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  1. I just noticed the cowl mounted antenna when looking at the side mounts.I didn't see a radio though.
  2. Just saw on Fl.Craigslist spacecoast,says original paint and interior,looks decent.Sorry I can't post the pictures.Just thought I'd pass this on.
  3. Sorry I didn't post pictures,I think it would make a cool looking police car.
  4. Just listed on Fl.space coast craigslist. Doesn't look like a bad deal for the money.
  5. I watched " fast times at Ridgemont high" the other day and one of the actors had a nice Buick sedan,62?
  6. I was just thinking,this year my car turns 86 years old and I'm turning 71. I hope I make it to 85 to see my car turn 100.So far so good.Everybody stay safe and healthy.Greg
  7. I'm thinking of putting on on mine but it's a down draft.
  8. I don't know they came with a rear spare tire lock,is it an aftermarket item? I know mine doesn't have one.
  9. That looks good.Mines electrical made by Borg.I tried taking it apart and cleaning it and it worked for awhile and then got real hot.I can get it restored for $115 but it's only guaranteed for a year.I wish it was a windup one.
  10. My clock dosent work on my Buick but someday I might get it repaired. So for now I bought a nice looking delete plate with the Buick logo to fill the hole where the clock goes. I'm not sure which looks better.Is it better to have a non working clock or a nice delete plate?
  11. Why do we still say "roll down the windows" and "don't touch the dial on the t.v?" I remember going to the dime store, now they're dollar stores and getting something out of the ice box.I might go back to using rabbit ears on my t.v. those cable bills are ridiculous!Maybe I'll get a color set when the prices go down,just kidding.
  12. I came up with this joke,What do you call a group of gay men all named Theodore living on the same block?A gated community.
  13. I use it as a top oiler,I think it works and has a nice odor.Greg
  14. I think every new car has the same problems. We bought a new Subaru in 2016 and it has a 4" thick manual just on how to operate the on star, whatever that is,along with the phone which I never use.And what's with all those buttons on the steering wheel?I don't know how many times I've accidentally turned something on or off. Last week I thought my power window was going bad until I figured out how to reprogram it. I tried to order it with manual windows but they just laughed at me.At least it dose have a CD player and regular ignition key. Why can't we get what we want in New cars? Ludites Unite!
  15. I miss looking at their catalouges.Warshawskys were also good but I think J.C.Whitney's were better.I remember buying a pair of taillight lenses for my 55 Chevy convertible,solid red ones.I wish I had that car now.
  16. Did you hear the one about the farmers wife who won the lottery? She decided to spend the money on a milk bath.When she got in the tub the milk man asked if she wanted it pasturized,she said no just up past my tits.
  17. I've got one on my 35 Buick,I think it helps.
  18. Hi,A man on Craigslist locally has a 68 Chevy c10 truck that has 72000 miles on it v8 three speed and he's asking $6500. I have a 74 MG that I paid about the same for with $69000 miles on it. He said he might trade.Anything I should know about on this year and model other than the usual stuff like rust? Thanks,Greg.It has a wood bed which I like.
  19. Interesting,Thanks.Probably like the term cracker is to a native Floridian.
  20. I moved from Illinois to Lafayette La.working for Petroleum Helicopters back in 72.They let me go after six months,I guess they didn't like yankees.Darn coon asses.( just kidding).How'd they get that name anyway?
  21. Fl.space coast craigslist,runs and stops.
  22. Thanks,I sent them an e-mail.Greg
  23. Is your phone cord long enough? Just kidding.
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