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  1. Just curious. I remember when I got my original 35 Buick I found an old chewing gum wrapper that looked like it might have been from the 30s.
  2. I had a 60 Renault Daulphine in high school that my Dad bought for me for $50. I wish I still had it.
  3. I just saw on Craigslist a Auto-Kit 100 for $50. It's six open/box and wrenches held together by one screw and said from the 30s. I thought of getting it but not sure.
  4. I have a 35 41 series and it only has a fuse for the headlights. I had a loose connection under the dash at my starter wires that I sometimes would have to jiggle around before the starter would work,however when I turned the ignition switch on the ampmeter showed discharge like normal.Dose it have the vacuum starter switch or just a push button?Greg
  5. Thanks, my 35 has different looking shackles but this helps,Greg
  6. Thanks,if I have to disassemble the shackles from the spring/frame in the future,how do they come apart?
  7. The front rear spring shackle won t accept grease from a grease gun.I replaced the fitting and tried hammering the attachment and using heat,still no luck.I'm not sure how they come apart if that's what I need to do.Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. When working at the Space center I asked the guy who worked in our pharmacy for some tempid water.He did he couldn't find any.
  9. Thanks,Its for my 35 Buick.Bob's automotive has one in his catalogue for a 39 but no pictire. Mine originally was metal but I just used what I had laying around.
  10. I thought of using a piece of leather belt that's 1 1/4" wide to support my muffler to its upper hanger. I was then thinking of the heat factor but I researched the flamability and since it's about 450 degrees I think it will work. Any comments?Thanks.
  11. Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beaty,also China Town.
  12. Cool video! I wish I could go there and bring back a few cars.
  13. I tried the vise grips but no luck.Finally with B-p blaster and a punch I got the cap to move.Now I just have to paint it and put it back in.Thanks
  14. Very nice! I have a 35 sedan and recently purchased an old photo from e-bay of 1935 Buick police cars showing their new fleet from Austraila.If you'd like I can make you a copy and mail it to you.Greg
  15. I'm servicing mine on my 35 Buick.Yours looks good. What kind of paint did you use on them? Thanks.
  16. Thanks,I would appreciate it. I could also use the band that goes around the muffler that's attached to the hanger bracket.Greg
  17. Do they have the metal covers(gaiters)on them?
  18. Thanks,I noticed that my lower rubber was missing and had a lot of play in it so when I replaced it I found that the link had some resistance in it but not much.I've got some hydraulic Jack oil that I think will work.
  19. Thanks.How stiff should the arm be when working right? Like a modern shock? Just wondered.
  20. How do I service the rear shocks on my 35 40 series?Should the lever be all the way extended to add fluid or not? Thanks.
  21. I measured mine on my 35 and it looks like the same measurements and with seven leafs. Mine don't look too bad though on second thought but I did noticed that I had a bad ( missing) shock link rubber that I replaced.Where are the springs located? Just wondered.Greg
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