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  1. I would also venture to say that the backstory since the movie was made helps to add to the provenance. Kiernan's dad was reclusive about the car, especially after someone leaked out the news that it was sitting in his barn. He wouldn't allow any magazines or enthusiast news outlets to do a story on it or photograph it, so the MYSTERY of it turned it into somewhat of a legend. Add McQueen's connection to the car, and the documentation that Kiernan's son has including the letter McQueen sent to his Dad in 1977 trying to buy it, and I think it will add up to $$$$ this weekend.
  2. I would love to have it, but my '03 Corvette would have to go first.
  3. You can get that shaft from a parts house if you order a new lock cylinder, which isn't very expensive. I shortened mine when I added the vacuum trunk option this summer. Like the previous poster said, just take your time, and it should work fine.
  4. I had a shop put one on my 65 a while back that was an AC Delco from Rock Auto. He didn't report any issues, and the car stops fine. I'll try to look amd see in my shop; think I still have the old original in the new box.
  5. Couldn't have made it without you folks and all of your gracious answers to my questions over my past 4 years of Riv ownership. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  6. Is that woodgrain STAPLED to the structure????? Haven't had mine off yet.
  7. I thought these books were on preorder until next spring?
  8. That 65 is NICE! What wheels are those; got a white with black vinyl top 65 Riviera, and I am thinking about some wheels similar to these, but more or less in a standard size; nothing crazy.
  9. According to the data plate, the paint code is "JJ" with a "629" custom interior trim. Car was originally Verde Green with a Saddle interior.
  10. Man, that would look SO cool in my shop. Sent the pic to the gf; told her it would make a GREAT Xmas gift for someone I know.
  11. Not yet. The fuel pump is a new AC Delco, and the symptoms exhibited themselves before I put this pump on.
  12. I installed an OLD orange Fram fuel filter that I bought of an NOS parts place. I know, I know, I ain't hip on Fram either, but it was an experiment. The stumbling seems to be greatly reduced, if not gone. Gonna keep driving it and see if it could have truly been that Purolator filter that was on it.
  13. I just really felt this car was a steal, IF it's as nice as it APPEARS to be. The 425 single carb engine is a cool bonus.
  14. I could use a really nice '65 lens; accidentally got some adhesive remover on mine doing the console woodwork. Kinda tough to see how the original removes from the plastic housing, though.
  15. I had actually considered that the 3 port may be defective as well. It came from O'Reill's so it is probably of cheap manufacture. I need to look down in it and see if it has the restriction hole since I did save it. Great suggestion telriv; I'll check it out. Any ideas on where to get a high qualuty orrect filter that is made properly?