifold. Still a rather rare car. But depending on when the car was last running and not knowing what the condition of the engine, drive train, etc, you need to find some one that wants to do the work. You might find a "flipper" as you call them or get it running yourself to increase value. You have the tube missing to the preheat carb. John
  18. This is probably a long shot, but is there anyone on the forum that might recognize a Snow Buick Dealership in Windsor, VT. When did they operate. Asking for some inquiry I received yesterday. PM me or return a post, or email at j.scheib@comcast.net. Thanks. John Scheib
  19. lancemb, There are always rental golf carts used at a National Meet, as long as I have been a member. Only, one more seems need to shuttle archival judges between areas or another set of judges, and divide cars by age. John
  20. I agree, we should have had a members only forum years ago. John
  21. From my perspective, I cannot wait to see these minutes. Someone needs to explain what seems to amounts to an improper presentation to the board by a handful of members. Larry DiBarry, myself and Brian Heil serve as active members and Region Coordinators along with several others (who are less active) had been continuing to keep the Division active and I certainly would not consider it inactive. None of use seem to have been consulted before the board decided to act on this "petition". Due to the nature of these cars, some can take longer tours, some only day trips. For example, most of my After tours, have been in a modern car, but these are also welcome. The name of the game- enjoy a slow pace tour and visit some "quirky" places, and we do not need a fancy structure or organization (so people can possibly nit-pick). John
  22. why don't we skip the concern about the financial condition of the BCA to another forum thread and use this only about the Bugle? Please. John
  23. Brian and Mr. Earl, Thank you Brian for this summary and Lamar, for guiding it to a proper media for additional discussion. John
  24. I hope I recall correctly, but I think it was determined if we wanted to control scholarships, it would require a lot of paperwork and a whole new "tax" situation. My be wrong.so don't hold be feet to a fire, John
  25. Does Barnes and Noble still sell magazines? They used to have individual copies, but now more than a month old. So probably no luck there. John
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