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  1. I had read in Collectible Automobile back in 1985 that the reason leather wasn't offered as an option in 1964-65 was because Buick didn't want people to think the car was so exclusive that it was unobtainable. I also read in that same issue that they toned the adverstising down some for those years for the same reasons.
  2. Does no good with Vintage Air; the firewall is a big blockoff plate. I took out 1 bolt in that plate; figured that there were other bolts holding whatever it went thru up anyway and will have to route the hose thru there then up and back thru the glove box. Bolt was down close to where floorboard meets the firewall so its much lower than where the factory had it routed.
  3. Good advice thanks. My car has Vintage Air so finding a firewall hole was a little confusing. Finally found a bolt dow near the vacuum tank that I removed and nothing fell, so hopefully I am good to go now that I put a grommet in it. Just gotta fish that vaccum line upto the glovebox and then to the back of the car.
  4. Guess you are right; it goes on, but it is TIGHT.
  5. What is the CORRECT size vacuum hose used throughout the trunk release? It obviously isn't the 7/64 ID that the parts book says to use; way too small. I am adding the option and need to know.
  6. Sent mine to Booster Dewey in Oregon for a rebuild. None of the listed aftermarkets will fit.
  7. Sure can't argue with that statement. Worst part of the design of the car.
  8. About to add a vacuum trunk release to my 65, and have all three pieces. Went to put the vacuum cylinder back at the trunk latch, and it seems that the rod for the lock cylinder is too long when it it bolted in. Did Buick make a different length rod for the lock cylinder on models with the vacuum release? There is a short section of rod sticking out of the vacuum chamber that I figured goes into the trunk latch itself, and there is no way to remove it, and allow the rod from the cylinder to go all the way through.
  9. 49, and had my 65 Riv for 3 years, after wanting one since I was very small.
  10. Got a set from CARS on the way as I type this. How much torque? 75 ft. lbs. maybe?
  11. Funny you mention that; our Nissan batteries are made by Interstate, and it sure seems I have had a lot of them lately coming back bad in less than 18 months, which calls for a swap out.
  12. I bought a 27F for mine from the Nissan store where I am the parts manager. Peeled the stickers off, and it works great. Great price too!
  13. Not to drift, but what is the best way to reattach these? Mine popped loose on the driver's side before I had the car painted, and I just stored them. Been thinking about putting them back on.
  14. A/C equipped cars carried a third port for a vapor return line back to the tank. However, I capped the vapor line on mine and run a standard two port filter. When I hook up the vapor line, it develops a pretty good stumble under heavy throttle off idle, so I capped it, and the stumble disappeared; no effects so far.
  15. The ones from CARS claim to be "chrome capped". Be the same boat I am in now. The ones from Buick Centers may be a good alternative. Was hoping to find something local, but too many choices, lol