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  1. I installed a pair of driving lights on my MGB.I wired it to my overdrive switch since its not an overdrive transmission but still has the switch to power it.P.s.It's for sale of anyone's interested $6500?Greg
  2. Thanks for the reply. Maybe for the money I'll get my clock repaired instead.
  3. Sounds good.The seller should at least test them before trying to sell them I would think.How hard is it to hook up a vacuum line?
  4. My wipers on my 35 Buick are not working. I tried rebuilding them but no luck. A guy on e bay has a pair for $116 plus shipping.I wonder if I should take a chance on them working or not. I know they are being sold as cores or for parts but he said the controls move. What to do? Maybe just use rain ex.
  5. I have a six volume set of automotive engineering books from 1920 that you could borrow as long as I get them back.I'm located in East central Florida.They contain electric and steam cars.
  6. A few years ago before covid got real crazy some one wanted old 30s cars for a movie and then that got put on hold. I would still like to see my car on the big screen someday as long as it's treated with respect. I'm central Florida preferably.
  7. I have a 35 Buick with a straight eight not too far from you in Port St. John Florida and mine has the wide belt pulleys. You're welcome to come look at it. Also a man named Jim Nelson on this forum in Tampa has a couple of old Buicks who is pretty knowagable.Greg.
  8. Good to know,I've had the copper tubing on my Buick for about fourty years now and it's still good but I'll keep an eye on it.Thanks.
  9. I guy I met in the army also did that to a 63 Chevy.
  10. I was watching Atlantic Crossing the other night because I like the cars and saw one that had a rear mounted spare like my 35 Buick with a luggage rack behind it.Is that something someone added on or were some cars made that way? I've always saw side mounts with a luggage rack.Thanks
  11. I have a 35 40 series so it dose not have the vaccume assist but a guy on the forum named Jim Nelson I believe dose.He's putting hydraulic brakes on his .You might try contacting him.
  12. I've always just used copper tubing,it seems to work well and easy to bend.
  13. Thanks. My wife said the grocery store should have them.Greg
  14. I decided to take my engine vent apart on my 35 Buick to see if I could replace the filter material in it.There was nothing left inside of it. What could I use as a filter? I was thinking steel wool or a scotch brite pad?Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Here's some pictures of my 35s.
  16. I can send you pictures of mine on my 35 Buick but I'm not sure if it's the same. It has a Stromberg also.Greg
  17. You can e-mail me at gregwalsh935@yahoo.com if you want.
  18. I just checked and mines a 663E and it has the cap.Like I said,you can have it for shipping.Greg
  19. I have an extra distributor for a 35 40 series for parts if you need it. It's missing the vacuum advance part and cap and rotor but the base and shaft and gear seem good. Just pay for shipping from Florida 32927.
  20. I've noticed old cars in movies usually have a rear end noise.Is that due to the straight cut gears? Just curious.
  21. No, If you have a stock hanger let me know but I just used a piece of a wide leather belt for now,Greg.
  22. I wondered if it's a good buy. It's got 2300 miles on it and recently serviced. I don't know anything about them,reliability,parts availability,etc.Thanks,Greg.
  23. I wish I could help,as for myself,I need a sticker shock eliminator.
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