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  1. Florida's space coast Craigslist has a 39 Dodge two door sedan daily driver for I think he said $8700? Doesn't look bad.
  2. I think they're a pretty standard size. I didn't trust the gauge in my 35 Buick so I mounted an under dash temp.gauge from the local parts store and it screwed right in to my block.
  3. Where's the Blues Brothers car? I have a picture of 1935 Buick police cars in Austraila.They are showing off their new wireless police fleet.
  4. I grew up near Chicago so I'm use to snow, however moved to Florida in 79 and am now sick of the summer heat and humidity.
  5. I just saw on television a story about Grace Kelly and her tragic car accident but it never mentioned what kind of car she was in other than a sports car. It mentioned that it's brakes might have been tampered with.Just curious.
  6. I wonder if anyone has done a study on how much gas is wasted waiting for a light to turn green.I know some newer cars have a feature that cuts off the engine after idling so long.Personally I don't care for it. To me it seems like red lights are getting longer,green lights shorter and traffic heavier,especially here in Florida.
  7. Thanks so much for the information! I bought the car that was truly a barn find back in 1976. I remember it was a fairly large farm in the guys barn.Greg
  8. Thanks,Ill try the historical society.Greg
  9. Hi,I have the original title with the person name who bought the car for my 35 Buick. I would like to contact a family member so I can send them a picture of the car. I doubt that the original owner is still living.It was bought in Maple Park,Illinois in 1934 by a man named Geo Dauberman. I tried the people search but little luck.Thanks.
  10. Has anyone had success with holding a car raffle and what are the legal ramifications? I would think you might have to sell many tickets to break even. I thought about doing one for my MGB. I tried selling it for $6500 which I think is fair bit no luck so far.Thanks.
  11. I bought a 54 Chevy coupe in 1971 while in the army in Oklahoma. I burned the engine up because of a water leak and went to the junkyard and bought a 348 and put it in with a power glide transmission.I rebuild the engine later and found out it had one 409 head and one 348 head but ran o.k.
  12. I just bought five gallons of ethanol free gas for my car here in Florida for $12. It probably get me too far either.
  13. Hi, My 35 Buick 40 series that I bought unrestored in 1974 had an odometer reading of about 15000 miles. It still only has 16500 on it. Dose that sound plausible for a car of that vintage? I don't think it rolled over.I just think it wasn't driven much being geared so low.
  14. Is it just me or are MGBs difficult to sell? I still have my chrome bumper 74 for $6000 obo. Maybe because it's in Florida. If I made it a four wheel drive and have it a camo paint job I bet it would sell.
  15. Sorry,I don't know how to load pictures from e-bay to this site. It's under 35 Buick on e-bay.Thanks.
  16. Somebody on e-bay is selling a hand crank lug wrench combination tool and says it's for a 35 40 series . There must be another piece that goes from the engine to the crank. I just wondered if the part he is selling is correct. It has a square female receptacle on one end and the other end fits a lug nut.Thanks.
  17. Back in 74 I went with a guy from Illinois to California to buy a 64 Lincoln that we drove back.The only problem we encountered was with the headlights.The switch would heat up and then no lights.Other than that it was a fun trip.
  18. No problem, Id probably regret it later anyway,I usually do. Good luck with your car.Greg
  19. It has the chrome bumpers,like new interior and top,non overdrive four speed,decent paint(white) black interior. I paid $6500 for it about 6 years ago. I'm in Florida,where's the Renault? Dose it have the front bumper? My wife dosent like the MG because it's hard for her to get in and out of.
  20. Pair of my wife's panties.Just kidding.
  21. The one thing I remember is the temp.gauge didn't read hot it read danger.Mine was red and I put yellow racing stripes on it. A guy in my home room said he had a 59 and wanted to race my 60 but I said no. I ended up selling it for $250. Fun car. If you want to trade for a 74 MG let me know.Greg
  22. I was crawling around under my car and noticed on top of my frame rail toward the back where a lot of dirt,mud and small rocks have gotten lodged.I thought I had cleaned it before but I must have missed it.That got me wondering what else might be hidden.I guess I been watching Oak Island too much.I'm sure there's no money pit in there.
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