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  1. Looks nice! My Rambler also sat for many years before I got it, though your Cadillac is in much better shape! I jumped straight in as well and found that most car projects can be figured out with a manual and forums. Drum brakes look scary but they're easy enough once you get one wheel done, if you can find the time to DIY them.
  2. I can confirm that the mighty rambler six can outrun any Cadillac with ease! 😀 Who needs more than 138 horsepower anyway?
  3. That looks like an awesome car! I've always kind of wanted a Corvair, they're just so unique. Hopefully you can make that one into a nice driver!
  4. I also don't get why people don't fix minor stuff. There's plenty of cars where the listing says "Needs brakes" or "Needs new fuel filter". Why not spend an afternoon fixing things that would help you find a buyer? Unless there's more it needs than new brake shoes, of course.
  5. I drive a Rambler, so where to start... The more basic the car, the better. Who needs power accessories?
  6. I wonder what gas mileage that would get, it's like the air is hitting a flat wall! I feel bad for that little engine!
  7. Welcome to the forum, I'm close to your age and it's nice to see other people my age around! When you can get your first vintage car, it always helps if you can meet someone who knows their stuff when it comes to these old cars. A neighbor, friend of a friend, relative, whoever, is a great resource if you need help with something or need some obscure tool. I know several of my neighbors have been a great help with my Rambler, it probably wouldn't be on the road without them! This forum is a great resource, there's plenty of friendly and knowledgeable people around. As others have said, I don't have a ton of experience yet, but personally I wouldn't trust a car like that, plus the looks aren't appealing (Although that's just me of course.) I would say that good first car would be one set up as it came from the factory, at least that way you know it was designed by professional engineers, not some guy in the backyard!
  8. Nice! Seems like I've seen a lot more vintage cars driving around recently with the combination of nice weather and shutdowns.
  9. Reminds me of the stories where a new subdivision is built out in the country next to a drag strip that's been there for decades, then the new homeowners try to get the strip shut down because it's too noisy. If you have a problem with that noise, why consider buying that house in the first place? If you live in the middle of a city though, I think it's good to at least keep your neighbors in mind, especially if you have a loud car. Maybe at least put a muffler on it if it's a daily driver.
  10. This might help you get a sale as well. Seems to me like people are more willing to pay $15 with free shipping than $10 with 5 shipping. Not sure why it's like that, probably a similar reason to why things are $99.99 instead of 100.
  11. I just went to see that video, going that fast anywhere would be scary and dangerous enough, but on a two lane highway? No way!
  12. The article says he's 33, and owns multiple supercars. Doesn't seem like a real nice guy though.
  13. Survey car in the mountains, around 1920
  14. I like this radio documentary from 1956, dealing with teenage hubcap theft. It's a good listen, especially since most people have lots of extra time right now.
  15. Very nice car, and driving location too!