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  1. My Dad was trying to choose between a T Bird and a 65 Riv. My Mom talked him into the Buick. MUCH better choice.
  2. On my 65, I just used spring type push nuts, available at any parts store.
  3. Let's see more pics; underhood and so forth. Awesome car!
  4. I would second ANY BG product. Sold it for years and it is truly exceptional. Only available in car dealerships.
  5. You may just have a missing or bad ground on the sending unit wire.
  6. I was thinking the same for mine lol! My interior is in such good shape; it would almost be a shame to do it though.
  7. Got one of Rupert's kits in my 65. Quality can't be beat.
  8. Just bought a Fel Pro set in cork from O'Reilly's, along with Fel Pro cork valley pan gasket, and Fel Pro intake gaskets in steel.
  9. Yup, that one is mine. Put the pushrod cover back on last night with a new gasket and just snugged it down; don't figure it needs much torque.
  10. He has mine done; I am going to try to pick it up this afternoon.
  11. I saw that on V8Buick, but he lives maybe an hour from me, so I thought, what the hell, may just do a small road trip one day and see if he will do it himself. That is, if the brown shirts ever let us travel again.
  12. Did valve cover gaskets on my 65 this weekend and a little BillHirsch spray bomb touch up on the 70k mile engine. Not too bad from a spray can. Need to pull the intake and carb next so I can paint the intake and valley pan cover, and try to get Doc Modisett to do his dual plane mod, if I ever get to cross a state line to get to his place.
  13. Well I answerwd my own question when I put it back together. It was the clamp for the brake booster tube.