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  1. There is Oldsmobile 88 coupe 1958 hardtop model donor car. Would it’s seats fit in my century 1955 convertible?!
  2. It’s clear that upholstery is wrong. My question is the chassis , I mean the metal skeleton of the seats original ? I can work something out with upholstery but need to know first if the seats themselves , chassis of seats are original ? I mean we’re they original seats that came with the car or are they seats from another different donor car?!
  3. I bought this car 55 convertible as is. Was confused about seats not knowing if they were original or not. Look non original to me. I have a problem now, wanna know if they were original to start upholstery or if they r not, then what to do?! Just fit them and use them or what?! Need advice
  4. Front seats in my century convertible 1955. R they original seats? Can anyone tell from photos? If they r not original, would they fit ok? Any advice regarding what to do ?!
  5. Front seats in my century convertible 1955. R they original seats? Can anyone tell from photos?
  6. Here is one on eBay if you have a pair then it d b better to get them together
  7. looking for following parts for my Buick 1955 century: 1- gear shift indicator (DYNAFLOW) 2- door garnish coupe HT or convertible 3- REAR ARM REST
  8. looking for this part, used if possible but the one that fits buick century 1955
  9. y not vinegar? would it help by any mean get the rust out? vinegar without water I mean?
  10. he doesn't know yet. didn't start the engine yet and was afraid it may need a lot of work and thought a new reliable engine would save $$$$ and effort. obviously this is not the case. best
  11. Have a friend who owns Buick century 1955 with v8 nailhead and dynaflow transmission for some practical reasons he needs to replace engine and was wondering if he could swap in engine 350 cu v8 from a Chevrolet Caprice 1980 model with its transmission into his Buick century 1955?
  12. should I leave vinegar for 24 hours? How long should I leave it inside tank ?
  13. I am going to do a traditional way here as a start. 4 liters of vinegar with 6 liters of water, pour them in , leave them for 24 hours, then shake it and wash it. will do all sides of tank this way for 3 times and see, what do u think ?
  14. I am thinking about buying this Buick century 1955 project. Engine runs and transmission shifts but leaking oil extensively. Couldn’t tell where the leaks come from and I have to buy the car as is. There is no way I can take it to a shop to assess condition of both engine and transmission before buying it if it’s moving like in this video of the car attached , should that b a good sign and go ahead buying it or it could be much worse without me realizing it. Can any one give me his thoughts from what he is seeing in video ? Thanks
  15. Wanna see a photo or video of a Buick 1955 century convertible in “Windsor grey” color. Found the color on charts but wanna see a car like an example cos I just can’t figure out how it really looked in real life thanks