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  1. Dear all i am going to manufacture the exhaust pipes and everything for my Buick super 1949 convertible . But the factory needed measurements , specifications and all data regarding the exhaust system , muffler , boxes and everything in order to do it. Anyone can provide this please?
  2. where to buy complete engine overhaul 4 Buick Century 1955 (nailhead). any suggestion from past experience? also rebuild kit for the dynaflow? want to buy the full kits thanks
  3. Rebuilding my 1949 super dynaflow. Tried everywhere to get part n 1 in pic attached but ended Up getting part n 2 which is bigger in size and different in shape. I am totally lost and don’t know what and where to buy part n 1 help appreciated
  4. Having problem installing convertible top on my super 1949. There is a part that is sloppy like in pics attached ! Any clue what is wrong ?
  5. We r installing convertible top on my super 1949 but having problems figuring out how it is fitted on the side! This part marked on pic , we are confused how should it be? Is there a chrome thing like in picture or without chrome like second pic?
  6. but mind my car is a convertible super 1949 not a sedan which is different . many thanks indeed
  7. do u have a diagram ? Or photo for illustration ? how many did u need from mounts in pic 1 and how many from pic 2 in your 55 century?
  8. Need urgently please photo of the pages from manual , Buick super 1949 convertible showing body mounts Location and data
  9. where is the large washer? What it is? Thanks
  10. Help needed: changing body mounts on my Buick super 1949 (5 on each side) [photos number1] but there is another kind of mounts with bolt that I don’t know where should they be located exactly? Photo 2
  11. There is Oldsmobile 88 coupe 1958 hardtop model donor car. Would it’s seats fit in my century 1955 convertible?!
  12. It’s clear that upholstery is wrong. My question is the chassis , I mean the metal skeleton of the seats original ? I can work something out with upholstery but need to know first if the seats themselves , chassis of seats are original ? I mean we’re they original seats that came with the car or are they seats from another different donor car?!
  13. I bought this car 55 convertible as is. Was confused about seats not knowing if they were original or not. Look non original to me. I have a problem now, wanna know if they were original to start upholstery or if they r not, then what to do?! Just fit them and use them or what?! Need advice
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