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  1. Poured down rain all day yesterday, so I couldn't go downtown and try some other tests. Shop called me this morning when they opened up, and said their two mechanics didn't think they could do anything with the car since their "old car" guy had retired. I sort of think fuel, fire and air is Mechanic 101, but apperently not in my neck of the woods. Sort of pissed me off because the insurance company probably won't pay another tow bill, but I'm going to have the damn thing towed home, and find a way to fix it myself. Got a good friend who is a tech at our Toyota store that is one of those guys w
  2. I tried the light with switch on and cranking as well. No light either time. May go back down tomorrow and try the voltmeter. Got a friend who is convinced it has jumoed time from what I'm telling him, but it sure seems a weird coincidence that would happen AND the wire from the switch came off the coil at the same time.
  3. Hooked test light up and made sure it was grounded right and working by touching the + side of the battery. No light at positive side of coil, and no light at negative side of the coil when cranking either. I know the rotor button is turning when cranking, but is it still possible it jumped time?
  4. My Riv stranded us last night in the middle of nowhere. Came off a hill and it missed a time or two and lost power. By the time I got to the bottom, the amp and oil light came on and it was dead. Got off the 2 lane highway and found the wire from the firewall to the hot side of the coil had slipped off. Nut had backed off and it came loose and was dangling. Tightened back up and still no fire. Getting fuel because it flooded out. Car has a Pertronix from the previous owner. Had it towed to a shop at home, and I went today and replaced the coil, because there was no fire last night when we remo
  5. Anyone else seen this? Mine came in the mail a couple days ago, and had that SCO ,65 Gran Sport in Samoan Bronze in it, with a feature article. Awesome color on this car, in my opinion. Just glad to see another Riviera featured in a magazine.
  6. jframe

    64 Riv

    I compared them; they don't match. Interior done in all white including dash pad. Custom Interior pattern like a 65. Buttons and piping done in blue, so it's aftermarket. Wood redone with some sort of glossy wood looking stuff. Just thought it was neat, cause my 65 is the only 1st Gen Riv that I know of in this area. And that trim tag threw me as to how to decode it.
  7. jframe

    64 Riv

    Found this 64 in town today and was able to decipher that it had a KT engine code, which is a 401 out of a LeSabre or Electra instead of the 425. Can't decipher this 700 trim code for the life of me tho. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Not even close. Dad was a Tennessee redneck and my Mom was a Serbian born and raised in Detroit lol. I'm an odd combo.
  9. I know, plastic gets brittle; I just snugged them down pretty good. The wiring looks like it's never been touched; it's still tied to the linkage down the firewall. I DID look and find a switch on eBay that they were asking 150 bucks for.
  10. I promise my Mom and Dad weren't brother and sister, even though I live in Alabama. 😁
  11. I know one thing: when I took those little screws loose, there is so little room for adjustment that I had to clamp it pretty tight with one hand, tighten the screws down with the other, and use my other hand to hold my little led flashlight to see what I was doing. I see an led headlight in my future.
  12. Well I took the two tiny screws loose at the microswitch and it moved JUST enough to depress the switch against the linkage til it clicked down. I held it there then tightened the screws down. Doesn't seem like it creeps near as much and seems to take less pressure on the brakes, especially on a cold fast idle now. Also seemed to have a little better takeoff when warm. I'll drive it more and see how it goes.
  13. Kind of a long shot maybe, but I would be interested in keychains, tags, tag frame, etc. from the old Krajenke Buick store in Hamtramick Michigan. Specifically from mid Sixties or so. My Dad bought his 65 Riviera new there, and I am wanting this stuff for my Riv.
  14. So with the car at idle, the switch should be DEPRESSED, and when you step on the gas, the button is released?
  15. Been there and done that myself.
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