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  1. What is the white one, with sun visor, with double stripes? I do not think that is on list. If you get those will you sell some off. I wonder about getting those into US? That Opel is interesting as those were larger cars at the time John.
  2. Anybody have any close-ups of the '33-'34 what looks like a custom body? Thanks, in advance. Not sure I ever saw that anywhere. John
  3. Matt, and others who may be concerned:. Remember, this is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers, and there are gremlins that get into the way from time to time, and the board is scattered all over the country and many have real jobs that cause them to not have an instant response at all times. I am convinced no one is planning to run off with money and we do need proper reserves. You want to hear about a real problem. One town in CT had their volunteer fire department vote to disband AS OF JUNE 30 giving the town (who created a cat fight over who controlled the fire department budget) a short time to find a solution. is not all that dissimilar situation. The BCA does not have such a situation and I am sure this concern can be resolved. If a vote comes up in any meeting, I would think the BOD needs to be some ballot of all active members, not just those with the loudest voices in the room. John
  4. I think this may not be true. Wood and wire metal have different hubs, as far as I know. John
  5. Mr. Earl, You should make the trip. Bet you could sell a "boatload" of parts. John
  6. Guys, I would suggest you contact Jon Henry in MA as he has some parts and knowledge. You can reach him at 508.245.9093 (Mobile). Best time to reach him is6:30 PM to 8:30 PM this evening and after 1:00 PM. He will be busy Sunday morning so that is why you should call this evening or afternoon Sunday. John Scheib
  7. I know that '54 was especially pleasing to Mr. Earl. In fact, I am sure he would have liked to drive it to Denver. And the issue is really spectacular. Thanks to all. John
  8. The new board will have many challenges. Just remember, majority rules, and all should strive for the "common good" of the organization. Best wishes for a good meet in Denver, as I will be home resting for 2019. I am sure Pete is anxious to proceed. John
  9. My congratulations well, and thanks to all you ran and those who's terms are ending. Special thanks to John De Fiore who worked so hard to keep the secretary duties in "top shape". John
  10. Everybody is just dying to get one of those, I bit. Just could not resist that comment. John
  11. I too think, a separate area in the Hospitality area would be the preferred location, and perhaps some working in the Hospitality area could be familiar with the self-driving tours, or possible small groups being formed, to assist in organizing. John
  12. Mark, Just a note - we had so many people passing through, the NMC thought it best t use the Sign In area but I think the signs were not easily noted, but Hospitality should work at a regular meet. John
  13. Yes, and after making so many quick turns, my car compass told me it was temporary "out of service" for spinning so much. But< I am an old man now, so the AC was good to have. Maybe, if health is still good, I will make a PWDE tour with my '32. But I never had much luck. Bea became ill at Danvers and w Larry and I could not draw much interest after Allentown. Meets can draw some energy from a group tour also. Someone driving 500+ miles might enjoy na bus tour over self-driving. John
  14. Jack, I will answer that one with a bit of a laugh - if some do not get (short-lived) lost for a bit along the way, we can always split into two smaller groups. And we have split into two for viewing different sites. Caual and low stress is the theme, I would say. John
  15. Whatever Brian says!!! By that I mean he organized an outstanding PWD After-Tour after Brookfield last year, as well as many others as well as many others. Just look at what I would call really "Street Cred". He knows of what he speaks. Thank you again Brian. John
  16. I think one important consideration. Unless someone can pull a lot of local strings, it is difficult to again get such a trip as Allentown to Dorney Park. Tours such as the covered bridge driving should be restricted to about 10 cars so all can keep together through traffic, without hampering local traffic. Good communication, as simple as exchanging cell phone numbers with fellow travelers, is essential, as well as a couple of good navigators and good instructions. A lot depends on local traffic conditions, the distance and the age of vehicles. I would encourage people that they should perhaps ride share as possible. John
  17. As someone involved with the tours at Allentown, we tried to have both bus tours and some self-driving tours. For the covered bridge tours we tried a posting for sharing tours, but no one every filed out cards indicating a willingness to take some visitors without cars, especially our international visitors, an opportunity, These bus tours we predicated on the distances travelled from Allentown. I was not aware of any real complaints, other than one bus getting a bit lost and delayed. As you, Jack, opened this door, welcoming comments at the National Meet Committee, perhaps we can get some comments on this forum to see what everyone thinks. I know everything costs more these days, and now gas prices are rising almost daily, but I feel these trips most surely filling a need, especially the seem to be filling up each year. So, HOW ABOUT IT EVERYONE, DO YOU THING BUS TRIP ARE USEFUL IF WE HAVE THE PROPER VENUE? Personally, I think self-driving trips should be sought out and directed, much as is now done by the BDE, PWD and Reatta and other groups. But, as always, there are some factors, such a s a few volunteers to organize the travel and seeking discounts just for showing up with a Buick. I believe we had that in Allentown at AOW Museum and the smaller Hudson (?) museum. So lets hear some comments from forum uses so we have some sort of sample, please so Jack can determine and the NMC can determine how to proceed.
  18. You might indicate which series car it is for. There are differences and also some had one taillight, other had two. Do you have a price in mind? John
  19. Larry, I would have to see the car in person and check the color charts, but that b may be proper beige and dark brown colors for early 30's Buicks. John
  20. Seems a good deal to me. You should find the 1932 coupe for sale at $55,000 via the forum, on graigslist. At that price you should get $300,00 for your '32 and me $100,000. John
  21. Ehe car next to the blue one for sale, is also offered for sale. It is basically stock but wood has been replaced by metal support for a resto-mod. Info is available from the same contact. John
  22. Buickborn, Any chance you can find that article. Is that individual who was doing the "coachwork" from MA? I am trying to research this individual also. John
  23. PS, Jon Henry may be able to give you guidance on colors, also. John
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