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  1. Not yet. The fuel pump is a new AC Delco, and the symptoms exhibited themselves before I put this pump on.
  2. I installed an OLD orange Fram fuel filter that I bought of an NOS parts place. I know, I know, I ain't hip on Fram either, but it was an experiment. The stumbling seems to be greatly reduced, if not gone. Gonna keep driving it and see if it could have truly been that Purolator filter that was on it.
  3. I just really felt this car was a steal, IF it's as nice as it APPEARS to be. The 425 single carb engine is a cool bonus.
  4. I could use a really nice '65 lens; accidentally got some adhesive remover on mine doing the console woodwork. Kinda tough to see how the original removes from the plastic housing, though.
  5. I had actually considered that the 3 port may be defective as well. It came from O'Reill's so it is probably of cheap manufacture. I need to look down in it and see if it has the restriction hole since I did save it. Great suggestion telriv; I'll check it out. Any ideas on where to get a high qualuty orrect filter that is made properly?
  6. I used 1/4 inch ones on mine, and it's just right.
  7. Yep it HAD factory ac and has been converted to Vintage Air by a previous owner. Fuel pump test sounds like a good idea. Car has a new AC Delco pump, but it's probably Chinese made like a lot of other crap, so you never know how good they are. I thought it may even be a carb float issue, but it runs so much better with the 2 port filter that I kinda ruled that out. I'll try to check the pump next when I get a chance.
  8. No rust; blew thru the filter today. Nice clean gas. New fuel pump and sending unit. Tank is clean; had it down a couple times adjusting the arm on the sender to make the gauge read better. Blew some air thru the return line towards the tank, and got gas coming out the retun port on the filter, so it's not a clogged line. Car just stumbles thru first when accelerating FAIRLY hard, but not wide open. Clears up into Second, and is fine from there. Put the 2 port, non-a/c filter back on tonight, and it cleared up and ran like a different car. Plugged the return hose when I did it, and it seems fine. Guess it's ok that way, but I kust figured they used that line for vapor lock reasons, and it should be there. Sorta got me stumped, but at least the test provided somewhat of a solution.
  9. I run a 225/75r-15 on my six inch Rally wheels, and they tend to rub just a bit on full lock. I would suspect a 235 would as well. Best of my knowledge is a 225 is about as big of a tire on the stock wheel that you can go with. Maybe others chime in.
  10. Well, a true "concourse"? restoration would not only include mounting the front bumper correctly, but routing the battery cables correctly and using original type ones with spring ring connectors. Plus, a correct steering wheel, either the standard or sport, and fixing the glovebox door somehow.
  11. My Riv wants to stumble a bit on moderate acceleration whenever the fuel vapor return line is hooked up to the fuel filter. I can unhook it, plug it off, and use a standard two port filter and it runs fine, but I feel that that line was put there for a reason, so I would like to use it. Is it possible that I may need to replace the rubber part of the hose due to age? The stumble isn't awful, but it really shouldn't be there, so I am trying to pinpoint the cause.
  12. Super Turbine 400 vent tube location? Ran my 65 fairly hard down the freeway Saturday evening, and noticed smoke behind me. Pulled over and the trans dipstick had either popped up just a bit, or I hadn't seated it well the last time that I checked it. Want to get it on a lift tomorrow, and check the vent to make sure it's not stopped up.
  13. My '65 Riviera has a similar plug, and it is for the cruise control.
  14. I am 5'10" with a 30" inseam, and the legroom in my Riv is fine, although I can see it isn't great for long legged folks. My girlfriend is 5'5", and she has no problem. Power seat on mine is stuck pretty much all the way back, and it sits fine for both of us. I can hear the motor run, and the PO spent a ton getting it to work, but it quit not long after I bought it.