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  1. Would a BAT ad or Hemmings listing be more effective? Seems like both sites have a large audience. Now Hemmings has their new auction thing going on as well.
  2. My Rambler's fuel system was full of that goo when I got it. It had been sitting for about 20 years. I think it just comes from the gas completely breaking down, and heat probably helps it along. It was a huge pain to clean out, I had the tank boiled out, got a new fuel pump and sending unit, and flushed out the lines using a small electric pump and some fresh gas. No fuel delivery issues and it's been a couple years. Sure is sticky and smells bad!
  3. I think that there may be less kids interested in old cars today than in the past, but the ones that are have a wide interest in almost all older cars and want to learn as much about them as possible. That's true for me anyway. Brass era, Prewar, Postwar, anything, they all have something unique and I want to see them! Also, DRIVE THEM! Your trip to the grocery store or Sunday cruise may be the first time a kid (or adult) has ever seen a Packard, Hudson, Studebaker, Plymouth, Rambler, V-16 Cadillac, or any number of other antique cars. Someone seeing a car may make them want to see more, and m
  4. Wow, 50 mile range and 60 mph? With batteries and solar panels today being much more efficient I'm surprised that this plan hasn't really come back. It's a pretty cool idea.
  5. I pulled out the back seat and found the remains of a parking ticket from 1968. Looks like someone didn't pay the meter! Unfortunately it was torn so I couldn't see what city it was from. Wonder if it was ever paid.
  6. You wouldn't believe how much attention my Rambler gets at local shows. People come up and tell me some relative of theirs had one back in the 60s and the last time they saw one was in 1973, and so on. A lot of the time they're surprised to even see one in person again! Plenty of people say they hated these when they were new but the design has grown on them because of how unique it is, probably similar to the Pacer. It'll never win any drag races or design awards, but it's 'weird' enough that people really like it. There's plenty of other cars like that out there too, just plain daily transpo
  7. Now I'm thinking I'm ok with driving a car with an AM radio as the most sophisticated communications tech in it. Never understood the appeal of having all kinds of connectivity in your car, my cell phone can do most of it anyway. Except tell on me when I hit 36 in a 35 zone... so far.
  8. I like to go on google maps and check the box that says "avoid highways". It's helped me find plenty of cool places to go around here that can be accessed without touching the interstate. Maybe I'll go down to the sand dunes or something. At some point, I want to drive coast to coast on US 20, which can still be done without any interstate travel if you take some small detours.
  9. Thanks, I'll have to wait a bit for the weather to get nicer to try that out. Like I said earlier I'm pretty new to carbureted and older vehicles in general so I wasn't really sure what to expect out of it. Just thought it seemed a bit low and maybe there were some issues that were contributing. Now to figure out where to road trip it....
  10. I've had the manifold off before and the choke line inside it looks alright, no holes that I could see. I know this engine is known for head gasket issues and it did used to leak, water in the oil and all that. Because of that it has a new (1 1/2-2 years old) head gasket and I've made sure to check the head bolt torque regularly. No signs of water in oil, exhaust steam, etc. since. It has been using a little water but I think that was due to a leaking thermostat housing which I just fixed. I'll check on the choke next time I start it up. Based on what I found yesterday I'm starting to think it
  11. Yes it has a tube running to the manifold, it's there and looks intact, it looks like it might be made of brass so no rust. The choke seems to be working ok, I've pulled the lid off the air cleaner after driving and it's opened up. I like how simple the car is too, all they put in was what it needs to go down the road! And it's a unique design for sure.
  12. Alright, I don't think this car has one, there's no mention of it in the exhaust section of the service manual and the exhaust pipe bolts straight into the manifold, no butterfly valves involved. They probably put them in starting with the newer generation engine I guess. Either that or the original is long gone, but the way it's designed I doubt there ever was one.
  13. Where would the valve be located? I don't know if this car has one, I'll have to check the service manual.
  14. The rotor looks alright, there was a small black mark on the center button but not much else. The tip of it was pretty clean also.
  15. Just finished testing the plug wires and here's what I got: Coil wire: 6.9k ohms, 16.5" (even after cleaning off corrosion on the ends this bounced around but settled here) 1. 6k ohms, 17" 2. 5.9k ohms, 17.5" 3. 4.4k ohms, 12" 4. 6.2k ohms, 17" 5. 4.2k ohms, 12" 6. 6.6k ohms, 18.5" All but the coil wire looked corrosion-free on both ends. Inside the distributor cap there wasn't much, except for in the center which looks like carbon with clear plastic showing through. I pulled the boots back on the coil wire and it looks like it's corrod
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