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  1. Al, thank you for that information! I’ll definitely get them clocked correctly 😉 I have tubes in hand and dropped the wheels this morning at Dayton wire wheels for a check out before moving forward. Really appreciate the insight and knowledge. Brian
  2. They really do look great Bob👍
  3. Congrats and welcome. Love that turquoise mist😎😎
  4. Wow that stuff went cheap. Wish I could have went. 😳
  5. Here’s another shot for ya. The front edge of the console body has 2 holes with clips that it screws in to. The front hole is mounted to the floor. As Tom T said, they can be polished up.
  6. Pretty car and loaded with nice options it looks like.👍 Congrats and welcome Brian
  7. Good call. Springs can be dangerous without the right tools. I had mine done by a shop also.
  8. I agree, and that is why I hadn’t bought the reproductions. I also didn’t want a rough set and have to have them restored. Dayton gets $750 a piece to restore them. I got a great deal on these. 👍
  9. I would think it’s safe to say any vintage wire wheel could need to be trued at some point. I live near Dayton wire wheel co and stopped in today and spoke to them. They can handle anything related to a wire wheel. They can restore any vintage wheel in addition to the new wheels they offer. I do believe their new wheels claim to never need truing.
  10. I don’t know who’s car this is but it is beautiful and definitely inspired my search for these. Correct, they are all stamped 2/54 and 3/54. Meaning February and March 54. And yes, best to run tubes over trying to seal them in my opinion. I’m no expert on the center emblem, but believe I’ve read the 53’s (6.5” wide) had the word skylark in the center gold area and the 54 and later did not. Bob, I’ll check the diameter on these and let you know. thanks all, Brian Al, my best guess is that the center emblem are clocked incorrectly on all but the center wheel? I already fixed that one when I took that picture. 😁
  11. Ed, I know. It’s crazy. I still can’t believe it. 👍 Thanks turbinator, your reading my mind with the R centers. I believe these are smaller in diameter that the turbine centers. What is the diameter of your centers? thank you Brian I don’t know who’s car this is but it is beautiful and definitely inspired my search for these.
  12. I feel like I hit the lottery this weekend. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a set of these for my 65, but never expected this. They were stored, properly, since new. Never mounted and covered in a cosmoline type stuff. Cleaned one up tonight and am just amazed by them. Thought I’d share some pics. 🤯
  13. Got mine today too😁👍
  14. I also think the center of the road wheel will interfere with the cap. It sticks out pretty far.
  15. DShoes, I believe what you are asking is if the wire caps will go on your road wheels. I do not think that will work. What you need is a set of the plain steel wheels that any of the hub caps were used on. In other words , you need a set of steel wheels and the wire caps you prefer. Not sure on a price. Hope this helps clarify.
  16. That’s a great illustration of it. Thanks Ed👍
  17. Should be a K X coded block with matching serial #. On the front rail in front of the valley pan.
  18. Picked up a cracked “wood” wheel & had it turned into this. I’d like to think Bill Mitchell would approve 😎
  19. I absolutely love you car. I’ve been thinking about turbines since I saw that pic on Instagram. Hope ‘21 will be better for you and everyone 👍 Brian
  20. Ed. 🤣 they were nice with rechromed spinners. He’s a great guy. Helped me with a couple things I needed.
  21. Looking great Ken! That’s going to be a beautiful car. Ed, I was at Steve Lorenzen’s a couple weeks ago, he’s got a set of those GS hub caps on the wall in his basement. Not sure if they’re for sale but you might ask if your interested. Brian.
  22. I believe that is correct
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