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  1. Had my 65 done by a pretty reputable shop a while back. Told them to replace EVERYTHING in the shaft including the carrier bearing. 54 year old parts; I wasn't taking a chance of having to go back in. Got the "out of phase" story. Showed him the service manual and how it is supposed to be.
  2. I have tried ventedd AND non vented caps on my 65. If the tank is too full, gas will come out the vent hose; I've had it happen several times. When the pump handle kicks off, I round it to the next dollar, AND NO MORE. Seems to cure the issue.
  3. I would LOVE to see some pictures of that Midnight Blue with black '65. My Dad bought a new one just like it, and it's always been my favorite.
  4. Nevee noticed that, but you're right! That picture is much more gold and darker.
  5. If I was able to get another '65, the color combo I would want is Midnight Blue Code E with a black vinyl interior, just like my Dad's car was.
  6. I used the same hose for the PCV as I used for the brake booster. Gates makes a brake booster hose, and I had enough left over that it worked perfectly.
  7. I put a GS style system on mine when I replaced it, but I used the resonators. Maybe I need to find some eliminators and try them out.
  8. How do these cars sound with the resonators eliminated?
  9. I'll second Steve's work. He redid a set for me, and shipped them with EVERYTHING I would need to retrofit them to my car, down to the brackets and screws.
  10. I'd like to find one of those original license frames to go on the back of mine.
  11. Looks like I need to pull that skin and check for that. Passenger side seals pretty well.
  12. Possibly at the top, but maybe at the seal between the front and rear windows. Those seals are new as well, but the wind noise is more predominant where the two windows meet when all of them are up and the cowl vent is open.
  13. When Booster Dewey redid mine, he told me it wasn't necessary to have it, so it doesn't. No issues so far.
  14. Following this. My driver's side may need adjustment, because I still get water in from the hose when it's washed and a fair amount of wind noise there at times. Got new weatherstrip throughout and not sur of the adjustment process for up and down.