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  1. Hello again, as fat as the data plate this is the info on it,76-C Roadmaster Convertible. 48-4767X Fisher body no. with hydroelectric system. L 1981 Linden 1981 body built trim 75 is Redleather paint 25 is Aztec Green from master parts book
  2. Also .with only 9000 miles on it and assuming it original, it would be valued as an archivists car , that is how Buick’s of this era were built so people restoring one can check the fine details of original factory construction I was lucky to find a nice original 49 to compare to I was surprised and some of the less than prefect body panel fits and some of the lead work that probably would not be acceptable on a restoration.
  3. Hello again,on my 49 I rebuilt or replaced the front suspension components as needed after that had it realigned. Other than greasing it really doesn’t require much maintenance,Also the differential was bad on this car once again when replaced and resealed other than fluid checks little has to be done. With only 9000 miles on it may only need seals replaced and some other servicing, like oil and fluid changes. I would also go over the complete brake system replacing all rubber hoses ,check the steel lines and rebuilt or replace master and wheel cylinders, and check the linings.
  4. I agree the best way would be to restore what you have . Would not be cobbling to get things to fit .Parts are available thru Bobs or CARS in New Jersey.
  5. Hello again, this was before radial tires were available just had BF Goodrich wide whites .It had like a preload on steering, I had talked to other owners of similar cars and they seem to have similar experience.But we were used to driving 20 plus newer cars too at the time.
  6. Also a lot of the early power steering has little road feel , I had a 56 Cadillac and driving it you were constantly making steering corrections I had the front end rebuilt with little improvement.
  7. Hello, I have a 49 Super and changed to the bias look radial tires , it made the steering a little lighter. I am not sure how many and how much adaptation it would take to add power steering.Hopefully some one with experience in this will contact you. The appearance didn’t change much but the radials still have a low spot where they contact the ground. Handling is improved and braking also however it does ride slightly harder. I would not use them on a show car but for a driver it’s a good compromise.They were sized at R 7.60 x15 ., original size 7.60 x15
  8. Hello ,no they should be slotted screws as you have, the 49 also has the I’d number on drivers side door post also . I see yours is a Roadmaster Convertible mine is only a Super with Dynaflow, could use the power of the bigger engine,a little slow but smooth on acceleration.
  9. Hello here is a picture from my 49 that is similar to the 1948. The 1948 49 shop manual and 48 owner manual also shows placement of I D number. Hope it helps.
  10. Hello ,I have a Super with just the flat gasket,the exhaust pipe has about a 1 inch of the pipe that fits into the manifold above the flange area. I had replaced the exhaust system a few years back , so it was a repro .
  11. Hello it may be a aftermarket part , the Bombsight trim was a popular add on to cars that weren’t even Buick’s.The original ones will have a 8 digit part number cast on inside of base .The 46 ornament is different from later models as it doesn’t have the crossbar connecting the ring with inner rocket . I think they will interchange with 1947 to early 1949.
  12. Hello ,try online,Auto color library, they have paint for the older cars, in lacquer or base coat /clear coat. Be advised that it will be a new mix formula as the old color tints are no longer available.As you have some color to match to that may be the best way .
  13. Hello my 49 had what was left of the insulation too, I removed it and replaced it with the gray type you have.There was also a sprayed undercoat directly on the metal ,this may have helped to glue it on.
  14. Hello can anyone recommend a cam regrinder for a 49 Buick Super with Dynaflow? Rebuilding the engine and cam shows some wear ,just looking for a good factory grind.Thank You.
  15. Hello here are some pictures from a 49 Super convertible on the door areas .On your door picture,the Phillips screw is holding the original strip on , the part you are wondering about maybe for the door post to window frame.It is held in with stainless runner and also glued .
  16. Hello ,I used Bobs for the rubber seals on my 49 Super convertible, some were formed like the door to vent window,others were extruded,like around the door edges and were a cut and fit job. Dons must be new vendor.
  17. Hello I have a 49 jack that looks similar to the one on the left.If you have a owners manual some time they will have an illustration of the jack. I never use the original jack on the 49 but rather a floor jack under the frame rail where the x member meets the side rail on the rear.
  18. Also depending on what model you have a Super or Roadmaster body parts are a model only from the cowl back they will interchange, doors rear fenders etc. The Roadmaster will use longer fenders and hood than a Super.Engine parts will interchange from a Special to a Super,both using the 248 engine.
  19. Hello, unfortunately you may find body parts for 1949 are hard to find, being a one year only body for Buick .The doors from a 1948 to 49 Cadillac or large series Oldsmobile will also work, but they are also hard to find. Good luck on your restoration. Gary
  20. Check the fuel pump also , if the diaphragm is weak it may not be pumping enough fuel also if is is leaking it may dilute the engine oil , found this out on an expensive lesson on a 1940 Chevrolet.
  21. I would setup an electric Pump as a backup with a switch to turn it on when needed, I did this on a Packard and it worked well having vapor lock issues also when first start up after sitting for awhile.Mount it close as possible to the tank , the ones I had work better pushing fuel than pulling, also add a in line filter. Also check the existing fuel lines and flex hose for leakage ,sometime the will suck air .
  22. Hello, I masked off the letters with 1/4 masking tape,then used krylon satin black,removed the tape then cleaned up any overspray with rubber compound.Seems to be holding up been a few years since it was done.
  23. Hello, the original gauge is a mechanical type that would work with 6 or 12 volt .Getting it rebuilt maybe better than trying to cobble up an after market one .I think Bobs offers a rebuilding service or check Hemmings.
  24. Hello, I would say early 1950,s definitely not a 46 to 48 or 49 grill.The 49 grills are a two piece setup as far as the “teeth “ are concerned, there is a right and left hand side ,and also the one piece upper bar that fits over the grill to hood.
  25. Hello,Sometimes the hoses can be made locally ,check auto parts stores that can make brake hoses if not check Hemmings or online search, they are available. I have a 49 Super and use ATF fluid .
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