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  1. I'll have to measure mine on my 35 40 series and see if they're the same. I imagine shipping to Florida would be expensive.
  2. Id love to have it but would have to sell or trade him for my MGB.I think an 8- track would be better than a cassette player.
  3. Sorry,Florida's Orlando ,Space coast is where I saw it.
  4. I saw this on Fls. Craigslist,thought it was interesting.I tried e-mailing post but was unable to,sorry.
  5. Two summers ago my mgb started having problems. After driving it then shutting it off it wouldn't start again until the motor cooled down. I started replacing parts,points,condensor,fuel pump,coil,made sure the tank was clean.It has a Weber carb.with an electric choke.I removed the gas cap thinking the tank wasn't venting.I then installed a phenolic spacer under the carb and am using only ethanol free gas. It seems a little better but the other day after a drive it died on me just as I was putting it back in the shed.Again I had to wait until it cooled down to start again. I thought of installing a hotter coil.Very frustating! Maybe it still is a fuel issue. 74 mgb.
  6. Here's me car,it's a tirdy five Buick.
  7. Thanks,I have to find or make the part that goes around the muffler.Greg
  8. I need the linkage that goes from my choke canister to the carburetor for my 35 40 series Buick.Thanks
  9. I need the choke linkage that goes from my automatic choke to the carburetor on my 35 Buick with a down draft stromberg.Thanks.
  10. Installed it just now,works great! Thanks.
  11. When I saw this thread I automatically thought of Bob Dylan's " Leopardskin Pill box Hat" when he says that I see you got a new boyfriend, I've never seen him before. I saw you making love to him you forgot to close the garage door. " Now I can't get that out of my head.
  12. Yesterday I had an amber alert looking for a 71 vw beetle.Orange in color with no windshield.Now that would be hard to find,not! Only in Florida.At least it's not a white mini van.
  13. Good . Yesterday we had an amber alert for somebody driving an orange 71 vw beetle with no windshield.Now that should be hard to find! Only in Florida.
  14. Where's the bombardment? Nobody has responded except you.Thanks.
  15. The pump I m getting has a leather cup or diaphram. Should I oil it with something before installing it?Thanks
  16. Thanks,I ordered an accelerator pump for $18,hopefully that will help with my starting issue.
  17. I have a down draft two barrel Stromberg on my 35 Buick and my question is should I be able to see gas squirting into the carb. with the engine off while pumping the accelerator ? I can't and I am thinking I have a bad accelerator pump,am I wrong? It starts and runs fine when I squirt has down the carb.Thanks,Greg.
  18. Wish I could help but I don't know.
  19. Anybody planning on spending some or all of their stimulus check on old car parts? I just wish the wife didn't know that I got one. Just kidding ,I'm glad she keeps me straight.If it weren't for her Id have more old cars than Leno,of course Id need a huge garage.
  20. I'm confused,dose the mechanic have a flat head or the car? Just kidding.
  21. I thought of taking my 35 Buick to the local dealer on April Fools Day and ask them to change the brake fluid(mechanical brakes) what do you think? Any other car related April Fools jokes people do or did?Thanks
  22. I have a 74 MGB that sometimes has a starting issue when hot.It has points. Some guy said I should change the ballast resistor,he has one on his 74 Triumph but I don't think I have one on my MG. I'm wondering if I should add one. I've changed coil,points,condenser and fuel pump. Thinking of getting a "sport coil".
  23. Can anyone send me a picture of what my muffler hanger is supposed to look like? Right now it's supported with a large metal hose clamp but it slid back off of the upper stock support on a drive. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks 35 40 series sedan.
  24. Thanks,I decided not to install one. I bought one but it didn't seem to make any difference in starting so I took it off. I might hang on to it for a spare. Greg.
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