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  1. Under parts for sale in the general section it looks like someone is parting out a 35 Buick,I don't know if he has a transmission or not. I hope my 35s input shaft stays good.Greg
  2. You might have better results if you post these in the Buick buy/sell section of this forum.
  3. Thanks,I also need a muffler hanger,the part that goes around the muffler.Greg
  4. My 35 40 series sedan need a support for my muffler.It has the stock hanger riveted to the frame but needs something that hold up the muffler ,not sure what it looks like.Thanks
  5. I bought a nice clock cover delete plate with the Buick logo and decided that my clock looked better in that space. I'll take 25 dollars plus shipping if anybody needs one.Thanks,Greg.
  6. Hi,I don't think I need any parts for my 35 40series other than working wiper motors.Do you have those?Thanks.
  7. Buick35

    Relay wiring

    Will a 12 volt relay work in a 6 volt system?
  8. Buick35

    Relay wiring

    Thanks,very helpfull.Greg
  9. Buick35

    Relay wiring

    I plan on installing an electric fuel pump on my 35 Buick with an original straight right 6 volt system and was wondering how and where to install a relay for it,pictures will be appreciated,Thanks,Greg.
  10. Buick35

    Idiot light

    I'm using it just to prime my carburetor and mabe as an emergency pump. I don't want to forget to shut off the toggle switch.Thanks
  11. Buick35

    Idiot light

    I decided to install an electric fuel pump on my car and I want to install a light when the pump is running. Where can I get a light ( 6volt) and lense cover probably red with the bulb recepticle? Thanks
  12. Some of the buttons on my old Buick seats have the fabric worn off.I wondered if anyone has any luck repairing theirs without taking the seats apart.Thanks.
  13. I have a distributor for a 35 forty series ,good drive gear.Minus the cap and vacuum canister. Just pay for shipping from Fl.32927. It's a 663E.
  14. Thanks, same year or older,decent body and drivable.No trucks over 1/2 ton. Manual or automatic,I don't care for power windows.Greg
  15. I thought I'd try again,I have a nice looking chrome bumper 74 mgb that I would like to trade for an older car or truck of the same vintage or older. Foreign or domestic.The MG does have a starting issue that needs to be addressed when it gets warm. I'm getting frustrated with it and I've replaced many parts and thought I had it fixed ,starts fine when cold or cooled down after a run. Just seeing what's out there. Have a great day.Cars in East central Fl.Greg.321 514-6904.
  16. I noticed a yellow MG next to the Franklin,I have a chrome bumper 74 MG that Is like to trade for an old car if you want another one.It has the mirrors on the fenders like yours.Greg
  17. So for as little as I drive my car I guess I'll stay with my squirt and start method. I just ordered one from a parts store before I read your comment but they understand if I don't pick it up,besides I'll save myself $55 .Thanks.
  18. After my 35 Buick sitts overnight it won t start unless I squirt a little gas down the carburetor.I've been using ethanol free gas.I know a lot of people use an electric fuel pump to aid in this issue.If rather keep it original if I can.My question is since they didn't have this problem when new why do people add them now? Or could it be something else causing the problem.It has an automatic choke but here in Fl.it's not really needed.It starts right up with a squirt of gas,weak mechanical pump maby? Thanks,Greg.
  19. I saw this on Fl. Space coast Craigslist just now.Sorry,I can't load pictures,I tried.
  20. Could you send me a picture of a 35 Buick radio or what type it is supposed to have? Sorry to get off topic.
  21. I finally bought a good working n.o.s. one for my 35 Buick.It works good when pushing down on the pedal also if I pull out on the throttle cable.
  22. Would the 32 radio be the same as a 35? If so what would you want for yours and dose it work? Thanks.Greg
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