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  1. Thanks Jim, that’s the one I asked about in the second post up top. Performance online, Installation is straight forward enough, how do you like it? Work well?
  2. The initial question was where to find a replacement booster. My existing booster is bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. A little bit.....turquoise mist though 😎
  4. *****CAR SOLD TODAY. ***** SOLD IN ONE DAY, WOW My friend Bob Slusser is assisting his friend with the sale of his 70. See many additional images and info on his post on the cars for sale thread at v8buick.com. Copy and paste photos link https://www.flickr.com/photos/17586947@N08/albums/72157715294712098Exterior: This car was recently disassembled and professionally refinished in 2014 by Hausfeld Classics LLC in Springboro Ohio. Restoration took over two years and 1,000 hours labor to complete. The paint and bodywork are exceptional using PPG BC/CC BLACK. The trim stripe was custom painted gray for a tasteful mild accent. Chrome bumpers were newly doneMany replacement and NOS parts were used upon reassembly after paintwork: Fenders, Fender skirts NOS Wheel New Vinyl Top New Trunk CarpetInterior: While most interior was intact and in excellent condition .door panels and soft interior was either professionally cleaned and restored. New ACC carpet, headliner, front seat covers, New GM window motors installedOptions include tilt wheel, Auto Temperature control, Power Windows, Power Brakes, gauge package, Factory AM FM stereoNew under mounted remoted controlled head unit and upgraded speakers. Sounds really good.Engine: The engine is a freshly rebuilt correct block, new pistons. Engine is mostly correct with an edelbrock carburetor and electric chokeAc blows cold with correct compressor and components .converted to 134ATransmission: The original 400 transmission has been overhauled with the best of components and shifts firm in all gearsWheels & Suspension Wheels are NOS and perfect Chrome wrapped BF Goodrich Redline Radial TAs. The front and rear suspensions have been rebuilt. All new bushings, ball joints, and Brakes Factory Posi Traction Rear-end .Custom Flowmaster ExhaustOwner is asking $34,500 located in Dayton Ohio between Columbus and Cincinnati937-286-4343 Bob Slusser Email Bobbybuick@sbcglobal.net *****CAR IS SOLD*****
  5. Well, FYI. the rockauto “quality built B1339” doesn’t even fit the car. The spread on the mount studs is 1/4 too wide to go thru the firewall. Nice 👍 oh and the MC studs were kinda wonky too. One was bent upward and one downward. Real “quality” product. Lol Junk is boxed up and ready to go back. 🤬 Tom T, I sent ya a dm about the one you have. Brian
  6. I agree but they were 6 weeks out, summers going fast. Rock auto was the only place that I could actually find one available ( thanks to Jim) I'm definitely keeping my original to send to Dewey sometime
  7. Tom T, thanks, that’s a good deal but my master arrived today and the booster is due tomorrow. I may send my original booster off sometime to Dewey. Definitely not sending it to rock auto for the core charge. 😉 Ed, good info also. Pretty positive 65’s had both bendix and moraine available. FYI, on rock auto. They did reply to my email, but stated all the info they have on any part is what is listed online. So they didn’t confirm if the booster they sell is moraine or bendix type. It looked like it had the long pushrod so I bought a bendix/ deep hole MC. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Thank you all Brian
  8. Jim, I have looked on there no less than 3 times and had only seen the reman service where you send yours in listed. Everything else out of stock. Must be going blind as they do show one. “ Quality built B 1339 “ It doesn’t say delco moraine or bendix type so I shot them an email. IF the picture is accurate, It does look like th pushrod sticks out pretty far, I’d think that’s the bendix. Thanks for the help. Brian.
  9. Anyone have experience with this? https://www.performanceonline.com/1961-69-Buick-Electra-Riviera-Power-Brake-Booster-Kit/ thanks
  10. Bendix Booster is bad, figure I will replace the cylinder too with a 67, dual pot version for safety. I’ve searched extensively on here and see where folks talk about these being discontinued a while back. I’m also striking out at Napa, rock auto etc. I checked booster Dewey’s website and states 6 weeks out for a rebuild. My first question is, can I use either a 65 or 67 booster as long as I match with the correct (delco/or bendix) style master cylinder? From what I have found online they look like 2 different part #’s. No one seems to have in stock. Anyone been through this recently? Does anyone one know of a source where I can get one ordered ASAP.? ANY advice is appreciated Thanks Brian
  11. John, looks to me like those were recovered at some point. That seam shouldn’t be there on the one. I’d call Clark’s and ask what the 63 grain was. I think it might be Seville? 65 is Madrid. I had my Upholstry guy do mine and it was worth it.
  12. Hi John, I got lucky and only one tab broke on mine. I don’t think you’d have a problem unless you had 2 next to each other. Might cause a gap? Im pretty sure the grain changed between 63 & 65. Someone hopefully will chime in. You might check clarks website, it may say on there what was correct for 63. Brian
  13. Speaking of 70’s, looked at this tonight for a friend. Belongs to a friend of his and looking to sell. Should be posting in the for sale thread soon. Any interest let me know. Brian
  14. Don that is beautiful 👆🏻Love that cloth pattern
  15. I just had mine recored by an old school local shop. Did a great job, bigger tubes with more fins per inch, kept the original tanks. Runs cool, looks original. Might suggest he look into that.
  16. The bulb clip, clips into 2 slots on the lighter housing.
  17. Robert, see the bottom of page one of this thread. There is a bulb list there. Also, they can be replaced from the front by removing the bezels. Set screw on the bottom of the bezel. This is also good for polishing up the lenses. 😁 Brian
  18. Clear coated. Waiting for chrome, glass, and polished stainless trim Looking good. 👍
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