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  1. What's the test like? I've always been interested but the licensing part always scared me off a bit. How many people still broadcast in code?
  2. This works for me on Firefox with both Windows and Mac too. I just open up what I'm interested in, then read through the threads one by one.
  3. I've heard that the Rambler's success in the recession year of 1958 (I believe Rambler was the #3 top selling brand that year) is what finally convinced the big three to start making Falcons and the like. I wonder how long AMC would have lasted if the Rambler didn't take off like that in the late 50s.
  4. How about one of those Chrysler sirens driven by a firepower Hemi?
  5. I ran that number through the inflation calculator and it came out to ~10,000 in today's money. Looking at the Hemmings listings, that still seems like a really good price. Those Lincolns are really unique looking cars. I certainly wouldn't mind owning one.
  6. I have to agree with this. Broncos are relatively expensive, but they don't seem to be anywhere near 339,000 for one close to stock form. If you look at completed listings on eBay motors and filter out the later gen F150 Broncos, it seems that if you're lucky you can get one in driver condition for under ~30,000, with some of them less than half that. That being said, they do get a lot of bids. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=ford+bronco&_sacat=6001&rt=nc&LH_Sold=1&LH_Complete=1 I always liked the looks of IH Scout 80/800s more, plus they can
  7. I know there are kids out there that like old cars. After all, I'm 17 and drive a Rambler. I've met a few others at car shows and online as well. That being said, I only know of a couple other people in my school that have any interest at all in cars made before the 1980s. I was at the DMV to get a learner's permit on my 14 1/2 birthday, the earliest you can get one here. The biggest problems with getting kids involved, in my opinion, are: Just a plain lack of interest (Not sure what you can do about this one) - Why shoot for a V8 that gets low MPGs or a low HP straight
  8. I wonder if ethanol could give us a fuel source in the future. Some old engines may be able to run on a higher blend of ethanol so that if gasoline ever becomes rare, it can be conserved by using it in combination with other fuels.
  9. I've always thought the flat fender Jeeps were awesome. Capable, distinctive design, and great history all rolled into one! A question for anybody who has one - How are they on paved roads? Tolerable to drive around a city at all?
  10. Chris Craft wood boat for sale, no lowballers I know what I got!
  11. That looks real bad, what happened to the occupants?
  12. Hey all, I recently saw some youtube videos about road tripping vintage cars and thought it was a really neat idea. I'm wanting to take my Rambler on a highway trip at some point, though it still needs some work to be ready for that. For now I thought it would be fun to hear everyone's stories of driving their cars on road trips. All are welcome - Success stories, breakdowns, anything funny that's happened to you driving an old car on a road trip!
  13. Looks nice! My Rambler also sat for many years before I got it, though your Cadillac is in much better shape! I jumped straight in as well and found that most car projects can be figured out with a manual and forums. Drum brakes look scary but they're easy enough once you get one wheel done, if you can find the time to DIY them.
  14. I can confirm that the mighty rambler six can outrun any Cadillac with ease! 😀 Who needs more than 138 horsepower anyway?
  15. That looks like an awesome car! I've always kind of wanted a Corvair, they're just so unique. Hopefully you can make that one into a nice driver!
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