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  1. Hello ,the skirts are probably for the model 40 Special series, and won’t fit a Super convertible.Also when looking for body parts they will have to be for a Super convertible model 56C as far as fender extensions ,the pieces that fit on doors and quarter panels.The skirts will fit either a Roadmaster or Super Convertible or Sedannette , two door fastback.Front fenders from any Super model, rear fenders will fit between Roadmaster and a Super .The Special series body parts will not fit.
  2. Hello, I know Jim , has a green 53 Skylark but haven’t seen him for awhile.Might have to give him a call, Thanks. Gary
  3. Hello,thanks for the reply I have been trying to get some of the local shops around Erie but all are busy with racing cars.The block definitely needs a rebore and head work too.This is a 49 with insert bearings so really should not be much different than an inline six with 2 extra cylinders.
  4. Hello, can anyone recommend a engine rebuilder near Erie,Pa that has experience on straight eight Buick’s ? Thank you.
  5. I have seen replacement stamped steel grills for 49 that were nosr aftermarket grills but they fit much like the original die cast ones . Car in first post may be some misguided attempt to “improve “ a 49 Buick.Photo shows correct configuration.
  6. The repair that old tank posted may be worth a try perhaps do the work with gauge in car ,it’s no fun trying to get them out of the dashboard,and solder the new bulb in the engine compartment where there is more room.
  7. Hello ,here is a picture of the sensor in my 49 Super, probably the rebuilding route Is the way to go unless a nos can be found, these seem to be some what fragile the tubing doesn’t take much to break it.
  8. Made a mistake, picture is actually assembling it.If you look closely there is a difference between the two, later carrier is larger due to bearings at pionion area.
  9. One of the hardest things when I changed the rear gear set on my 49 was getting the sleeve that connected the pinion to driveshaft apart,there is a difference between the 48 to later differentials but the whole carrier will interchange.
  10. Hello, definitely oil the cylinders as Dan O said I am dealing with scored cylinders possibly from my engine sitting for awhile. Also as mentioned keep all 6 volt lights and accessories off, the 12 Volt shouldn’t hurt the starter if used limitedly.You may want to have a separate gas supply, the gas tank can hold all sorts of stuff, gelled gas ,dead mice etc. And welcome to the forum ,if you have any questions please ask ,lots of people with experience on these Buick’s .
  11. I noticed this on my 49 with repro hubcaps, thought it was my imagination had them line up with stem at 12 o’clock with “Buick “ could be read horizontally, most seem to shift slightly.
  12. Got engine apart ,found cause of noise, piston slap . Enclosed a picture of piston, engine must have froze up from sitting or run low on oil,this also helps explain why I found bent pushrods also .Curious what I will find out on connecting rods.
  13. Solenoids are harder to find for straight 8 6 volt Buick’s . I would wait until it happens again then wire over the switch on column, if it starts probably shifter switch is bad
  14. 1948 1949 1950 1951 Buick NOS 1997838 Neutral Safety Switch *BR $20.00+ $5.50 Shipping. Hello again there is one NOS for sale on EBay now .
  15. Hello ,as Mr Ben suggests try the starter switch,mast have gotten loose or needs adjusted. It’s located near the linkage for shiftIng on steering column .There are two switch’s on for reverse lights and the other for transmission.
  16. I have a 49 Super convertible and use atf fluid in it ,the cylinders for the windows are piped into the steel lines, rubber hoses are used only in door areas and also on the power top control.The Hydro electric system is covered in the shop manual and body manual for the 1948 49 models not sure for your 54 .The general repair manuals like Motors also cover the system.The cylinder are available from Bobs or Cars , around $100 apiece.
  17. Hello, all cylinders are scored, engine may have been run low on oil or maybe seized up at one time , I don’t know the history of the car before I bought it ,scoring is quite deep,will have to find a good engine shop for rebore.The engine was rebuilt sometime in the past as the connecting rods are numbered and crankshaft is undersized, was hoping to avoid the rebore but now have no choice.Hope to pull engine later next week and strip it down further,probably find more unwanted surprises 😎
  18. Finally got engine apart, cylinder walls are scored up will have to rebore ,they measure around 3.100 so must be standard bore will need it abc hope it will clean up at .04 over.Now to find a machine shop.
  19. Air cleaner picture should have decal for servicing
  20. Hello, I recently repainted the air cleaner semi gloss black, currently the engine is apart for valve job. I used the engine paint available from Bobs Buick out of California.
  21. Hello , here are some pictures of a 49 that would be similar,as mentioned the firewall will be body color, inner fender skirts are black semi gloss, along with brackets and core support.The oil filter color is incorrect on this car.
  22. Hello, right the noise stopped when disconnecting spark plugs due to less force on piston . My car has hydraulic lifters that were changed and reset .Have run a compression check and found all are low ,when rechecking with oil in cylinder, number 8 the knocking cylinder, compression was up 15 pounds, must be from piston slap due to loose fit in cylinder. Plan to disassemble engine this winter for valve and ring work and possibly have to rebore is cylinders are bad. On this car noise gets worse when engine is at operating temperature and at low rpms .Hose this information can help you with your car .Good luck ,Gary
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