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  1. Looks like an awesome road trip! I really want to do something like this one day. I wonder how many miles he travels each day?
  2. Probably not easy on the wallet either, trying to push that brick down the road. Maybe fuel 'economy' is measured in Gallons Per Mile on this one!
  3. That would probably take the finish/plating off if it is. I agree, without a photo it's hard to tell anything.
  4. Yes, I was pretty surprised that there was so much foreign car coverage. They had to quit printing their foreign magazine for a reason, after all. I like plenty of foreign cars, but the smaller section at the back was plenty in my opinion. I did like the Rambler article, though. I might keep it around a little longer.
  5. Yeah, the two posts kinda got mixed up. Sorry if I was involved with hijacking it a bit. RIP Carl, it's too bad I wasn't able to know him better, but whenever I talked to him on the forum he seemed like a great guy who really liked the hobby and sharing it with others. I'll always miss seeing his posts on here. Hopefully locating his missing car will help bring some closure as well.
  6. I think the car has been found in this thread:
  7. Definitely the same car! I dug through Carl's Posts and found this album of images. His car DOES have the Idaho registration stickers.
  8. Based on the photos Carl's brother posted in another thread: That could be it. Looks very similar, though there are a few minor differences. Carl's car has a large orange light mounted to the bumper in a couple photos, but in the newspaper photo it doesn't. Bummer that in the news photo the hood is up, because if that Idaho (license plate?) tag on the windshield was there it would confirm it's the same car. Also doubtful that there are too many 1927 Cadillacs in that color in that area. Probably worth sending a message in my opinion.
  9. I won't name any names either, but thank you to all the people that have helped me with troubleshooting my engine and various other things. Also thanks to everyone for making and contributing to all the fascinating threads on this site which have provided myself and others with much new knowledge and entertainment. Many of you are walking car encyclopedias!
  10. Especially because the car was driven around that much I would think that a club member or show official would have some idea of where Carl finally left it. I agree that it almost sounds like a storage facility - maybe somewhere with climate control in that heat?
  11. Yes, Yellowstone would be a nice break in the middle of the Wyoming-Southern Idaho part of the trip. Much better than more miles of high desert sagebrush!
  12. The "Audible Alarm" fuse! 😀 It might take out the whole fuse box (and you) when it goes off, but you won't be wondering why the car stopped running.
  13. I would love to do this at some point! I believe US 20 can be driven coast to coast without touching the interstate if you take some small detours. I agree though, there are some long stretches of road that aren't fun to drive in any car. They even installed signs at each end:
  14. What state are the plates on the Olds from? They don't look like Idaho antique plates. Hopefully it's coming to a new owner here!
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